bhyve, vtnet with taps and low local speed traffic

    Hello! I've found the issue on my virtual infrastracture. The speed descreases after moving between virtual machines. Hypervisor: OS: FreeBSD 11.2 Application: bhyve Network: bridge+tap Guests: OS: FreeBSD 11.2 Network: vtnet media: Ethernet 10Gbase-T <full-duplex> Traffic flow: INTERNET...
  2. i-bsd

    Mouse cursor in bhyve FreeBSD not moving

    Installed a bhyve instance of FreeBSD for testing. Mouse cursor appears and clicks work (I can click the line it's hovering over) but mouse movement is not picked up. Using TigerVNC client. Anyone familiar with this issue and know how to fix it?
  3. huckfinn

    bhyve hw.vm.* settings for a dual Xeon L5640

    Hi, I'm running FreeBSD 11.1 on an Fujitsu Siemens RX300 S6, with two Xeon L5640. I've to use for software legacy reaons an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to develop a large set of PhaseOne IIQ images (SDK is released for Linux 16.04). I use bhyve and it worked very well out of the box . Thank you FreeBSD...
  4. stratacast1

    BHyve desktops + easy access to host data

    I'm getting to a point where I want to switch my desktop to FreeBSD, but can't yet because there are some specific applications that I use that are Linux only. I'd like to simply just run FreeBSD as my host OS and have a Linux guest(s), but the thing is, some of the applications I use require...
  5. kaN5300

    bhyve pci_paththru. bge0: attaching PHYs failed on the guest side

    Hello! Having troubles with passing pci device to the guest. Here is what we have: Host: FreeBSD web2 11.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE #0 r321309: Fri Jul 21 02:08:28 UTC 2017 amd64 cat /boot/loder.conf | grep ppt pciconf -vl |...
  6. petur

    Solved I want to host bhyve- and VirtualBox-VMs on same machine. Is that feasible?

    Background I have two old (hardware) production servers, one which runs bhyve VMs and another which runs virtualbox VMs, which are to be replaced -- ideally by a workhorse. Question Can a single FreeBSD server be made to stably host both bhyve and virtualbox VMs? (It occurs to me that it might...
  7. vorell

    Trouble with VLANs & VM-Bhyve

    Backstory: A long time linux user, I tried FreeBSD on digitalocean a few years back. Now I'm to the point where my entire cloud & home infrastructure is FreebSD based- pfsense, FreeNAS, and a FreeBSD application server. Server Specifications: Release: FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4 CPU: Intel(R)...
  8. L

    Increase size of bhyve VM

    I have recently started working with bhyve setting up virtual servers in my office. So far it works great. Now that it I see how well it works I am regretting not making my file server larger. Is there any way I can just "append" the VM disk file and make it bigger without having to build...
  9. Phishfry

    Bhyve compiling NanoBSD

    I want to build FreeBSD NanoBSD images in a Bhyve VM. Can anyone speak to the speed hit I will take when compiling under a FreeBSD-CURRENT VM using FreeBSD 11.1 Bhyve host. What is disk throughput like in a VM? Much speed loss from host disk thoughput? I currently use a separate box for...
  10. peterchris

    vm-bhyve network troubleshooting

    I've just started using vm-bhyve, and none of vm's have network connectivity. Here's what everything looks like, following the simple example in the vm-bhyve wiki to install a FreeBSD guest with default settings: [peter@orca] /vms/.config# vm switch list NAME TYPE IDENT...
  11. B

    FreeNAS changes in FreeBSD

    Hello, I use bhyve and have a problem with non-US keymap and the VNC server. This is a bug that was reported at least to FreeNAS and was fixed a few weeks ago according to the bug report here: When will this fix come into FreeBSD? How does the process work...
  12. nbari

    Solved Bhyve + IPv6 can't ping from guest to host until host ping guest

    Both host/guest are using FreeBSD 11.1, I created the VM using vm-byhbe. This is host configurationhe host: /etc/rc.conf ifconfig_igb0_ipv6="inet6 2a01:4f8:150:84ec::1 prefixlen 64" ipv6_activate_all_interfaces="YES" ipv6_defaultrouter="fe80::1%igb0" rtadvd_enable="YES" /etc/rtadvd.conf...
  13. A

    Other Recommended file system for virtualization cluster

    Environment: FreeBSD 11.1R, 10Gbx2 Ethernet(LACP), 8GBx2 FC(multipath) I want to build a FreeBSD virtualization cluster with 5+ hosts. Because bhyve doesn't support live migration at this time, Xen(Dom0) is the unique method. The simplest topology looks like: Server2 ... Server9...
  14. S

    Public IP on bhyve guest

    I'm trying to assign a public IP to a guest managed by bhyve. My host gave me 2 public IPs to use, which I'll refer to as (to obfuscate the real IP): (host) (webserver vm) The first, is assigned to the host's interface, which has internet...
  15. I

    How to assign public IP to a bhyve virtual instance?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out to assign a real IP address to a bhyve vm running Ubuntu. (Real IP address means a public facing IP address assigned by the provider.) I add: vm switch add public em0 Then, I should omit: ifconfig_igb0_alias0=" netmask n.n.n.n" in the rc.conf...
  16. henninb

    bhyve - Running Centos7 on FreeBSD

    I am very close to getting Centos7 (version 1503) running on FreeBSD 11.1 with bhyve, but I am stuck. I have used the following instructions for installation. Please let me know if you can advice how to address the /dev/mapper/centos-root issue or an alternative way to get Centos7 running in...
  17. Mormegil

    Peg package at specific version using poudriere?

    After updating my poudriere ports tree, sysutils/rubygem-facter was updated from version 2.4.6 to version 2.5.0. This is causing puppet to hang for 5-10 minutes at Info: Loading facts, but only for my bhyve virtual machines. I'm trying to track down differences between facts that test on eg...
  18. T

    Linux guest on bhyve graphic driver

    I am running arch Linux guest via bhyve. I already installed xorg-server and xorg-xinit on the guest. But I am not sure which graphic driver I should install and I don't know if I have to install any graphic components at the host as well?
  19. smj

    Solved Don't mix VirtualBox and bhyve and then not clean up

    tl;dr - Don't add vmm_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf when trying to play with bhyve on a server using VirtualBox and then forget about it... I'm posting this partly in public celebration of my own stupidity o_O, but mostly because I found a lack of pertinent results when searching the web for...
  20. V

    Solved FreeBSD Jails or bhyve hypervisor

    Hello community of freeBSD I have a project in mind to replace my windows server park. Currently I have a netgear as router and a Windows 2008 server that does AD and windows share. I have for idea to replace the netgear by PFSENSE and the active directory by samba4 for the domain controller...