1. ThePanaceya

    ZFS & NFS not show files and dirs

    Hello! I have some trouble with ZFS and NFS. When I create file/dir on guest (NFS-client) machine I do not see files and dirs on NFS-server. But, if I do zfs umount zroot/home/test files are shown on server. NFS-server FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p9 (used GENERIC kernel) # zfs list NAME...
  2. jonostilla

    nfsd not doing anything

    Hey guys, Currently nfsd is not running and I can't get it to run. Further it gives me no errors or any text whatsoever. Running FreeBSD 8, we had a DNS issue and our network filesystems got all messed up. I found that all clients were sleeping *eternally*, so I looked at the server. ps ax |...
  3. amiramix

    How to delay mountd?

    My server is exporting some folders through NFS. The server is running on ZFS however those folders are not mounted automatically, they are marked as legacy mountpoints and are mounted through a file in /usr/local/etc/fstab/ by one of the jail when the jail is starting. So the problem is that...
  4. I

    Solved NFS client mapping root as nobody

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to build a shared environment between VMs, I currently have a Debian box running a NFSv4 server and FreeBSD 10.2 as client. It seems that the FreeBSD NFS maps the local root user as nobody, even when the server allows mapping root correctly (no_root_squash) and mounting...
  5. big_girl

    Solved Securing connections inside AWS VPC

    I have a question about securing connections from FreeBSD dataservers to an Ubuntu webserver inside the AWS VPC. One FreeBSD instance shares folders via NFSv4 and the other FreeBSD instance hosts a PostgreSQL database. These folders and database connection are shared with the Ubuntu webserver...