1. landauclassic

    8Bitdo Gamepad

    Hello : I am trying to configure a bluetooth gamepad on FreeBSD 13.0, specifically an 8Bitdo SF30, basically a clone of the classic SNES controller. I have not found any information regarding this gamepad in this forum. I have configured , hcsecd and bthidd successfully, actually the...
  2. C

    ZFS How well does openzfs run on FreeBSD?

    So as some on here know I have been using FreeBSD for a long time now, and was an early adopter with ZFS. For me the ZFS experience has generally been very positive on FreeBSD. However I started also using it in Linux with Proxmox a couple of years ago, whilst I haven't had any crisis with it...
  3. christhegeek

    Other I finally have created an experimental BSD Project called CultBSD it uses uzip compressed with zstd level 19 compression its pretty fast.

    I finally have created an experimental BSD Project called CultBSD it uses uzip compressed with zstd level 19 compression its pretty fast.
  4. I

    Are pf for FreeBSD and pf for OpenBSD the same?

    I saw in this status report about: Ethernet support for pf pf syncookie support and would like to clarify: Isn't pf develped by OpenBSD? And if so, would these be the same development for pf in OpenBSD and these same features would make its way into OpenBSD as well? And if not, pf for...
  5. M

    Ansible error py37-supervisor have been found in the repositories

    My ansible role looks like this: --- - name: Download supervisord pkgng: name: - py37-supervisor state: present After executing this role, it returns fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "failed to install py37-supervisor: ", "stderr": "pkg: No packages...
  6. G

    "No Screens Found"

    Help out. I have a FreeBSD game machine. It was the fifth year of trouble-free use, but then one day, when turning on, an error got out "No Screens Found" And I am on FreeBSD and Linux a little less than zero. I checked the video card, in perfect order. Even stress tests pass without errors...
  7. F

    Why people uses cron job while kernel modules exist and why not services?

    1)Cron job: So cron job be able to run a process accordance with certain time intervals or whatever the desired shape is. It can be able to run most of file types or all type of languages probably. 2)Kernel module: Kernel module also runs with kernel on the background. Its main target is making...
  8. F

    Possible problem on FreeBSD 2021 dev-summit

    I were taking a look at conference and I guess: More info: which is "IIPv6 on FreeBSD by...
  9. decuser

    One NetBSD user's perspective on using FreeBSD

    I came across the following article online: It's interesting, for sure, but I'm curious how accurate it is. Among other items, the author claims FreeBSD's init system is derived from NetBSD's and that pkg comes from NetBSD's pkgsrc. I...
  10. samTopaz

    Can't write to directory mounted via NFS

    Hello, I've just setup a NAS running NFS on NetBSD. I can automatically mount the directory over NFS with the fstab entry: x.x.x.:/samsMegaStorage /mnt/storage nfs rw 0 0 (where x.x.x.x is the Ip address of the server) However when I mount it using sudo mount -a the owner of...
  11. I

    bhyve Giving less than 8 GB of RAM to bhyve FreeBSD guests

    I'm experimenting bhyve with virtualized FreeBSD guests. Host system: FreeBSD 13 with 8 GB or RAM on Intel chip. On installation, there is a message that says ZFS tuning is necessary for using FreeBSD with less than 8 GB of RAM. I tried giving 1 GB to bhyve FreeBSD guests and they seem to be...
  12. I

    bhyve nested bhyve virtual machines

    I'm now trying nested bhyve virtual machines: Host OS: FreeBSD 13 Guest OS: FreeBSD 13 Yet Another Guest OS inside FreeBSD 13: OpenBSD 6.9 Upon trying to execute the "bhyve" command inside the Guest OS: FreeBSD 13, I get the following: So, is there a way to make it work?
  13. D

    Does it mean that FreeBSD supports my NIC if wifi works while running in VMware as Guest?

    First of all Hello everybody, I am new to the forum and FreeBSD, I am also posting this in general because it didn't feel like it belonged in a more specific category. Apologies if my question is stupid, but I understand very little of how virtualization treats hardware components, My question...
  14. F

    Solved Core dumps on my /home/username/ !??!?

    Ok so FreeBSD secures memory and makes unreadable to non-root users. But by default FreeBSD comes with "ulimit = unlimited" and I think that can cause to make normal users be able to read other apps memories. No code execution maybe but core dumps can include special informations about...
  15. F

    Is it good idea to make FreeBSD videos on YouTube

    I just opened a YouTube channel and started to making videos about Linux. Well I only got 2-4 views for videos haha. So my question is can FreeBSD community watches and makes comments to videos? Like I watched some videos that people were seting up zfs, partitions, desktop envoirements etc. so...
  16. F

    Can I compile Linux hardware code with FreeBSD?

    So I have a close-source wi-fi card. It works fine with windows ofc and fine with Linux because Ubuntu's developers develop a hardware support for that driver and its open-source. So Im really enjoying using FreeBSD but not being able to connection internet without ethernet cable or extra wi-fi...
  17. neostanniy

    Solved EFI fault on boot for no obvious reasons

    Hello everyone. I have installed the FreeBSD with a lot of help of the community, but ran into another serious issue after installing and adding nvidia modules into kernel + modifying my /etc/rc.conf and /boot/loader.conf to launch gnome3 by default exactly as it was said. And now I am having...
  18. neostanniy

    Solved Using gcc as a default compiler (FreeBSD 13.0) [SOLVED]

    Greetings everyone and sorry for bothering the community, but I got terribly messed up and I think I need your help very much. I have just installed FreeBSD for the first time willing to make it my default OS for music production and other working purposes, but unfortunately got confused with...
  19. F

    How can I set up FreeBSD to a USB driver?

    I want to set up freeBSD to a 16 gb usb driver. I tried to plug my usb while installisation and got Cam statues: CCN request completed with an error. So how can I avoid these errors and setup FreeBSD to my usb driver?
  20. A

    FreeBSD 13.0 - amd64-dvd1 iso is too large to fit DVD

    Hi, I've downloaded FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso from here: and I've tried to burn it on a real DVD to test it on my machine. Unfortunately the burn cannot be started, because the file is too large to fit my DVD...