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  1. J

    NEVER let Freebsd become like Ubuntu

    Ubuntu Linux is often touted as “Linux for human beings”. This is really interesting. The other day on an Ubuntu 18.04 machine we were struggling to setup some very basic networking configurations. Something as simple as setting a static ip on a machine turned into a science project. A few...
  2. P

    Solved Future of BSD: Web Design, special attention to desktops and more users

    Hello FreeBSD Community, I would like to discuss the following. I'm working on a project that aims to build a "distribution" of Web-based technology, inspired by Firefox OS, in the challenges I've been facing I've been reflecting on using FreeBSD and BSDs in general. The first thing I thought...
  3. kuroneko

    GNU/Linux, FreeBSD (and other BSD) and Free Software. Your thoughts?

    So I've been using FreeBSD in the past and didn't have much time to play with it to understand everything. At that time I had no idea what libre(free) software was and now that I looked into it I agree with the idea that we should all have the freedom to run the software for any purpose, study...
  4. D

    Router Troubleshooting

    Hello All, I am attempting to find out what my issue is with my FreeBSD Router that I am attempting to build. I have set up the following tools on my OS on my router: HostAPD DNSMasq PF All of which appear to work and I can route through the AP. However; I am not getting nearly the speeds or...
  5. Ashik Khan

    FTP via Proxy is not Working

    I am trying to do ftp via proxy. I have configure /etc/pf.conf as proxy=ftp proxy IP proxyport=ftp proxy port # /etc/rc.d/pf restart No ALTQ support in kernel ALTQ related functions disabled Disabling pf. Enabling pf No ALTQ support in kernel ALTQ related functions disabled No ALTQ support in...
  6. Dr.Topaz

    Solved OpenGL Support

    I want to know whether opengl supports FreeBSD,if yes then how can I install it?
  7. andrewm659

    postfix sasl FreeBSD 10.2

    I just installed a new version of FreeBSD using 10.2 and I can don't see postfix-sasl package for 2.11. Is the package broken? Do I need to upgrade to 3.2? Can anyone help? root@mta2:~ # pkg search postfix postfix-2.11.7_1,1 Secure alternative to widely-used Sendmail...
  8. M

    How to transfer data between Linux and FreeBSD?

    Hello. Probably the title is a bit confusing so let me explain: At the moment I am a Linux user (unsupported Fedora version) but will migrate to FreeBSD in the near future, so I would like to backup my data in an external hard drive to use it in the future system. However, being a non-technical...
  9. R

    FreeBSD 9.3 MySQL updating problem

    Hey guys, i I want to install the MySQL packages on the FreeBSD root, its the first time I am trying to work with a FreeBSD root, and now I have an error. I hope someone can help me to fix it. "cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql55-server /usr/ports/databases/mysql55-server # make...