1. P

    virt-manager on FreeBSD as bhyve backend

    Hi. I've try to find anything on FreeBSD to run virtual machines. Looks like XEN is not ready (my system is reboot on booting kernel with xen). After some hours in google i successfully run bhyve with FreeBSD guest. But I would also like to get Linux in bhyve. And i do not understand how to...
  2. D

    10.3-BETA 2 zroot doesn't boot with VT-d enabled and vmm in loader.conf

    I installed FreeBSD 10.3-BETA2 on a system with a Z170 chipset and Skylake CPU on a ZFS root device. When I have both VT-d enabled in the bios and vmm (for bhyve) enabled in loader.conf, sometime during the boot, there's an unrecoverable error with my SATA hard drive, it's reattched, but the...
  3. C

    Solved Host to jail networking with vimage

    I've got a bridge1 with several jails' interfaces as members (vnet1:1, vnet1:2, etc) these can pass packets between each other. There's a bhyve instance on the host using tap0 which I've added to bridge1, this tunnel is not able to connect to any of the jail vnet interfaces. Is this to be...
  4. aragats

    PCI passthrough stops working at certain conditions

    I have several bhyve guest OSs in FreeBSD 11-CURRENT. I never run two guests with the same PCI pass-through device. I pass trough a PCI device (USB controller) to a Linux guest. It works properly. Then I halt the VM, make sure that bhyve destroyed it and run Windows guest with the same PCI...