1. icodeforyou

    No 3D accelerated graphics in Xorg after suspend/resume on Lenovo Ideapad 520S

    Hey everyone! I have a strange problem with suspend/resume. It SOMETIMES happens that I loose 3D acceleration in XOrg when I suspend via acpiconf -s 3 and resume again. In this case picom crashes, so does alacritty and any attempt to run glxgears will make it crash again. If, while being in...
  2. A

    Can the xf86-input-usbtablet driver be ported to FreeBSD?

    After moving over from Ubuntu to FreeBSD around the beginning of this year, one of my few disappointments has been that my HUION Inspiroy H950P was not supported and FreeBSD support seemed to indicate that only Wacom tablets were supported. Yet, as a teacher, the use of the tablet has been so...
  3. F

    After refactored drm-kmod + gpu-firmware-kmod, cursor is now invisible!

    Hello, I've already posted here about this problem, but I thought I'd make another post in a different category since I don't think it's a problem with peripherals; rather, it is a problem with the refactored drm-kmod-and-friends ports. I hope that's allright! ☺️ I am on a laptop, specifically...
  4. Lamia

    Graphics Driver for Ryzen5600+Gigabyte B550

    I am out of ideas for getting display to work. The old setup - P8Z77 + DDR3 RAM - worked well with Geforce 710 graphics card when I could not get its onboard graphics to work. The new setup has caused sleepless nights. I tried to get the onboard video to load varying Desktop Environments -...
  5. D

    Black / blank screen with Radeon graphics

    Hello, I have and old laptop with the following environment: # uname -a FreeBSD harghita 13.0-STABLE FreeBSD 13.0-STABLE #0 stable/13-n248228-354988ca3f9: Thu Nov 25 02:27:15 UTC 2021 i386 With the following graphics...
  6. Babinio74

    FreeBSD 13.0 - Intel Haswell DT-GT 1.5 Integrated Graphics GPU

    Hello I've just installed FreeBSD 13.0 on a Lenovo Thinkpad M73 machine that comes with an Intel Haswell DT-GT 1.5 Integrated Graphics GPU (Intel HD Graphics 4400). I'm just wondering if i should download and install an appropriate driver or if the OS is supporting this GPU out of the box...
  7. grahamperrin@

    Solved Linux 5.5.19 DRM or greater i.e. graphics/drm-devel-kmod on FreeBSD 13⋯

    Please: has anyone attempted to build a modified graphics/drm-devel-kmod on any build of FreeBSD 13? Most recently, <> bumped the minimum OSVERSION to 1400024. The local copy of...
  8. megarubber

    xf86-video-intel slow interface

    Hey! I have a noob question: When I install the package xf86-video-intel the XFCE is very slow in my computer. I uninstalled the xf86-video-intel and opened the Xorg log file and the "intel" option returned a error, but xfce starts fast and without a problem. With the xf86-video-intel package...
  9. B

    Should graphics be a topic of rigor in FreeBSD?

    Just a questionnaire to gauge the audience here. Much like networking (TCP/IP) and storage (UFS|GEOM/ZFS) have been highly underlined historically. Some examples I have in mind would be display stuff (touch or kb/m), GPU compute, graphical applications (ie gaming), native BSD drivers (akin to...
  10. I

    Xfce Does Xfce requires less or simpler hardware drivers (compared to KDE)?

    I'm using KDE with the drm-kmod graphics driver and just experienced a hang issue. I'm just wondering if I switch over to Xfce, would it work without this drm-kmod driver? My gut feeling is it would require the same hardware drivers. But however, I remember that many years ago things were much...
  11. B

    Solved FreeBSD 13 - AMD (RX560) Graphics and no higher Terminal-Screenresolution

    Hello, I installed FreeBSD13 on a Mac Pro 2010. Everthing is ok, but the shell/terminal resolution is not ok. 1. The drm driver (drm-fbs13-kmod) is installed (via pkg) and loaded, the boot message shows everything is ok. 2. The driver for Xorg (xf86-video-amdgpu) is installed and configured...
  12. CodeJoule

    "Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while in kernel mode" crashes are consistent and daily

    I've been searching online for answers to this, and I could not find a solution so I am making a new thread. My system will often crash in an instant, dump the memory, and then shutdown. Usually this happens when I open up specific pages in my browser (www/qutebrowser) but it can often happen at...
  13. scrappywan

    Possible to skip Nvidia driver on PC w/multiple monitors?

    My desktop PC has an Intel i5-4690k on an Asus UEFI Motherboard with an Nvidia GTX970 GPU. It has 3 monitors connected through said GPU. Normally I run Windows but I'd like to boot into a FreeBSD 12 desktop environment more often from my other hard drive. The problem I regularly run into is that...

    FreeBSD 12.00 on MacPro 1,1 2006

    Hello,I recently installed FreeBSD 12.0 on a MacPro 1,1. Due to the EFI being 32bit I had to use this website and tool to remove EFI functions from the installer. Worked great for creating an...
  15. Asdew

    Solved Are Raven Ridge / Ryzen 5 2400G graphics supported on FreeBSD?

    I'd like to install FreeBSD, but my computer has Ryzen 5 2400G as its CPU (APU) and I'm not able to find any recent post on whether the graphics on it work or not, so... Do they work? If they do, do they run smoothly without bugs? I'm ready to use adevelopment release if I have to do that.
  16. GregTheHun

    FreeBSD 12, Intel i5 Graphics not working

    Hello all, I have just recently upgraded from 11.2 to 12.0 and my graphics settings are now borked. Previously I had the terminal resolution set to 1280x720 with this code in /boot/loader.conf It was using this: i915kms_load="YES" kern.vt.fb.default_mode="1280x720" if I load it in manually...
  17. K

    Graphical error when booting from USB flash install

    Hello, I am attempting to install freebsd 11.2 on a lenovo laptop. When booting the initial screen render fine, but after selecting boot multi user this happens. the installer starts but can't be read.
  18. B

    Losing fonts

    Hello, I am running FreeBSD 11.2 on a Thinkpad X230 with WindowMaker/ZFS. My problem is that FreeBSD is losing its font i.e. after some time, terminal emulator show only a black window (especially with TrueType Fonts). I've attached an imaged that shows xterm and emacs session. I can...
  19. clawhammer

    Solved How do I get started with graphics on the terminal?

    I am looking to make an old school style game such as NES games like super mario or elevator action. I've been searching around the internet for programming graphics on the terminal on unix but I haven't seen anything that I think is what I need. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get...
  20. geek

    VirtualBox 3D acceleration?

    Hi. Does FreeBSD support 3D acceleration as a host or guest with VirtualBox?