1. C

    ZFS FreeBSD with 3SSD for PostgreSQL

    Hello. I have a server with only 3 SSD, I want to run only PostgreSQL on it. But I don't have idea what options of ZFS to use for best performance. Did anyone here such a setup, and can give me a hint? Best regards.
  2. Dr.Topaz

    Solved What does the ~/. mean?

    What does the ~/. mean in ~/.icons?
  3. Dr.Topaz

    How to install tor browser in FreeBSD?

    How can I install tor browser in FreeBSD, I already installed tor.
  4. Dr.Topaz

    Solved How to install source codes?

    So I moved from enlightenment to xfce a few days ago,and it seemed ok,but then I heard of a paper icon theme available for xfce.I thought it was good and tried to install it,but then it doesn't give packages for freebsd only the source ,so how can I install the source?
  5. Dr.Topaz

    FreeBSD error 19

    I've recently installed FreeBSD on windows xp desktop,it worked fine in the beginning but in the middle it said error 19 , and no matter what i type it always says invalid syntax,i have tried the hostress method still invalid syntax.Please help.
  6. Dr.Topaz

    Solved Does FreeBSD support Vulkan?

    Does FreeBSD support Vulkan?
  7. Y

    Synergy, Virtualbox, Mousecursor-Polling

    I've installed Virtualbox to have USB-Drivers for my USB-Devices, did plug an old USB 1.1 Hub to my Computer to force my devices into USB 1.1 mode and pass them to my VM. Drivers and Devices are working fine so far. Next was i did set up Synergy within an Virtualbox-Machine(win 8.1) as a Server...
  8. K

    How to connect to the Internet via 3g modem in the FreeBSD terminal ?

    I installed FreeBSD, but it does not have a default GUI ! I have to install it myself ! I watched a lot of videos about installing the GUI in FreeBSD, and there all the video authors install it by connecting to the Internet via wifi-router, but to connect to the Internet I have only a 3g modem...
  9. E

    Bugs in FreeBSD

    Developers of a static analyzer decided to recheck the FreeBSD project and to show that even in such serious and qualitative projects PVS-Studio easily finds errors. This was the topic of their blog post - Although this project is regularly checked by Coverity...
  10. PaulWebster

    NAT+pf+multi gateway issue

    Good day all, I have a working home network that has the following layout: [Clients (] | [Switch||Wireless AP] | [Gateway (,PUBLIC_IP)] | {internet} miniupnpd is enabled as well as a few other bits of tinsel, but all in all works perfectly.. Now the issue...
  11. P

    PF I have issues with the pf.conf being loaded

    I am new to Linux/BSD. I am using a Debian system with a KFreeBSD kernel. Whenever I try to initiate PF with the pf.conf as below, it gives the error as in the image. My pf.conf is, pass inet proto icmp from any to any pass log (all) proto icmp from any to any altq on le0 cbq bandwidth 500Kb...
  12. T

    Solved FreeBSD 11.0 firewall network throughput on dell optiplex gx1

    Hello, From 2006 to now I've been running FreeBSD 6.1 on a Dell Optiplex GX1. It has a 500MHz CPU with 128MB of RAM and an Intel 82546 chipset dual port gigabit ethernet PCI card. It's been running great but I decided it's time to upgrade FreeBSD. I proceeded to install FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE...
  13. K

    [PowerPC] xorg.conf for "nv" driver for nVidia GeForce 6XXX

    I have an old nVidia GeForce 6XXX card and i try to breathe life into the "nv" driver, but no avail. I tried with this xorg.conf: Section "Device" Identifier "Generic FB" Driver "nv" Option "NoAccel" "True" # Option "ShadowFB" "False" # EndSection But didn't work. Can anyone give me an...
  14. MichaelW

    recommended mail lists for a new user

    hello! I am new to FreeBSD (well, I am new to *BSDs in general) I am very well versed in Linux sysops, but I recently decided to change my servers to FreeBSD, I was wondering what mail lists will be good for me at this stage, personal recommendations are welcome.
  15. K

    Raspberry Pi B+ and Xorg not works

    Hi. I'm trying to breathe life to Xorg under my RPi, without succes. I installed Xorg and xf86-video-scfb with pkg. Whenever i run startx, this is the result: xauth: file /root/.serverauth.948 does not exist xauth: (argv):1: bad display name "raspberry-pi:0" in "list" command xauth...
  16. P

    IPFW FreeBSD PPPoe Port Forwarding

    SRV1:FreeBSD 10.3,IP:,PPPOe ADSL(ppp),ethernetx1:fxp0 SRV2:FreeBSD 10.3,IP: [Goals] port forwarding: SRV1 [port:8922] ----> SRV2 [port:22] SRV [port:8080] ----> SRV2 [port:80] I am experimenting with port forwarding and I have spent few weeks to resolve this. After Googling...
  17. PacketMan

    Should this be the offical music / sound track to FreeBSD?

    Its Friday, finally, thankfully. Another trillion zeros and ones routed to the great ether. Imagine walking into a server room where all the machines run FreeBSD, there are no other sounds in the room, and the OS emits sounds. Kernel sounds, user process sounds, cron jobs kicking off stuff and...
  18. A

    Grub2 Error : No Such Device: Entering Rescue Mode

    Hi, I installed Grub2 by following (Grub2 is taken from But while reboot, "Grub Rescue Mode" is displayed. When I execute "ls" in grub rescue prompt, only...
  19. Sadegh Alirezaie

    Installation of PyQt5 For Python3

    Hello everyone. I'm new to FreeBSD and I'm developing a Download Manager written in python. we ported this software on some Linux Distros and Mac OS. Now, I'm working on making it usable in FreeBSD, The FreeBSD handles all the requirements except PyQt5 which is I'm wondering why it can not be...
  20. sidetone

    FreeBSD related on Twitter

    This is pretty cool, there is the FreeBSD foundation and plenty of FreeBSD related accounts to read about on Twitter. and plenty more