bhyve bhyve and using a physical disk


I have been searching high and low and haven't found a satisfactory answer to my question, so I decided to bring it here and see what advice is out there.

Currently this machine is running FreeBSD 12.1 as the daily driver. For my class I need to have a Windows machine. I grabbed a spare disk I had and I begrudgingly installed Windows 10 and all the software on the disk. I am running Solidworks and am trying to keep everything local so no VM from the FreeNAS. It is going to stick around for a while because now my son can play his Windows versions.

i7 - 4790
2x 500GB - FreeBSD, mirrored
1x 2T Windows 10 and whatever the latest updates are.
Gigabtye Radeon RX 570 - 4GB

Right now I use F10 to switch between OSes. My goal is to have FreeBSD up and running with bhyve and just be able to use the Windows physical disk that is already installed and ready to go. I understand the use of virtual disks if I were running it on my FreeNAS, but this is for a desktop running Solidworks.

Is this configuration possible? Or am I just better off flipping between the two?
Maybe with the second option in this post.

You would assign the Intel GPU to the Windows VM and use a video card for the FreeBSD host.
I don't think the VNC option would give you adequate performance for Solidworks.