Graphical error when booting from USB flash install


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Hello, I am attempting to install freebsd 11.2 on a lenovo laptop. When booting the initial screen render fine, but after selecting boot multi user this happens.

the installer starts but can't be read.


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When the Beastie boot menu comes up go to loader.
Try to run sc(4) instead of the normal vt(4). Some boards need it.

#3] Escape to loader prompt
set kern.vty=sc
Then hit enter key.

If that works you can make it stick with this command after installation:
echo kern.vty=sc >> /boot/loader.conf


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I have seen that on one laptop as well. If I remember correctly the resolution is not found out correctly. You can use a workaround and query modes in the loader(8) prompt by gop list. In my case I used the most likely parameter by gop set 8. That should end up with a proper resolution. boot starts the boot process. To make it permanent after installation add the line to /boot/loader.rc.local or create the file if it does not exist.