1. aragats

    bhyve framebuffer and vncviewer

    The issues described below probably have discussed, however I couldn't find actual solutions or good workarounds. Are there anything new on them? When bhyve runs Windows 7 as a guest with framebuffer enabled: 1. X mouse cursor does not coincides with Windows cursor. Abruptly moving it beyond...
  2. C

    Solved Intel 4500MHD on ThinkPad T400, X not working

    Hello FreeBSD community! I installed FreeBSD-11 on ThinkPad T400 and now I'm trying to get Xorg to work. This laptop has two graphic cards - integrated 4500MHD and discrete Radion HD 3470. The discrete card is working just fine (with radeon driver) if I select it in the BIOS as the only...
  3. UltrasonicMadness

    Booting install USB shows jumbled graphics.

    Hello FreeBSD community I am having problems booting from USB after writing the FreeBSD 11.0 image to a USB drive, although I have had the same issue when trying the UEFI-memstick image of FreeBSD 10.3. I used the command from the install guide with the filename changed to reflect the new...
  4. M

    Amd cedar Graphics on FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT

    Hi I'm unable to configure AMD graphics card . I'm only able to get it working using "vesa" Using FreeBSD 12.0-current. Xorg.0.log states using syscons driver with X support,(ver 549739036674.0) VT num 9. KMS enabled VGA arbiter, no multicard support. Radeon depth24 framebuffer bpp 32 Chipset...
  5. P

    FreeBSD 11.0 GCN 1.0 support

    Dear All, As soon as my uni work is finished at the beginning of September, I am planning on giving FreeBSD a good try out on my desktop system - I like a lot of the features like built in ZFS, and the ports tree seems really cool to me too. I'd also like to get involved with the development...
  6. P

    linuxkpi query

    Dear all, I am a complete newb, coming from years of Linux use, who is going to put some time aside over the summer (or just after) when my coding commitments finish, and really give FreeBSD (and its excellent handbook) a good look through. My query regarding the ongoing linuxkpi work is that...