1. angelvg

    ZFS How export by NFS the content of ZFS recursively?

    Hello friends, I need to export by NFS the home for a remote server... The creation process was as follows: Create the pool called 'storage' zpool create storage da1 See the pool mounted df -h | egrep 'Filesystem|storage ' Filesystem Size Used Avail...
  2. scotia

    Other mount_nfs deadthresh option missing

    Hi all, the man page of mount_nfs shows a -D option and a -o deadthresh option. However running the command on 12.2 shows: # mount_nfs -D 1 server:/path /path -D deprecated, use -o deadthresh=<value> mount_nfs: nmount: /path, mount option...
  3. samTopaz

    Can't write to directory mounted via NFS

    Hello, I've just setup a NAS running NFS on NetBSD. I can automatically mount the directory over NFS with the fstab entry: x.x.x.:/samsMegaStorage /mnt/storage nfs rw 0 0 (where x.x.x.x is the Ip address of the server) However when I mount it using sudo mount -a the owner of...
  4. jbodenmann

    General confusion about NFS

    I am generally confused about how to use NFSv4 properly. My situation is rather simple: An application server and a storage server. The application sever has several jails some of which are supposed to get access to an NFS share on the storage server. The two servers are connected over a 1:1 10...
  5. jbodenmann

    Solved Unexpected behavior mounting NFS share to jail data

    The following scenario is happening on two freshly installed FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE hosts. Host A acts as an NFSv4 server. It provides the following share: Host B can successfully mount and browse the share using mount -t nfs -o nfsv4,rw /mnt. Host B...
  6. A

    Solved simple NFS server

    Hi, I'll try to keep the scenario as simple as possible, just what I need, and leave out all the other things that didn't work while experimenting with nfs. I have the following working: # /etc/exports V4: / /exports/pub /exports/priv This "works" - I can mount (from a linux machine) with...
  7. acunha

    Solved Disk burst write to ZFS/NFS share

    Hi everybody! Happy & healthy 2021 ! My newly assembled FreeBSD server is now up and running. 🥳 Summary of the setup: CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G4560 @ 3.50GHz (3504.17-MHz K8-class CPU) Storage: ZFS RAIDZ2 using 5 Toshiba N300 7.2K 4TB Memory: 32GB, I limited ARC to 16GB in...
  8. O

    NFS doesn't register with rpcbind

    Hi all, I have longstanding issue with our NFS server, going probably from 10.x release times. Also problematic counterpart (client) has undergone multiple upgrades, but problem persists. Quick intro - NFS server on FreeBSD 12.2 (running there probably for about 3-4 years, hence mentioning...
  9. T

    base/head - TLS support to the kernel RPC added

    For those interested in encrypted NFS ( found on SVNews ):
  10. S

    Problem with "identifier removed" using NFS mounts on Linux server

    I am fairly new to FreeBSD after several years of using Linux (mostly Gentoo, but also Void). I run 12.1-STABLE as I want my ryzen temperatures to work, but plan to go back to RELEASE as soon as 12.2 is realeased. I'm in the process of adapting what I want to do to this new environment. I have...
  11. jdrch

    Help: error 7 (RPC: Authentication error) mounting FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE NFS export

    I have a FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE machine, hostname DellOptiPlex390. I would like to export the folders /usr/home/jdrch/KeePass and /usr/home/jdrch/Sync and mount them via NFS on an OpenIndiana Hipster GUI machine with IP address My username, jdrch, is the same on both machines. I...
  12. U

    ZFS Current ZFS + NFS performance

    In the near future I may have a requirement to provide storage for a couple of VMWare servers that are currently running NFS off an ageing Netapp appliance. As good as the Netapp probably is, the chance of it going wrong worries me as I don't really have a clue what I'm doing with it, and it...
  13. G

    NFS mount issue "Identifier removed"

    Hello, Not sure if this topic is for here or for the storage section. I have mounted NFS via fstab with the following parameters: /usr/local/www/someshare nfs rw,nolockd 0 0 Trying to copy recursive directory with many files ends with error "cannot create file"...
  14. P

    ZFS NFS share options

    I am trying to use the zfs set sharenfs command in order to share a directory with specific options, but whenever I try to add more than the -ro flag (ie zfs set sharenfs="-ro" library/Movies), the share stops being listed when I run showmount -e. I tried adding just the async flag as well with...
  15. J

    mount a nfs folder from qnap-nas

    hello people, i run freebsd 12 in virtualbox on ubuntu. on ubuntu my folder from qnap-nas is mounting like this: first install "nfs-common" and than write in the /etc/fstab x.x.x.x:/qnap-folder /home/user1/qnap nfs rw 0 0 when i start my file-explorer in ubuntu, i get automatically the...
  16. Harun

    ZFS NFS export: netcred already exists for given addr/mask

    Hello! I have several resources defined in variables "sharenfs". >zfs list space/backup/openstack 363M 15,0T 363M /space/backup/openstack space/voip 3,78T 15,0T 176K /space/voip space/voip/smg...
  17. G

    Change /etc/zfs/exports path to custom

    Hello, I'm trying to combine NFS with ZFS. Everything works fine but for my application I have to change /etc/zfs/exports path to custom one. Is it possible? Best regards, Patryk
  18. NapoleonWils0n

    Other Mounting a nfs share from Mac osx on Freebsd

    You would think sharing files from Mac osx to Freebsd would be easy, just open the Mac osx system preferences sharing section and click the checkbox next to file sharing Unfortunately the sharing protocols are afp or smb. Im not sure if netatalk still works with afp, and mount_smbfs on Freebsd...
  19. Understudy

    Other NFS NTFS file server

    HI, I am looking to create a FreeBSD file server. There would be a second physical disk setup (NTFS) that would mount via NFS. There would be no operating system information on the disk, just a shared disk for the office to store files on, from office documents, cad files, pictures, and...
  20. mixcro

    Solved NFS compressratio problem

    Hi guys, I'm a new user to freeBSD. I created a zpool and set compress to lz4 , then started the NFS server. After writing some files from the client (ubuntu), I noticed that the compressratio remains to be 1.00x. root@freeBSD_Mixcro:/nfs # zfs get compressratio NAME PROPERTY...