1. ericx

    Simulating satellite uplink

    I'm attempting to configure a multi-wan device to improve ship-to-shore data links via satellites. I would like to build a simulation environment so I can work on this before the ship finishes installing her dishes. The satellite links are slow (56 kbps - 100 kbps) and some have round-trip...
  2. F

    Solved iocage Jail cannot escape home network

    Afternoon all, I have a fresh install of FreeBSD 10.2, it’s installed on VirtualBox. I have given the VM 4x virtio-net bridged adaptors—so they appear to be on my home network ( My host rc.conf looks like this: hostname="aglardae" keymap="uk.iso.kbd" ifconfig_vtnet0="DHCP"...
  3. T

    urtwn(4) and On Network N300MA?

    I just tried to get a On Networks N300MA usb network adapter working with the urtwn driver. The card is a Netgear rebrand (or produced under a license from Netgear), it supposedly has a Realtek RTL8192 chipset. usbconfig says: root@kg-z30b# usbconfig -d ugen0.2 dump_device_desc ugen0.2...
  4. Vinicius Agassi

    Help with Network (URGENT)

    Hi dudes, so no I have a big problem with my dedicated server... It was working perfectly, but then, I run the command /etc/rc.d/netif restart and my server falls... My service provider has no experience with FreeBSD and provided me access to KVM / IP. I need put this in configuration: IP...
  5. Vinicius Agassi

    Solved [HELP] Public_IP

    Hi my friends, I'm trying to run an app on my FreeBSD 10.1 and I'm still having problem with the connection. Description of Problem: I can not set my public ip to my external ip --------------------------- What I discovered? When I'm connected in my local network, I can run application...
  6. J

    Trying to understand jail networking

    Hi, I have trouble understanding how ip addresses work in regard to FreeBSD jails. Every single example I see seems to assign another IP (an alias) to a physical network interface on the host, and attribute it to the jail. But, my server is a remote machine and I was affected only one IP...
  7. grep2grok

    Tools for managing a small mixed network

    Hello, I seem to have adopted a small research network with freebsdFreeBSD storage, a Windows app server, and Windows and Mac clients. No doubt I am adopting lots of quirks from every OS, and FreeBSD is certainly the least of my worries. That said, I'm a physician, not a programmer or IT...
  8. J

    Log ping requests

    Hello! I am new both to the forum and to FreeBSD. Hoping that my question is not too ordinary or well-known: is there a way to keep trace of the ping requests received by a FreeBSD host? May these requests be written for example in /var/log/somefile? Thank you! Jerry
  9. C

    ZFS zvol iSCSI: what functions can I turn off safely?

    I have a server running FreeBSD 10.2 and a iSCSI client running FreeBSD 10.2. The server serves one zvol over iSCSI to the client looking like this: anders@aasennas:~ % zfs get all yoda/iscsi/win1 NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE yoda/iscsi/win1 type volume - yoda/iscsi/win1 creation Sat Sep...
  10. F

    Solved Jails with IP from DHCP?

    Afternoon all, On my home network I have three VirtualBox VMs that I would like to condense into a single VM, this single VM would have three jails each running a service. Currently each VM has a VirtualBox bridged adaptor, on my router I see each VM having its own MAC address, and the router...
  11. J

    METIN-2 / METIN2 and other illegal software- don't ask for assistance on these forums.

    READ THIS POST FIRST - METIN-2 / METIN2 and other illegal software- don't ask for assistance on these forums. Threads will be closed, posters will be banned. Factfinding: The server files are indeed leaked, so we're basically talking about an illegal copy of licensed software. The fact that...
  12. uzsolt

    Slow downloading from own server

    I've a strange problem (I hope it's strange only for me :) ). I've a small VPS and I can download anything only with slow speed. I can download from any other webpage (for example the FreeBSD's ISO files) with normal speed. I can log into another server and I can download good speed from my VPS...
  13. A

    Solved Network performance tuning question

    Hello, I see the following log messages related to network (hn- synthetic Hyper-V network interface): % tail /var/log/messages Aug 25 09:44:58 rgt011fw kernel: hn0: exceed max page buffers,37,32 Aug 25 09:44:58 rgt011fw kernel: hn0: exceed max page buffers,37,32 Aug 25 09:44:58 rgt011fw kernel...
  14. Jared Manning

    I'm interested in studying operating systems

    Specifically UNIX-like administration and (eventually) low-level development. I'm currently studying for my CCNA Routing & Switching and the like to get me in the job market. There is no way I can currently consider taking out a college loan in the US, so I'm looking for books or online...
  15. T

    Solved Raspberry Pi B+ - no power to USB/Network

    Hardware: Brand new Raspberry Pi B+ Software : FreeBSD-10.1-STABLE-arm-armv6-RPI-B-20150217-r278906.img.bz2 dd'd the uncompressed img file to an 8GB micro sdCARD, inserted into RPB+, applied power - green LED goes out within 1-2 seconds. Nothing appears to be happening. Note 1: The FreeBSD...