1. tommiie

    Default gateway not added

    I have a Digital Ocean droplet running FreeBSD 12.1-p10 and I am experiencing slow responses to pkg commands. In order to investigate I tried disabling IPv6 (without much success) and did a service netif restart after which my droplet was unavailable. Accessing it via the console showed me that...
  2. B

    separation of IP cameras

    Hello All, I would like to ask more experienced users how to conceptually approach the following task. I have a subnet running a file server and backup machine in iocage jails (jails' IPs are on the same subnet). I would like to install IP cameras with zoneminder again running in...
  3. JonyPost

    Can't make bhyve with lagg failover work on wifi

    Hello, I'm using bhyve on 12.1-RELEASE-p6, with failover mode between ethernet and wireless interfaces enabled and configured as following: ifconfig_em0="ether 10:0b:a9:9e:76:28" wlans_iwn0="wlan0" ifconfig_wlan0="WPA" cloned_interfaces="lagg0" ifconfig_lagg0="up laggproto failover laggport em0...
  4. P

    No network interface when installing

    I'm installing FreeBSD 12.1 in a laptop, and when the installation prompts to configure the network (IPv4/IPv6), no adapter appears. I entered another tty (Alt+F4) and run ifconfig, where only lo0 device shows up. Any idea on how to make it recognize the WiFi card?
  5. R

    Not able to ping, "ping: host is down".

    Hi, I installed FreeBSD on an old computer, which has a 3com 3C900-COMBO NIC. The problem here is that it looks like it detects the NIC, and installs the driver for it, which is called "xl", but unfortunately, it doesn't look like the interface is working properly. This is because I've got a Hub...
  6. I

    access sites and some other networking issues

    I have problem to access some sites but not all, but I have internet connectivity normally. Example this site below cannot be accessed: I get the following message in Mozilla; Hmm...
  7. stimi

    Solved Network cuts in and out. Looking for next steps.

    I'm pretty stumped. I had followed the handbook to setup a lagg interface on my Freebsd 12.1 server a few months ago and everything had been working as it should until a couple of days ago. This is how it is and has been setup for about 4 months: em0...
  8. aragats

    Solved Poor outbound link on vmx after upgrading 12.0 -> 12.1

    I have a VPS on CloudAtCost. They have a template for FreeBSD 12.0, and a VPS installed from it works great. The network performance in average 1.5Gb/s / 800Mb/s (in/out). After upgrading it to 12.1 the outbound link's speed droped significantly and becomes 0.7Mb/s ― very consistent. So...
  9. M

    Solved Vnet jail cannot connect to services running on host

    Hello I am currently learning how to use FreeBSD to host some basic services in Jails I am trying to configure networking with jails. I noticed that if I try to connect from a jail to a web server installed on the host, the connection is blocked even if the firewall is disabled. It is a setup...
  10. M

    Managing networks on a laptop

    I'm currently on Arch Linux and I'm interested in trying with FreeBSD with KDE Plasma (and likely bspwm as an alternative session) on my laptop again after quite some time, and I'm wondering what the way to go there is for managing networks, so easily connecting to and switching between public...
  11. D

    host network in jail with minimal setup

    Hello, I have setup jail (FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE, host is 12.1-RELEASE), I want to allow the jail to have access to host's outside network (em0 and wlan0, can be lo0 too). I have very basic knowledge of networking (I will really appreciate detailed answer with commands and explanation :) ), I...
  12. MrRichBOB

    Another BCM4322 (FreeBSD 12)

    I would like to apologise in advance, if this is straight-forward, and/or answered elsewhere on the forum--I have tried for the past few hours to look hard before I dared ask any questions, and I combed through the WiFi section of the Handbook, etc. Basically, in short, I am using an EliteBook...
  13. pixelsyntax

    No DHCPOFFERS received when trying to retrieve an IP via DHCP using alc NIC driver

    I am in a similar situation to the thread and receive no DHCP offers via a 'Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet' interface using the alc driver. The interface is confirmed working in other operating...
  14. christhegeek

    If you wanna buy a nice and 100% compatible Usb Wifi adapter buy one of these they are great !

    If you are looking to buy a really compatible and trustworthy wifi usb adapter for freebsd Search ebay with these keywords copy the entire text: RTL8812AU 1200M 5G Wireless Network Card USB 3 Wi-Fi-Receiver and paste it on ebay search. I'm using it right now and it is crazy compatible with...
  15. J

    Rapid Spanning Tree Emulation versus Actual Network

    I'm comparing network emulation in FreeBSD against performance of an actual in-service network. The network uses rapid spanning tree protocol to reconfigure if a link fails. Testing with the actual network shows around 20 milliseconds of down time before the route is adjusted after link...
  16. H

    HTML Wifi Hotspot Accept conditions

    I work a lot on guest networks and most require me to accept their terms and conditions that are presented in a webpage. How can I accept these with a fresh install to gain access to the network?
  17. kafka0

    Slow network only when X is running

    After re-installing my desktop PC with FreeBSD, I noticed that my network is awfully slow, but only when X is running. In the console, I get my usual speed of approx 1.2MiB/s (download). This is the speed it used to run at, both with FreeBSD 11 and 12 before I re-installed. If I start X and...
  18. S

    rtl8812au access point slow

    Hi, has anyone played around with the rtl8812au wifi-chipset under freebsd? I have setup an access point (awus036ach) with hostapd and the rtwn / rtwn_usb driver using 11g but I am only getting about 1-3 Mbits/s. However I can achieve up to 16 Mbits/s with an Edimax Adapter (rt2870) and the run...
  19. I

    When to use Jails with VNET, and when not?!

    Would someone please give me a brief explanation of when to use jails with VNET and when not to? If VLAN-ing is not my concern, and services I use do not need a separate network stack - let’s say I run anything from DNS server to MailServer, Database, Java Application Server, VCS, CICD...
  20. T

    vm-bhyve: assign specific IP to vm

    Hello, I want to assign a static IP to an FreeBSD guest in bhyve (using sysutils/vm-bhyve), but I failed. I assume it's about the context. This is from host: # ifconfig em0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500...