Bluetooth security flaw

Ouch! What with the Equifax hack and now ...

A set of vulnerabilities affecting "almost every" Bluetooth-connected desktop, mobile, and smart device on the market has been revealed
It's thought to be the most widescale set of vulnerabilities based on the number of devices affected, hitting Windows desktops, Android devices, older iPhones and iPads, and smart devices.

A single infected device moving through a busy office past dozens of people with phones, tablets, or computers with Bluetooth switched on could cause a rapid infection across networks -- leading to network infiltration, ransomware attacks, or data theft.
The "undetectable" flaws, said researchers, put the majority of devices around the world at risk -- at least 5.3 billion devices -- including Windows, Android, Linux, and Apple devices.
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Bluetooth is probably not used that much on FreeBSD but there's certainly a possibility the FreeBSD bluetooth stack could be vulnerable to the same type of attack.