ZFS FreeBSD with 3SSD for PostgreSQL

Hello. I have a server with only 3 SSD, I want to run only PostgreSQL on it. But I don't have idea what options of ZFS to use for best performance. Did anyone here such a setup, and can give me a hint?
Best regards.
The first question coming to mind: why do you think regular performance won't be good enough? Generally speaking I'd say you shouldn't have to bother yourself too much with tweaking.
You typically get the best performance with RAID0; striped set. But, there's no fault tolerance, if one disk breaks the whole set is gone. Second best, performance and fault-tolerance, RAID1+0; a striped mirror. Third best would be RAID5/RAIDZ.

But as ShelLuser noted, do you actually need the performance? Have you done any measurements?
Thank you for answers. I mean i have only SSD disk, and i read somewhere that SSD need to be specialy configured for ZFS and for good PostgreSQL performace. But now i think, i can make normal RAID5 with ZFS pool and all will be ok too ?
Best regards.