1. T

    Backup DUMP/RESTORE file format

    Hello, I'm trying to find the definition of FreeBSD's DUMP/RESTORE file structure. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Google is determined to point me towards BSODs, core dumps, the man page for dump, etc, everything exept what I need. TIA.
  2. T

    general/other Complete VM backup & restore

    Hello there, I m currently running a live freebsd-12 VM with google cloud and I would like to move the image to another provider; is there a way to complete backup & restore the "Live Server" while it is running and restore it to another VM with another provider? saw many articles about rsync...
  3. F

    Solved Getting image file from ZFS disk

    I want to full back up my FreeBSD 12.2 system. I want a image file that be able to setup other computers. How?
  4. M

    Backing up my files

    Hi Folks, I have a raspberry pi running FreeBSD that is booted off of a USB I need to backup the current FreeBSD operating system and all of its files and contents to a second USB that I am plugging into the raspberry pi. Currently, I am looking through the manual and seeing the cp command...
  5. D

    Simple backup protocol for home user.

    I'm new to FreeBSD and have just installed a 12.1 release 32-bit version with Mate desktop, OpenOffice, Thunderbird and Firefox are all installed, and even the printer is working. So before I inevitably mess things up, I am looking for some pointers on how best to go about backing up the...
  6. Buck

    ZFS Automate ZFS snapshot backups to another drive

    So there are several utilities in ports that provide convenient snapshot management, but I haven't been able to find one that would similarly automate cloning and managing those snapshots to a different drive/zfs pool installed in the same machine. What I'm looking to have is not a clone of the...
  7. A

    Solved dump(8) keeps giving "unknown file system" when cloning partition

    I would like to migrate a virtual machine's filesystem onto a smaller virtual disk using dump. I have tried both using the 12.1-RELEASE installer in live CD mode, and also attaching the disks to a separate VM running 12.0-RELEASE, but dump keeps failing on me with "unknown file system". I try...
  8. vermaden

    HOWTO: FreeBSD Enterprise 1 PB Storage

    Today FreeBSD operating system turns 26 years old. 19 June is an International FreeBSD Day. This is why I got something special today :) FreeBSD Enterprise 1 PB Storage #verblog #backup #beadm #enterprise #freebsd...
  9. RedPhoenix

    ZFS How Do I Use ZFS On My Server?

    So I'm reading about ZFS on the FreeBSD ZFS quick-start guide, and I'm stuck at this part: when I attempt to use a device (/dev/da0), it throws an error and the device dissapears until I reboot. :\ Specifically, this: zpool create example/ dev/da0, and throws the error: cannot open '/dev/da0'...
  10. vermaden

    HOWTO: Silent Fanless FreeBSD Server - Redundant Backup

    I would like to share an article about Fanless FreeBSD Server. Silent Fanless FreeBSD Server - Redundant Backup #verblog #cloud #freebsd #freenas #hardware #storage #zfs #nas #backup
  11. S

    Ransomware Protection & Secret Backup Server using Rsync

    Hi, I need an advise and correct direction to my problem. I am a new FreeBSD user. Our recent Windows 10 machine was hit by a Ransomware and it spread to other machines on Network also. To protect that in future, I added a new HDD on the system and installed FreeBSD 12.0 x64 using HyperV on it...
  12. P

    ZFS ZFS replication tools

    I am implementing a backup solution for a small webserver. So far, the tools I plan to use: - zfSnap - rclone I want to zfs send an archive of the latest webserver snapshots to another HDD, then sync to cloud (rclone). I am missing a replication tool that does: zfs send zroot/webserver@snapshot...
  13. vermaden

    HOWTO: Silent Fanless FreeBSD Server - DIY Backup

    I would like to share an article about setting up small silent/fanless FreeBSD server for backup purposes. Silent Fanless FreeBSD Server - DIY Backup Regards, vermaden
  14. i-bsd

    ZFS "Reinstalling"/Restoring FreeBSD from a ZFS snapshot

    I apologize if this question has already been asked before. Is it possible to save a ZFS snapshot as a single file or directory somewhere for backup, and I ever need to "reinstall" FreeBSD, instantly restore my entire system using the install USB and ZFS? I've made a lot of customizations and...
  15. jdb

    ZFS Best / proper way to backup a zroot pool to antoher pool / drive?

    Hey Guys! :) Whats the best / proper way to backup a zroot pool to antoher pool / drive? My setup: 2x 250GBs SSDs (zroot | mirrored) 1x 500GB HDD (backup drive) My goal: Backup the entire zroot pool to the backup drive in a limited dataset (250GB) and regularly do automatic snapshots...
  16. Lamia

    Solved VM Migration (ZAP destroy & ZFS destroy/umount don't work)

    This thread is a follow up to the thread here . Anyone know why zap destroy || zfs destroy fails on some filesystems like docker, iocage, etc? I created backups with both...
  17. daBee

    pg_dump on LAN server or workstation?

    Hi folks. Looking to have a daily backup of my postgresql database on a server. It's on a LAN and I want to store the backups on a workstation volume. Should I induce the pg_dump on the FreeBSD server, or the Mac workstation? I'd like to learn how to do it from the server. I have file...
  18. vermaden

    HOWTO: Bareos Backup Server on FreeBSD

    I would like to share new 𝗕𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗼𝘀 𝗕𝗮𝗰𝗸𝘂𝗽 𝗦𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗻 𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗕𝗦𝗗 post about installation and configuration of open, free and complete backup solution. #verblog #bareos #freebsd #postgresql #backup #restore #recovery
  19. fullauto2012

    Shell DB backup Script

    Not real good with scripting. But, I through my hat in the ring. I was in dire need of a DB backup script that wrote to an inserted, but mostly unmounted rdx drive, regardless of mount situation. I also needed it to keep sanity in that backups older than 30 days needed to be pruned. Logs needed...
  20. Kreme

    Using DUMP to backup FreeBSD

    In preparation for moving to new hardware I am using dump to try to backup the entire OS, the problem is it appears to be skipping /usr/ even though that is not a separate mount point, which is fine as it is the documented behavior. The toruble is if I try to use dump to backup /usr, it tells me...