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  1. This weird PF

    Hey Guys. Following problem: Inside a jail I can ping my nameserver, i can ping someones ip adress but I cant ping a domain name. I cant install pkg or anything else inside a jail, because its not working. I set up my jails with ezjail. I created a fresh jail but its not working. I have set my...
  2. PF Communication between fail2ban and pf fails

    EDIT: the problem is solved Hello, i had used Debian at the last several years and i'm very new to FreeBSD. I tryed to port my configuration for fail2ban from my Debian machines to FreeBSD (with the modification due the firewall has changed). In my testing phase i have found out that the...
  3. Router Troubleshooting

    Hello All, I am attempting to find out what my issue is with my FreeBSD Router that I am attempting to build. I have set up the following tools on my OS on my router: HostAPD DNSMasq PF All of which appear to work and I can route through the AP. However; I am not getting nearly the speeds or...
  4. Ashik Khan

    FTP via Proxy is not Working

    I am trying to do ftp via proxy. I have configure /etc/pf.conf as proxy=ftp proxy IP proxyport=ftp proxy port # /etc/rc.d/pf restart No ALTQ support in kernel ALTQ related functions disabled Disabling pf. Enabling pf No ALTQ support in kernel ALTQ related functions disabled No ALTQ support in...
  5. Network link state changed to DOWN while only restating

    While restating the FreeBSD server 11.1 it got stuck due to network interface state down. Please help me to fix this soon error msg - re0: link state changed to DOWN
  6. peterchris

    vm-bhyve network troubleshooting

    I've just started using vm-bhyve, and none of vm's have network connectivity. Here's what everything looks like, following the simple example in the vm-bhyve wiki to install a FreeBSD guest with default settings: [peter@orca] /vms/.config# vm switch list NAME TYPE IDENT...
  7. PF pf.conf and Network issue

    Hi, Quick question. What could be the issue why I cannot ping my jail from local machine or local machine from jail? I thought it is pf.conf rdr somewhere wrong but now I am thinking about routing table not right. I can access anything from outside to jail. I have teamspeak3 server and if I...
  8. Ralf Rottmann

    Network unreachable in jail, dns resolution works fine

    Hi everyone, I'm not a FreeBSD / Linux pro but hope, you guys can help me resolve an issue I'm having with jails being unable to connect to the Internet. I've been running my FreeNAS system for a while, having upgraded from FreeBSD 9.x via 10.x to 11.x. I've got a couple of jails (all from the...
  9. vermaden

    Scripted Network Management with network.sh

    Hi, As some of You know there is net-mgmt/networkmgr which allows convenient/graphical Wireless and LAN connections switch. What I miss in it is the WWAN connection management, DNS management, optional MAC generation and network shares unmount at disconnect. With my solution you still need to...
  10. mohamed.s.chebbi

    Solved FreeBSD cannot connect to the internet on VirtualBox

    Hi All, I installed FreeBSD 11 on VirtualBox using an image from osboxes.org. I tried to run pkg but it seem no internet connection. I tried to configure OpenDNS on the file resolv.conf (OpenDNS solve the problem on FreeBSD 10.2) but I got the same result pkg does not work. Can any one help me...
  11. James Inness

    Connection via Wi-Fi

    I have chosen to use a wireless connector for my machine. Is there a way to connect to my Wi-Fi without having to use an Ethernet cable? If this is a duplicate, could you please link me to the original? Thanks, James.
  12. Using bind to cache steam and other downloads via nginx

    Hi, im a noob in caching and i have question about how to use bind to respond to nginx cache, how do i configure a bind to listen to nginx, i have seen some examples of bind configs but i cant figure out how to work.
  13. jayxkanz666

    Can't connect to anything

    Hey there! So, I'm pretty new to to the FreeBSD forums (signed up today), and I seem to be having a strange issue with internet on FreeBSD. The internet worked fine for about 1 hour a couple of days ago, then suddenly stopped working. My Ethernet controller is a Qualcomm Atheros AR8162 Fast...
  14. Panadestein

    Solved Connect to "open" network from command line

    Hello everyone! I just recently installed FreeBSD 11.0 for the very first time and I'm really exited about it. I know I will learn a lot of things by using it. At the current moment I'm dual booting FreeBSD and Arch Linux, but I'm having some troubles to connect to the internet on my fresh...
  15. Timidouveg

    Can I install Linux version of ath10k on freeBSD ?

    Hello everyone :) I'm a fresh user of FreeBSD from Windows. I installed the version 10.3 on my new computer by livecd which I burnt. I need to install a driver for my network card (Qualcomm Atheros - QCA6174), but this is ath10k and the FreeBSD port is not ready actualy. Can I install...
  16. zorb847

    printing text to network printer

    I think this is a printer problem, not a network problem I am new to FreeBSD and don't understand something - please be patient. I have an old OKIdata ML192 printer that I would like to be able to use just to use to print plain text files. I have followed the instructions in the handbook and my...
  17. ipnat ipv4 to ipv6

    I want to redirect ipv4 to ipv6 in ipnat rules. rdr em1 port 3128 -> 2a02:26b0:8000:2b:0:0:0:3/0 port 3128 tcp but, I'm getting error message; 21.address family mismatch error at "", line 1
  18. Multiple network help

    Hello everyone! At my apartment I'm current running a FreeBSD-based router which has two networks on separate interfaces for different devices: Interface 1 with subnet 192.168.200.x for just about everything on the network Interface 2 with subnet 192.168.199.x for Iot stuff, printers, and...
  19. barrandrea

    PF Redirect all traffic from ip to another

    Hi, i need to redirect all traffic from a private ip address attested on a local interface, to a public ip address. The old configuration with iptables it's something like this iptables:-A PREROUTING -d $private_ip/32 -i $int_if -j DNAT --to-destination $public_ip iptables:-A PREROUTING ! -d...
  20. priyadarshan

    Adding IP to NIC whose main IP is on different subnet/gateway?

    How to add an additional IP to a NIC with main IP on different subnet/gateway? A server running FreeBSD 11-RELEASE has main IP: IP: Gateway: Netmask: The server has already been assigned an additional IP, on same gateway as main IP: IP...