1. B

    postgresql and pgAdmin4

    Hi forum I'm a long time postgres user, and would really like to be able to use pgAdmin4 in FreeBSD. (pgAdmin3 has become seriously outdated, and no longer supports recent version/s of postgres.) Sadly, there's no package for pgadmin4, so I search for information and try to follow the pgAdmin4...
  2. DtxdF

    How to Install Gitea on FreeBSD Using Appjail Director

    Managing our development projects is very easy nowadays, there are so many services to choose from, some with less or more features, but there is an open source project, self-hosted, with so many features that can be installed in a few minutes and the best part is that we can install it on...
  3. jarmo

    "service postgresql start" hangs forever over SSH

    I'm trying to provision a FreeBSD 13.1 VM over SSH by running shell commands. Among many other things I'm executing commands like these: pkg install -y postgresql15-server service postgresql initdb service postgresql start It gets to service postgresql start, prints the following and hangs...
  4. netchild@

    Info: postgresql client on KTLS enabled system may crash

    Hi, FYI: if you run into issues like segfaults with postgresql client connections and you have KTLS enabled (enabled in kernel and "Options = KTLS" in openssl.cnf), disable KTLS (e.g. in openssl.cnf on the client side) and it will work again. Seems there is some kind of incombatibility for at...
  5. imamkusuma

    pg_ctl: could not start server

    Hi all, I have problem with PostgreSQL in my FreeBSD, previously it's working fine but now I can't start the PostgreSQL services. I'm using PostgreSQL version 13.8. When I try to run sudo service postgresql start, the result is: 022-11-10 13:51:36.604 WIB [32618] LOG: ending log output to...
  6. alexxis

    Solved postgresql12-server upgrade fails

    I am doing a step-by-step upgrade of the postgresql-server port (12.8 -> 13.4_1) as described in /usr/ports/UPDATING. Everything works fine. But the command under root # su -l postgres -c "/usr/local/bin/initdb --encoding=utf-8 --lc-collate=C -D /var/db/postgres/data13 -U postgres" returns...
  7. byrnejb

    Solved Poudriere options for libreoffice

    I have this in /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/PORTS-12-2-options/editors_libreoffice/options: # This file is auto-generated by 'make config'. # Options for libreoffice- _OPTIONS_READ=libreoffice- _FILE_COMPLETE_OPTIONS_LIST=COINMP CUPS DOCS GNOME GTK3 JAVA KF5 LTO MMEDIA PGSQL QT5...
  8. L

    Solved please ignore - powerdns with postgres backend

    Hi, I would like to install powerdns and its postgres backend in the same jail. I installed powerdns with pkg, and pkg info indicates postgres support was enabled on build. 12.2-RELEASE-p1 However, when every version of postgresXX-server available in the pkg repository conflicts with powerdns...
  9. Angelo Klin

    Bare minimum build of LLVM

    Hello All, I use iRedMail to run a personal domain. iRedMail on FreeBSD compiles all the necessary packages from Ports. LLVM is a dependency for Postgres, amongst others. The full installation of LLVM is not required in the context above. Things like cross-compile, debugger are not used...
  10. fluca1978

    PostgreSQL 12 package

    I'm running 12.0-RELEASE-p9 and I cannot find any package for the stable version of PostgreSQL 12: % pkg search postgresql12 pgtcl-postgresql12-2.1.1_2 TCL extension for accessing a PostgreSQL server (PGTCL-NG) postgresql12-client-12.r1 PostgreSQL database (client)...
  11. J

    PF Port forwarding: PostgreSQL behind gateway not accessible

    Hi, Simple setup: Internet ------ Host [A] ------ Host Host A: Is a simple firewall/gateway/router/DNS server Runs PF & HAproxy Has the private network IP address Connects to the ISP's gateway on the other end Host B Is running databases/postgresql11-server. Has the private...
  12. byrnejb

    Solved FreeBSD 12.0p10 PostgreSQL-9.5 Cannot initialise postgresql in a jail

    I have set up a jail specifically for PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL-9.5 is installed via the pkg manager. When I try to initialise it I get this: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/postgresql oneinitdb The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "pgsql". This user must also own the server...
  13. J

    Migrating Postgresql data directory

    This is my first attempt at a public service post. Sometimes, one discovers that the database directories are better off in a different location than the current/default, e.g. when one decides to use a new zfs partition for the db files. The process of moving the data files needs a bit of...
  14. daBee

    pg_dump on LAN server or workstation?

    Hi folks. Looking to have a daily backup of my postgresql database on a server. It's on a LAN and I want to store the backups on a workstation volume. Should I induce the pg_dump on the FreeBSD server, or the Mac workstation? I'd like to learn how to do it from the server. I have file...
  15. I

    Is it possible to selectively install packages using pkg?

    The problem: I installed PowerDNS and it installed PostgreSQL 9.something client. It was successful and everything worked. (I don't actually need PostgreSQL with PowerDNS because I'm using bind zone files to configure my domains.) Then, I installed PostgreSQL 10. PostgreSQL 10 worked, but it...
  16. fender0107401

    ZFS FreeBSD + ZFS + PostgreSQL, need suggestions.

    Requirement: Install a FreeBSD system with zfs, and then run PostgreSQL. The system has two same hard disks, so I want a zfs mirror. In order to improve the PostgreSQL performance, what should I do this with this:
  17. French Fries

    ZFS PostgreSQL and zfs/ufs performace

    Dear friends, I am migrating from Debian GNU/Linux to FreeBSD. I could be using KfreeBSD, but I prefer blending-edge and also become part of a community, so I will not stick to Debian, although I appreciate the spirit. The server board has 32 CPUs, 32GB of RAM, 1 x SSD and 5 x SATA disc...
  18. C

    ZFS FreeBSD with 3SSD for PostgreSQL

    Hello. I have a server with only 3 SSD, I want to run only PostgreSQL on it. But I don't have idea what options of ZFS to use for best performance. Did anyone here such a setup, and can give me a hint? Best regards.
  19. PenegalECI

    Newsyslog equivalent for logrotate's copytruncate

    Hello, there. I'm trying to configure newsyslog to rotate PostgreSQL logs, but I ran into a problem: PostgreSQL can't be told to reopen its log files, unless by rebooting it, but I can't do that on a production server. Under Linux, it is done using the copytruncate logrotate option, which...
  20. Y


    Hi, I been surfing the net looking for an answer for this: I want to run PostgreSQL in a jail. creating directory /usr/local/pgsql/data ... ok creating subdirectories ... ok selecting default max_connections ... 10 selecting default shared_buffers ... 400kB creating configuration files ... ok...