Bare minimum build of LLVM

Hello All,

I use iRedMail to run a personal domain.
iRedMail on FreeBSD compiles all the necessary packages from Ports. LLVM is a dependency for Postgres, amongst others.
The full installation of LLVM is not required in the context above. Things like cross-compile, debugger are not used.

Appreciated if someone could:
- Point to detailed documentation and explanation of the options in make config. The options' bare descriptions are very succinct.
- Recommend a configuration for LLVM90 (make config) to minimise build time.

Your best bet is likely to use BE_NATIVE. You might also be able to deselect COMPILER_RT, EXTRAS, GOLD, PYCLANG and maybe others but i am not 100% if this won't lead to missing components somewhere down the line and BE_NATIVE is really the only thing that would make all that much of a difference anyways i guess.
Just switch off the LLVM option in the postgresql port then it won't require it. It's used to provide a small performance increase for certain SQL operations but you won't notice.
xtaz Thanks.

I am currently testing a reduced llvm compile from ekvz 's suggestion.
Yours also sound interesting. I will test it next.

I am not involved with iRedmail in any way. But I am reporting my test in iRedMail's forum as well.
I do not know how much of their user base uses FreeBSD, much less with Postgres.

Thanks for your suggestion.