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    general/other How can I make the Segregrevert.patch, work for FreeBSD's Wine.

    This is a patch in wine to make the game "Roblox" compatible with its anti cheat. It works well on Linux, though I suspect the patch was designed for Linux primarily, and I wish to port this patch to the BSD side of wine. If anyone can help me, it would be appreciated. I will provide the main...
  2. I

    vbox Passthrough the iGPU on AMD GPUs for VirtualBox

    I'd like to know if it's possible to passthrough the iGPU on my Ryzen 5 3400G. I'm currently not using the iGPU as I have an Nvidia 1050 installed as my main GPU. I'm wanting to play some games that don't work in Wine, like Roblox, and would like to see if this is possible.
  3. Y

    Solved Your experience with curved monitors

    What is your actual experience with curved monitors? Dizziness, distortions, minimum distance... inconveniences? pros? I'm thinking of buying a 27" 16:9 1500R VA, mainly for gaming and media.
  4. I

    Not the greatest performance with Unreal Tournament 3 under Wine (proton)

    Unreal Tournament 3 works under Wine Proton 8.0 with FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE-p4/5. My main issue is that there are many times where the frame rate will drop to 20 or under when it shouldn't considering my hardware. I have a Ryzen 5 3400G paired with an Nvidia GTX 1050. My launcher is as follows:
  5. I

    Cities: Skylines doesn't launch

    I'm really wanting to get Cities: Skylines to work but whenever I attempt to launch it, it acts like it's going to then the button on Steam reset back to "Play" and doesn't launch. I can, however, play games like HL 2, HL, Gary's Mod, and Borderlands 2; all through the linux-steam-utils. None of...
  6. I

    Exactly how bad is gaming on FreeBSD?

    I've been thinking about finally ditching Windows all together in my life. I currently use Windows 10 on my gaming computer. All of the games I'm concerned about do run on Linux (most are on Steam). I run FreeBSD on my secondary desktop and my primary laptop (no dualboot, 100% full time FreeBSD...
  7. U

    Can i change wine version used by Suyimazu for Steam?

    I need this information.
  8. U

    Legendary works good with FreeBSD

    Hi my name is Uğurcan and new to FreeBSD. I loved this operating system. I installed Legendary from pip and it works ootb. Just wanted to inform FreeBSD community. Legendary for anyone doesnt know, its cli Epic Games Launcher.
  9. G

    Delays in audio playback while using virtual_oss

    hi, this is my first time using a bsd and everything works, mostly. i have headphones connected to my pc's front analog, and a microphone connected via usb, after doing some research i got the two to work together with virtual_oss. the problem im facing is that, most notibly, pausing or playing...
  10. christhegeek

    FreeBSD Gaming videos

    FreeBSD Gaming videos View: View: View: View: View:
  11. christhegeek

    Solved Proton on Steam using wine-proton seems to be extremely slow ...

    Proton on Steam using wine-proton seems to be extremely slow ... is there anything i can do ? Solved ....
  12. christhegeek

    Gaming on FreeBSD various videos collection !

    Gaming on FreeBSD various videos collection ! View: View: View: View:
  13. christhegeek

    Stranded Deep survival game works on FreeBSD via steam-installer (linux steam)

    Stranded Deep survival game works on FreeBSD via steam-installer (linux steam) Works fine in Medium Settings on an Nvidia 1050ti gpu
  14. christhegeek

    A small video i made for playing steam games on FreeBSD 13 beta 4

    A small video i made for playing steam games on FreeBSD 13 beta 4 (wait to process higher resolution) View:
  15. A

    Installing FreeBSD as Primary OS + Easy Minecraft Server on FreeBSD by FreeBSD Foundation

    The FreeBSD Foundation shows us how to install FreeBSD as the primary operating system on your computer, and also walks us through setting up Minecraft, the open world building game, on your open source system. Check out their walk-through below along with the video for Minecraft. Thanks FreeBSD...
  16. A

    (Video) FreeBSD Gaming #4: Clone Hero by Alexander88207

    User Alexander88207 tries out Clone Hero along with a guitar controller, working on the FreeBSD open-source operating system. Clone Hero is a free rhythm game that is a clone of Guitar Hero. Alex utilizes Homura to get the game working in FreeBSD. You can check out other FreeBSD gaming videos on...
  17. Alexander88207

    Setting up Guitar Hero Guitar's for Clone Hero etc... on FreeBSD

    1. Take the right guitar Yes you have read right take right guitar! If you are going to buy one etc.. you must know some guitar's wont work properly. For example all Guitar Hero guitars with an xbox connection dont work. You can setup the fret buttons but strumming etc.. looks like it goes...
  18. W

    GPU Passthrough for Windows 10 Pro

    Hello All, I'm getting mixed answers from mixed sources, so I came to this forum in the hope I can get an accurate answer from someone who knows for a fact. I don't need assistance on how to get it done(if at all possible). I just have two questions: 1. Does FreeBSD support running a Windows...
  19. T

    How to use the Adventure Game Studio engine

    This is small howto for games/ags, the Adventure Game Studio engine. It gives us access to many old-school adventure games on FreeBSD. It is not immediately obvious how to run games with it, so I thought that a short howto on the forums is a good idea. Many games come with a Windows setup...
  20. T

    Steam Servers on FreeBSD

    Sorry if this is on the wrong board, feel free to move it if so. Does anyone have experience with steam dedicated servers on FreeBSD? I imagine it should work, but just wondering if anyone's had luck with it.