1. K

    Adapting a Games Jam

    Over the last few years at the University I have run some events known as "Game Jams" for my students. These have also become increasingly popular over recent events. For those of you who have not heard this term, it is basically a 24hr/48hr hackathon where the participants, either individually...
  2. F

    FreeBSD 11.3 32bits on Gaming Hardware

    Hello! I have rented an OVH Game server with specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 64GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz 2x SSD NVMe 500GB Enterprise Class Soft RAID I've created a KVM VPS using Proxmox and and when I boot from CD-ROM FreeBSD 11.3 iso, I always get following error: Any solution? Thank you!
  3. nunotex

    Solved OpenDiablo2 engine port

    Hello, I'm a big fan of Diablo I and Diablo II/LoD Blizzard games. We have devilutionX on ports and this engine works very good for Diablo I. I've found OpenDiablo2 engine and I'm trying to get it to work on FreeBSD for Diablo II/LoD. This project uses go and I've started to compile...
  4. A

    Prey (2006) linux port on freebsd

    I was wondering if anyone has managed to run Prey (2006) on Freebsd with its native linux port, like doom 3 or quake 4 it uses ID tech 4 engine, so I think that it could run the same way the linux-doom3 port does, I don't know. I already tried using prey's data files as a sort of mod for an...
  5. myshkin

    How can I open GOG (Linux) games?

    I try to open GOG (Linux) games via FreeBSD but I always get this error: Found path: /home/ezio/Documents/GOGGames/Oxenfree/game/Oxenfree.x86_64 Mono path[0] = '/home/ezio/Documents/GOGGames/Oxenfree/game/Oxenfree_Data/Managed' Mono path[1] =...
  6. P

    FreeBSD and DOS emulation

    At one point in time, FreeBSD had DOS emulation included as a feature. I'm not sure exactly when that was lost. I think the doscmd port failed to compile beginning with FreeBSD 10. In any case, the loss of this functionality is really a terrible loss for FreeBSD. I know some will say that DOSBox...
  7. Alexander88207

    Setting up Guitar Hero Guitar's for Clone Hero etc... on FreeBSD

    1. Take the right guitar Yes you have read right take right guitar! If you are going to buy one etc.. you must know some guitar's wont work properly. For example all Guitar Hero guitars with an xbox connection dont work. You can setup the fret buttons but strumming etc.. looks like it goes...
  8. A

    Joystick API

    Hello all. I'll keep this brief: 1. Does anyone know of any game or other piece of software that would be broken if the current joystick driver & API were replaced?
  9. Tomse

    abandon port emulators/fs-uae

    I don't have time to maintain emulators/fs-uae So it's time for me to release it to someone else or abandon it.
  10. S

    arcade game help

    hi, I need help with an arcade game. I am trying to clone the game but it seems like it has some sort of protection. first off i am not doing this for piracy we own the whole arcade machine and the software breaks down. we have bought this software a number of times already, and now the...
  11. S

    Steamuxulation redux

    I've spent a few days organizing my Linux Steam scripts: They might even work outside of my desktop machine if we are lucky. Anybody wants to check this before Steam manages to break itself again?
  12. JLAIP

    Installing Descent (aka DXX-Rebirth) on BSD 12

    Can anyone guide me through the steps to install dxx-rebirth/Descent 1 (I've got the Descent 1 "Anniversary Edition" CD) onto BSD 12? I've read the included pkg info, but it's nebulous, at best. It says you need the original .exe(s) (setup.exe?) file(s) from the CD, which I've got, but it...
  13. H

    New Doom Levels from John Romero

    John Romero has finally released his new Doom levels, the SIGIL Megawad. You will need the original Doom 1993 registered game files to play the SIGIL Megawad. So, now that we have some new levels from the old master, what is your favorite Doom port and why do you favor it above the other Doom...
  14. W

    GPU Passthrough for Windows 10 Pro

    Hello All, I'm getting mixed answers from mixed sources, so I came to this forum in the hope I can get an accurate answer from someone who knows for a fact. I don't need assistance on how to get it done(if at all possible). I just have two questions: 1. Does FreeBSD support running a Windows...
  15. P

    How do I use a USB game pad in FreeBSD?

    I have a Logitech Dual Action USB game pad plugged into my computer. I dual boot Funtoo Linux 1.2 and FreeBSD 12-STABLE. The game pad works fine under Linux with no additional configuration. Under FreeBSD, however, I'm having problems. I run Plasma 5. The kcm module for input/joystick doesn't...
  16. M

    Minecraft Server Crashing after updating system and jail to 12.0-RELEASE-p2

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but after close to 8 hours trying to determine what is causing this crash report. I am about to give up. Anyone have any experience with this? ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // This is a token for 1 free hug. Redeem at your...
  17. rewtkid

    What are my options for steam on freebsd?

    Is it even worth it yet? What games can I play? I was going to try but to be honest I looked at the code and im not running those scripts on my system again. It tries to pull in stuff from outdated mirrors and several linux distributions that not...
  18. L

    World of warcraft on freebsd

    Hello! Who know how work it?
  19. ldgc

    Solved Windows game cutscenes have missing text on Wine

    Hello world :) I am using 11.2-Release and the game is Mad Father. I installed emulators/i386-wine and emulators/winetricks binary packages of quarterly. After that I executed wine Game.exe and the only problem that I noticed was some missing text on the cutscenes. I tried to solve the problem...
  20. ldgc

    Humble Bundle Linux Games

    Hello people :) I bought two games in Humble Bundle: Deponia The Complete Journey and Gone Home. Both games have the system requirements on their respective link and have a DRM-Free version. Will DRM-Free linux version of both games natively work in FreeBSD? P.S. I only attached the script that...