PF pf.conf and Network issue


Quick question. What could be the issue why I cannot ping my jail from local machine or local machine from jail? I thought it is pf.conf rdr somewhere wrong but now I am thinking about routing table not right. I can access anything from outside to jail. I have teamspeak3 server and if I run on jail people can access it but I cannot from local machine. netstat -t on jail shows below:
root@hfoj:~ # netstat -r
Routing tables
Destination        Gateway            Flags      Netif Expire      link#4             UH          lo1

Is that right? When I try to add with command route add
I get a message below:

route: writing to routing socket: Operation not permitted

A jail cannot change its own network settings, this includes IP addresses, routing tables and firewalls. You need to set those up on the host. And by default, a jail cannot use ping(8) unless you turn on raw sockets for that jail.
I have turned on raw sockets for jail, how to change routing table on host for jail then? unless it's different reason for ping not working to jail ?