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  1. U

    Finding keycode which is not recognized by xev.

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  2. P

    "Fn" key not recognized to change the screen brightness on Dell laptop.

    Hi, My laptop is a dell latitude 7240 with a Haswell cpu. Mate Desktop is installed. My goal is to get the “fn” working to change the screen brightness. I installed and I can change the screen brightness by entering ,for.e.g...
  3. R

    logitech k800 wireless multimedia keys

    hello just wanting to know has any one got volume keys on logitech k800 wireless keyboard working on freebsd 12.1 kde5plasma here is what I get from dmesg pcm9: Waiting for sound application to exit! pcm9: unregister: mixer busy pcm9: Waiting for sound application to exit! pcm9: unregister...
  4. W

    Multimedia keys stop working after keyboard layout change

    With the default keyboard layout, the multimedia keys originally work (e.g., volume up/down etc). As soon as I change the layout from US to UK, they no longer work. The events are still being triggered but KDE does not respond to them. Changing the layout back to US doesn't resolve the issue...
  5. Greg Fitzgerald

    uhidd broken suddenly?

    I used to use uhidd to get my multimedia keys to work. Now I see the following error when it starts up Cannot open "/usr/local/lib/" This appears to be due to the devd rule that is installed into /usr/local/etc/devd when installing uhidd. # cat uhidd-devd.conf...
  6. serjsk8

    Xfce Fn key in Xfce4

    Hello, I have installed Xfce4 from port in my system. # uname -a FreeBSD FBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p3 GENERIC amd64 I have laptop Lenovo T530 and now I am trying to configure multimedia key. But when I press (Fn) key the window "Logout" opens. I can't find where is keyboard...
  7. drscream

    Solved Thinkpad X1 Multimedia Keys

    I tried to get the multimedia keys working with my Thinkpad X1 (6th Generation) but without any success. Via xev I only receive events for F1-F3 (Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up) all other keys do not provide any event. Did someone had the same issue or could maybe provide an solution how it would...
  8. coyote_zed

    MATE Mapping media buttons in Mate

    I have FreeBSD 11 on a Dell Latitude E6530 and I'm using Mate for my DE. I trying to figure out how to map the media (volume, play, pause, next, back) buttons. I'm not sure where to start looking to get this done. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. rigoletto@

    Problem to get keyboard properly working.

    Hello, I am using 11.0-RELEASE-p8 with x11-wm/i3. The keyboard is a "Microsoft Wired 600" with Brazilian ABNT2 layout. The ABNT2 layout is working fine, however the "." on the numpad, all media keys, including the XF86Calculator does not work. Trying xev, all those not working keys do not...
  10. Rita G.

    enable volume control on keyboard

    FreeBSD 10.3 KDE keyboard: Logitech MK300 cordless Does anyone know how to enable volume control on keyboard? It worked with windows and linux systems.
  11. A

    Keyboard with additional keys for FreeBSD

    I have a Logitech G15 keyboard and it has additional key block ( The problem is they are not uhid compatible, so usbhidctl is not detecting them. Logitech is not shipping drivers for FreeBSD and even with Google help I found no clue how to...
  12. N

    Keyboard custom keys

    Hello everyone, I have a keyboard with several custom keys on it and I'm wondering if it's possible to use them somehow on FreeBSD. Tried out x11/xev but it does not detect any of the extra keys sadly. Being fairly new to FreeBSD I'm out of ideas, but maybe someone else can help? Regards, Daniel
  13. Markand

    HOWTO: Using multimedia keys from uhid(4) devices

    Hello, People that have keyboard with multimedia keys such as "Play" "Volume up" and so on may encounter problems if these keys are not detected by xev. In fact there are two ways to use these keys, a lot of manufacturers usually set these keys are simple keys with a special code that you can...
  14. serjsk8

    Multimedia keys

    Hello! I have: uname -a FreeBSD freebsd 8.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE #0: I'm trying to identify the multimedia keys in KDE, use xmodmap: cat /home/user1/.xmodmaprc keycode 174 = XF86AudioLowerVolume keycode 176 = XF86AudioRaiseVolume keycode 178 = XF86HomePage keycode 162 = XF86AudioPlay...
  15. CodeBlock

    Multimedia Keys

    I have a Logitech USB keyboard, and would like to get my multimedia keys playing nice. `xev` doesn't show anything for them, so I really have no clue where to start. Any insight?