pg_dump on LAN server or workstation?

Hi folks.

Looking to have a daily backup of my postgresql database on a server. It's on a LAN and I want to store the backups on a workstation volume. Should I induce the pg_dump on the FreeBSD server, or the Mac workstation? I'd like to learn how to do it from the server. I have file sharing on my workstation. I'm not sure of the path for LAN volumes.

I want to know if I should handle this from the workstation or the server, and what potential differences are. This sounds like a server job.

Also, any insight on this structure would be appreciated:

myfile=$server_gateway'/users/adminuser/volumes/BU_volume/PG_backups/PG_dbname_'`date +%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M`.sql;
pg_dump -U adminusername dbname > $myfile

BU_volume is my backup volume.
Turns out .pg_pass qualifiers should be on my workstation, not the server. Also, 9.6 on localhost with 10.3 on the server, causes a server version mismatch.