1. BobSlacker

    jails Wifi socks Hurd!

    So, I know that network doesn't work with bhyve and wifi, I'm using a lagg (wlan0 + em0) setup. But does anyone here was able to make jails+vnet work with wifi(in a lagg setup)?
  2. zgasparian

    Sockstat output for Incoming Connections on UDP

    Hi I'm running FreeBSD 13.1 with unbound installed on it. This is server is used as a DNS server. I need to see the UDP connections to my server, but somehow I don't understand why it's not showing the foreign connection from outbound to port 53 on the server. It shows correctly on TCP for the...
  3. W

    Zerotier rc.conf issues

    Hi all - really appreciate any help people can please provide. I've been trying to set up zerotier ( on a freebsd box that serves as my home (multi purpose) server, so that I can VPN into my home lan remotely. I can get the whole thing to work but it requires some...
  4. A

    Cannot access /usr/src directory via smb

    Hello, i'am trying to learn smb on freebsd and i tried to use the example in I used this smb4.conf file. [global] workgroup = WORKGROUP server string = Samba Server Version %v netbios name = ExampleMachine wins support = Yes security =...
  5. Sivan!

    Internet works, but ping does not.

    I am connected to the Internet, the connection works on browsers and in command prompt, except that ping stopped returning results for the last one or two days. Can ping localhost by name and ip, it works, but ping to any external domain name or IP does not return results. How do I troubleshoot...
  6. subnetspider

    Solved Tor relay keeps running out of nmbclusters

    Hello everyone, I've been running a Tor relay on a small VPS with 1 vCore and 1 GiB RAM for a few months, but around after upgrading to Tor, my FreeBSD host keeps running out of nmbclusters. Every time this happens tor and sshd stop working and I have to log into the cloud dashboard and...
  7. Sivan!

    Solved Network in the base system stopped working after installing VMs or due to causes unknown

    I installed debian and Ubuntu in a bhyve virtual environment, the network bridge did not work for the VMs, tried to troubleshoot this, all the while with kernel security lowered to -1, at one point the base system was frozen and after a hard reboot, there is a login loop for KDE plasma 5, and...
  8. Sivan!

    Solved Network bridge set up for bhyve debian & ubuntu vm instances

    In freebsd 13.1 release p1, I have installed bhyve following instructions from this page. a minimal version of debian, the installation went well except that the bridge specified did not work. I could finish installation, reboot the vm, and also could set up a script as outlined in Step 8 of...
  9. unInstance

    13.1 Wireguard client configuration; no internet

    I run FreeBSD 13.1 RELEASE on my RPi 3 Model B+. I want to set up Wireguard client on it, so I have installed wireguard from pkg. To run the client, I use wg-quick up /path/to/config. The command gives out no errors, I can access local hosts, but I cannot access the Internet. I believe this is a...
  10. D

    VLAN bridge networking issue

    Hi there ! I am new to this board and relatively new to freebsd, so please be kind if i have done something wrong. I am learning :) I have 2 physical FreeBSD Hosts in my Network. Both of them are running several jails. Also i have multiple VLANs in my Network. The Jails are connected to...
  11. C

    FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p4 + bhyve + Windows 10

    Hello. I have problem with local network/internet. I have local network on hq0 ( on this interface is dnsmasq # ifconfig hq0 hq0: flags=8943<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,PROMISC,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500...
  12. A

    Internet speed on freebsd 13.0 is extremely slow

    I just installed freebsd 13.0 on my lenovo thinkpad x260. I also have debian and windows 10 installed on the same laptop in different partitions. On both debian and window 10, when I use, I can easily get 400mbps on wireless. However, on my freebsd, for both wired and wireless, I can...
  13. B

    bhyve sr-iov: ixv0 connection after loading vm with a passthrough device

    I am trying to use SR-IOV on my machine with an IX card, but each time i start the vm on the passthrough devices the connections wihci is started on the virtuall function dedicated for the host, the connection hangs and it is not possible to setup the connection back until I reboot. Do anyone...
  14. byrnejb

    Bridge example needed

    FreeBSD-13.0 I have a host with three i/fs: em3 ( private LAN), em4 ( (public LAN), em5 (public WAN). What I wish to do is to configure a bridge so that addresses from em3 can reach addresses on em4 and vice versa. And have traffic from both em3 and em4 can reach...
  15. subnetspider

    HOWTO: Setting up FreeBSD 13 on a IONOS VPS Server

    This Post was inspired by point-to-point-connection-32-network.82257 and Adding a Public IPv4 and IPv6 Address to a Linux Server (Ubuntu and Debian). Hello everyone, in this guide, I want to show you how I have set up the network and installed the VMware tools on my FreeBSD 13 VPS server...
  16. D

    Solved I2P for local network: "Connection refused"

    So I've been trying to use i2p more often (Im using the .jar from the official website since i2p in ports is outdated), but the most annoying thing is using it on a main desktop computer so whenever you reboot it has to restart and build tunnels all over again. I see a lot of people set it up on...
  17. B

    jail getaddrinfo recvfrom hangs 5 seconds and returns "Name does not resolve"

    Please help! What is wrong in my configuration? Where to look for an error? I had upgraded system to releng/12.3 but I got the same behaviour. [root:~]# uname -a FreeBSD hostname 12.2-RELEASE-p10 FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p10 12803d8a99c(releng/12.2) CUSTOM amd64 on host machine: # ifconfig...
  18. C

    Unable to connect to WiFi with Intel AC 9560

    Hi everyone, I am new to FreeBSD, coming from Linux. I downloaded FreeBSD 13.0 Release amd64.disc1.iso, using Lenovo IdeaPad C300. Installed everything with Ethernet cable, however when trying to use WiFi, I'm unable to. Steps taken: sysctl net.wlan.devices -> net.wlan.devices: iwm0 dmesg...
  19. M

    Shell Script for rebooting if network down for a certain amount of time?

    Today in the morning I have discovered that my server running 13.0-RELEASE-p6 wasn't reachable anymore, which left me no other choice then to perform a hardware reset, after which everything was working again. It started during the night with re0 losing connection and toggling link state between...
  20. spmzt

    ِDoes FreeBSD Support MPLS?

    Hello, I want to setup MPLS on FreeBSD, but I can't find any documentation guide. I found this link below that says: Finishing FreeBSD MPLS implementation But there is nothing about it on the Internet or Wiki. Any Idea? Thanks.