1. I

    How to assign public IP to a bhyve virtual instance?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out to assign a real IP address to a bhyve vm running Ubuntu. (Real IP address means a public facing IP address assigned by the provider.) I add: vm switch add public em0 Then, I should omit: ifconfig_igb0_alias0=" netmask n.n.n.n" in the rc.conf...
  2. henninb

    bhyve - Running Centos7 on FreeBSD

    I am very close to getting Centos7 (version 1503) running on FreeBSD 11.1 with bhyve, but I am stuck. I have used the following instructions for installation. Please let me know if you can advice how to address the /dev/mapper/centos-root issue or an alternative way to get Centos7 running in...
  3. Mormegil

    Peg package at specific version using poudriere?

    After updating my poudriere ports tree, sysutils/rubygem-facter was updated from version 2.4.6 to version 2.5.0. This is causing puppet to hang for 5-10 minutes at Info: Loading facts, but only for my bhyve virtual machines. I'm trying to track down differences between facts that test on eg...
  4. T

    Linux guest on bhyve graphic driver

    I am running arch Linux guest via bhyve. I already installed xorg-server and xorg-xinit on the guest. But I am not sure which graphic driver I should install and I don't know if I have to install any graphic components at the host as well?
  5. smj

    Solved Don't mix VirtualBox and bhyve and then not clean up

    tl;dr - Don't add vmm_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf when trying to play with bhyve on a server using VirtualBox and then forget about it... I'm posting this partly in public celebration of my own stupidity o_O, but mostly because I found a lack of pertinent results when searching the web for...
  6. V

    Solved FreeBSD Jails or bhyve hypervisor

    Hello community of freeBSD I have a project in mind to replace my windows server park. Currently I have a netgear as router and a Windows 2008 server that does AD and windows share. I have for idea to replace the netgear by PFSENSE and the active directory by samba4 for the domain controller...

    Cannot escape from cu utility

    After restarting FreeBSD11.0p10_amd64 and then connecting to one of the bhyve guest machine for testing purpose I encountered the problem with escaping from the cu command. The following commands do not work. Terminal puts char ~ and new line only without escaping, I use Putty v0.69. ~^D...
  8. pming

    FYI: Veeam Endpoint Backup Service failed to start (Solution)

    Hello everyone Over the course of the last week I tried to install Veeam Endpoint Backup (or rather Veeam Agent for Windows) on a Windows Server 2016 bhyve VM. I let vm-bhyve auto-create a disk for the VM. After installing Windows and installing Veeam Agent for Windows, the SQL Service and the...
  9. pming

    Solved Trouble installing Windows Server 2012 R2 as bhyve VM

    Hello everyone I am trying to install Windows Server 2012 R2 (German Eval Version) as a virtual machine with bhyve. File name of the original iso is: Windows-Server-2012-R2-Eval-DE.ISO I followed the instructions at The VM boots but...
  10. aragats

    bhyve framebuffer: atkbd data buffer full

    I believe this is an old issue, but I experience it in my both bhyve Windows 7 setups on completely different hardware. When accessing bhyve framebuffer via vncviewer (doesn't matter which one) I cannot type, bhyve spits out atkbd data buffer full message with each keystroke. There exists a...

    Bhyve - trying to mount root

    Sometime I encounter the problem with boot UFS in bhyve VM. When I start or restart the guest I think in my mind it starts but just It doesn't start completely. Connection to the console has no effects due to the "black" screen with no console messages. But when I start bhyve VM with console...
  12. P

    Migrate a virtual machine from ProxMox to Bhyve

    Is there a simple way to migrate a virtual machine from ProxMox to Bhyve. In this case i need to migrate a Windows 10 VM. /Jimmy

    MTU on bridge, tap and Bhyve guests (vtnet)

    I've set MTU to 3000 using the following commands. On hypervisor: ifconfig bridge0 mtu 3000 ifconfig tap0 mtu 3000 ifconfig tap1 mtu 3000 etc. On guests: ifconfig vtnet0 mtu 3000 etc. I've trapped data and get the MSS is 1358. So the above value is not close the 3000. ethertype IPv4...
  14. Alejandro

    bridge with default VLAN

    Hello everyone! I need help with bridging VLANs and "tap" interfaces for bhyve-VMs. I assume I have misunderstood of networking basics here so please don't kick me too hard. I've already asked at the churchers/vm-bhyve (, but no solution so far...
  15. Ependi Silalahi

    Bhyve step by step

    Can some one show me the link step by step to create bhyve for novice user like me? I can't find on youtube most of them and advance install, the good one either no sound or non English. Thanks in an advance.

    bhyve - CPU, vCPU, cores nad threads

    Hello! Can someone explain how it works? I mean the following kernel options with optimal configuration. hw.vmm.topology.cores_per_package hw.vmm.topology.threads_per_core I've got 2 physical CPU with 10 cores with HT. So the FreeBSD shows 40 - CPU0-CPU39. Actually I use FreeBSD OS as VM but...
  17. Farhan Khan

    bhyve for driver creation workflow

    Hi all, Is it possible to pass on my laptop's PCI wifi card to a bhyve VM running Linux? I am writing (and mostly failing to write :)) a FreeBSD device driver for the Realtek RTL8188EE and am looking to increase my workflow. Currently I am relying on the Linux driver as documentation, but...

    1 of 4 times server (bhyve guest) is unsynchronized (OpenNTP)

    Hello! I have four times servers. One of them is till unsynchronized. Even if I restart the system or process OpenNTPD tries sync and then It's sucessful. But after some time clock is unsynchronized... Every my times servers have the same configuration and external time server to sync but I...
  19. B

    bhyve management poll

    Hi everyone, For those who use bhyve, do you use a "management framework" for bhyve too? For example, iohyve, chyves, by hand/none, something else? Bob
  20. gregf

    Solved bhyve centos kickstarter

    Hi, I'm wondering how I can install centos using a kickstarter file under bhyve. The way I would normally do it is bake the ks.cfg into the iso file and edit isolinux.cfg adding append initrd=initrd.img inst.stage2=hd:LABEL=CentOS-7 inst.ks=cdrom:/dev/cdrom:/ks.cfg Since bhyve uses grub2...