1. aragats

    bhyve framebuffer: atkbd data buffer full

    I believe this is an old issue, but I experience it in my both bhyve Windows 7 setups on completely different hardware. When accessing bhyve framebuffer via vncviewer (doesn't matter which one) I cannot type, bhyve spits out atkbd data buffer full message with each keystroke. There exists a...

    Bhyve - trying to mount root

    Sometime I encounter the problem with boot UFS in bhyve VM. When I start or restart the guest I think in my mind it starts but just It doesn't start completely. Connection to the console has no effects due to the "black" screen with no console messages. But when I start bhyve VM with console...
  3. P

    Migrate a virtual machine from ProxMox to Bhyve

    Is there a simple way to migrate a virtual machine from ProxMox to Bhyve. In this case i need to migrate a Windows 10 VM. /Jimmy

    MTU on bridge, tap and Bhyve guests (vtnet)

    I've set MTU to 3000 using the following commands. On hypervisor: ifconfig bridge0 mtu 3000 ifconfig tap0 mtu 3000 ifconfig tap1 mtu 3000 etc. On guests: ifconfig vtnet0 mtu 3000 etc. I've trapped data and get the MSS is 1358. So the above value is not close the 3000. ethertype IPv4...
  5. Alejandro

    bridge with default VLAN

    Hello everyone! I need help with bridging VLANs and "tap" interfaces for bhyve-VMs. I assume I have misunderstood of networking basics here so please don't kick me too hard. I've already asked at the churchers/vm-bhyve (, but no solution so far...
  6. Ependi Silalahi

    Bhyve step by step

    Can some one show me the link step by step to create bhyve for novice user like me? I can't find on youtube most of them and advance install, the good one either no sound or non English. Thanks in an advance.

    bhyve - CPU, vCPU, cores nad threads

    Hello! Can someone explain how it works? I mean the following kernel options with optimal configuration. hw.vmm.topology.cores_per_package hw.vmm.topology.threads_per_core I've got 2 physical CPU with 10 cores with HT. So the FreeBSD shows 40 - CPU0-CPU39. Actually I use FreeBSD OS as VM but...
  8. Farhan Khan

    bhyve for driver creation workflow

    Hi all, Is it possible to pass on my laptop's PCI wifi card to a bhyve VM running Linux? I am writing (and mostly failing to write :)) a FreeBSD device driver for the Realtek RTL8188EE and am looking to increase my workflow. Currently I am relying on the Linux driver as documentation, but...

    1 of 4 times server (bhyve guest) is unsynchronized (OpenNTP)

    Hello! I have four times servers. One of them is till unsynchronized. Even if I restart the system or process OpenNTPD tries sync and then It's sucessful. But after some time clock is unsynchronized... Every my times servers have the same configuration and external time server to sync but I...
  10. B

    bhyve management poll

    Hi everyone, For those who use bhyve, do you use a "management framework" for bhyve too? For example, iohyve, chyves, by hand/none, something else? Bob
  11. gregf

    Solved bhyve centos kickstarter

    Hi, I'm wondering how I can install centos using a kickstarter file under bhyve. The way I would normally do it is bake the ks.cfg into the iso file and edit isolinux.cfg adding append initrd=initrd.img inst.stage2=hd:LABEL=CentOS-7 inst.ks=cdrom:/dev/cdrom:/ks.cfg Since bhyve uses grub2...
  12. aragats

    bhyve framebuffer and vncviewer

    The issues described below probably have discussed, however I couldn't find actual solutions or good workarounds. Are there anything new on them? When bhyve runs Windows 7 as a guest with framebuffer enabled: 1. X mouse cursor does not coincides with Windows cursor. Abruptly moving it beyond...
  13. Zugla

    Solved bhyve networking issues with ix, lagg, tap, and bridge

    I am having trouble with setting up reliable networking for my bhyve host. My preferred configuration is: FreeBSD 11.0 host and guests. 2 10gbe adapters on the host (ix0 & ix1) combined into a link aggregation group (lagg0) which is on a vlan trunk (lagg0.20) So in this configuration...
  14. aragats

    bhyve: migrate Windows 7 from physical to virtual?

    Does anybody have experience with this? If I have a physical disk with Windows 7 installed, can I just use its device node for bhyve? I understand that I'll need to install virtio-net drivers in Windows. What else? The generic VGA adapter doesn't need a driver. Windows may not like the hardware...
  15. M

    UFS Random UFS fsck errors in zvol-backed bhyve VM

    Hi all This is the first time I could not resolve an issue by checking the information that is somewhere in forums or handbooks, so I really hope for your help on this: I have a hardware machine that runs release 11p6. The filesystem is ZFS on two SSDs in mirror mode. On this machine I have 4...

    Systems hang on bhyve guest (11.0)

    Hello! I've encountered a strange problem. At 3 am mail server (bhyve guest) crashed with 100% CPU usage. After hard reset in single user mode I had the following inconsistency file system. # fsck -fy ** /dev/vtbd0p2 ** Last Mounted on / ** Root file system ** Phase 1 - Check Blocks and Sizes...
  17. B

    bhyve centos vm installation "not a correct XFS inode"

    Because of several reasons I must install a centos7 virtual machine on a zfs filesystem on freebsd 11 (It must be centos, there is no other option for that) Furthermore I need to be able to send a ZFS snapshot of the virtual machine to a remote backup system on a regular base. Which means that...
  18. A

    bhyve with AMD A8

    Hello all... I have a question about bhyve, i am thinking about using FreeBSD on a small home server system. I have one question, i know about bhyve and i would like to know if it is possible to use UEFI boot inside the VM on a AMD A8? (latest generation AMD supports RVI AMD-v etc.) I could not...
  19. Vincent See

    Solved Intel Xeon X5550 and X5660 Bhyve

    Good morning everyone! I just got my X8DTT-F Dual CPU and Installed Intel X5550 on it, but when I install Iohyve it says I need a 5600 Series CPU UG Support needed ( VMX Unrestricted Mode ), and I'm eying on Intel X5660. What I'm confused about is, isn't 5500 series also supposed to be...

    bhyve 100% CPU usage

    Hello! I have a lot of bhyve guests (FreeBSD 11 and one Windows 10). Very often maybe once a day averagely (after upgrade to 11.0-RELEASE) my guests freeze with very high CPU usage 95%-105% (changing on real time on hypervisor). I can't even connect through console. I haven't still reported...