1. M

    I have problem on FreeBSD 11.2 amd64

    Hello all. I'm a basic FreeBSD user, I'm learning. My problem is that I set a good date and time when installing the system after disabling and enabling Virtualbox (where FreeBSD was installed). Time changed by +2 hours and the date is in 2018-09-17 format and I would like to 17.09. 2018 07:21...
  2. D

    Error: maximum authentication attempts exceeded for root from port ssh2 preauth?

    Hello, I am using virtual box and freebsd 10.4 stable for my game server I am logining game it is not problem but my friend is logining then console is giving this: error maximum authentication attempts exceeded for root from port (here is port like 48010) ssh2 preauth It is about FreeBSD...
  3. RedPhoenix

    Post your FreeBSD Desktop! :3

    Here's mine on my HP Laptop! :3 Note the blue Taskbar, and the gold Beastie Menu icon. :)
  4. RedPhoenix

    FreeBSD on the HP 15-bs212wm

    Hey guys. :) I come to you with a new problem. :) I'm currently running FreeBSD on my pretty new HP 15-bs212wm. From what I have gathered from Windows and Linux, which are also installed on the same Laptop, it's got either Realtek or Intel for the Wireless, and, as it says clearly on...
  5. Tsuroerusu

    Installing FreeBSD under KVM with VirtIO

    This is a public "note to self" that I hope will be useful to somebody out there. This evening I wanted to install FreeBSD in a VM under KVM on a Linux VM-host. Also, when I install FreeBSD with ZFS (Read: Always), I like to partition and setup the disks by hand via the "Shell" option in the...
  6. Zamana

    Can mount ext2 but can't see or read files...

    Hi! I'm trying to migrate my current home DIY Nas from Ubuntu Server to FreeBSD, and I'm "stumbling on small stones" as we used to say in my native idiom. In order to backup and restore my data, I formatted some external HDDs in ext2 filesystem. They are perfectly readble/writable in Linux...
  7. D

    Build Onion (TOR) router with high restrictive firewall, and TORs DNS.

    Assumptions: Onion router for web browsing with tor DNS, and unlock 80, and 443 port. What we need: Some time. Some PC or Server or ThinClient, for me is Fuitsu Futro s450 with 2GB of ram and USB LAN adapter, for future is possible to instal into it Network Card at PCI-e or PCI bus. 1. Install...
  8. clawhammer

    FreeBSD on SD card?

    Is it possible to put FreeBSD on an ssd and boot from that on my computer? I use a mmc-sd with my raspbsd but was wondering if its possible to have a regular FreeBSD system on a mmc-sd card? I know I would probably be getting 80mb speeds but I am only going to be programming and shell scripting...
  9. vermaden

    HOWTO: MongoDB Replica Set Cluster on FreeBSD

    I would like to share setup of 5-node MongoDB replica set cluster on FreeBSD, its an addendum to the earlier article so use these two as one for complete FreeBSD setup. Addendum - MongoDB Replica Set Cluster on FreeBSD...
  10. ShelLuser

    10 Do's and Don't for FreeBSD

    Editorial Hi gang! FreeBSD is plain and simple my all time favorite Unix operating system. And yes: technically speaking it's Unix-like but that's mostly due to licensing concerns. If you look at the backwards compatibility aspects (see /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf/GENERIC, the COMPAT_FREEBSDxx...
  11. ldgc

    How to obtain hardware information for FreeBSD from Windows?

    Hello :) I hope that I am posting in the right section. My father has a desktop machine with Windows 10 installed and I intend to replace Windows 10 with FreeBSD 11.1-Release. The problem is that I don´t know where should I search in Windows in order to have hardware information to determine...
  12. C

    How can i create bootable usb in FreeBSD?

    Hi, I installed FreeBSD 11.1 with Kde and it works. (It doesnt have gpu accelerator but works anyway) Question is how can I create bootable Windows10 usb or Ubuntu usb in FreeBSD? I downloaded the ubuntu-16.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso file. If it's possible I can download Windows10-x64.iso too. Is...
  13. skowroniasty

    Other full disk encryption software

    Helo, I want encrypt external USB drive, at this moment I use dm-crypt (XFS filesystem), but I cannot read this drive under freeBSD. Do you know any software, which can encrypt drive and it will work on Linux and FreeBSD? At this moment i think about TrueCrypt,but maybe you know something better.
  14. N

    Looking for 1on1 help preferably in person (Toronto Area)

    Hello Everyone! I am a regular linux user of about 10 years. I am now looking to learn freeBSD. icsdhcp,gateways,ipsec and pf, ect. I am using vmware to create my network and finding that i read a doc on dhcp.conf and realize 1h later its for a version 2 years old and openBSD. I would like...
  15. V

    UFS external USB Drive - Cannot find file system superblock - Repair possible ?

    Hi all, I have a USB2, external hard drive, formatted under UFS. It was working perfectly, but after an electric black out, im not able to mount or fsck the external drive anymore. freebsd-version 11.1-RELEASE-p6 dmesg | grep ^da da0 at umass-sim0 bus 0 scbus6 target 0 lun 0 da0: <ST950032...
  16. ShelLuser

    Installing FreeBSD manually (no installer)

    Hi gang! Editorial SO yeah, at the time of writing I'm sitting behind my latest acquirement: a Dell PowerEdge SC1420, tower model. Its previous owner had no use for it anymore and so it ended up with me. Originally it ran several Windows versions and Ubuntu Linux but because I'm mostly...
  17. A

    IPFW Why can I add port numbers to established and what does that do ?

    Almost every single ipfw ruleset I create has this as the very first rule: allow tcp from any to any established ... and I just noticed that ipfw allows me to specify a port on this rule: allow tcp from any to any 22 established If I create a new connection to port 22, I need a rule to allow...
  18. P

    Solved Persistent Changes

    Does FreeBSD have Persistent Changes option?
  19. ShelLuser

    Anyone else noticing tmux getting worse?

    Ey guys, I've been using sysutil/tmux a long time already but right now I'm seriously considering to move back to Screen because I've just about had it with all the weird stuff that surrounds it. I'm wasting way too much time over this. It started a few versions back when I began noticing that...
  20. zoujiaqing

    FreeBSD on HiKey960? A73 CPU + G71 mp8 GPU + UFS + LDDR4

    HiKey960 The HiKey 960 development platform is based around the Huawei Kirin 960 octa-core ARM® big.LITTLE™ processor with four ARM Cortex®-A73 and four Cortex-A53 cores with 3GB of LPDDR4 SDRAM memory, 32GB of UFS 2.0 flash storage, and the latest generation Mali™ G71 MP8 graphics processor...