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  1. daBee

    pg_dump on LAN server or workstation?

    Hi folks. Looking to have a daily backup of my postgresql database on a server. It's on a LAN and I want to store the backups on a workstation volume. Should I induce the pg_dump on the FreeBSD server, or the Mac workstation? I'd like to learn how to do it from the server. I have file...
  2. vermaden

    HOWTO: Bareos Backup Server on FreeBSD

    I would like to share new 𝗕𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗼𝘀 𝗕𝗮𝗰𝗸𝘂𝗽 𝗦𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗻 𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗕𝗦𝗗 post about installation and configuration of open, free and complete backup solution. https://vermaden.wordpress.com/2018/05/01/bareos-backup-server-on-freebsd/ #verblog #bareos #freebsd #postgresql #backup #restore #recovery
  3. fullauto2012

    Shell DB backup Script

    Not real good with scripting. But, I through my hat in the ring. I was in dire need of a DB backup script that wrote to an inserted, but mostly unmounted rdx drive, regardless of mount situation. I also needed it to keep sanity in that backups older than 30 days needed to be pruned. Logs needed...
  4. Kreme

    Using DUMP to backup FreeBSD

    In preparation for moving to new hardware I am using dump to try to backup the entire OS, the problem is it appears to be skipping /usr/ even though that is not a separate mount point, which is fine as it is the documented behavior. The toruble is if I try to use dump to backup /usr, it tells me...
  5. Rastko

    Solved Package upgrade deletes config

    Hi, Today I made an upgrade of new packages, of which there were many (like all the stuff I use), but the custom configuration appears to be overwritten. Specifically, I had to manually rewrite the X display manager resources and scripts, and my GWorkspace/WindowMaker integration started to...
  6. Martin Garcia

    ZFS ZFS Jails Backup Strategy

    Hello there, Im new to FreeBSD, but quite experienced in Linux, Currently I have CentOS7 virtual machines that runs on KVM. I want to move some of them to FreeBSD/Jails, however Im not clear about the backup strategy that I should run once in jails. Some of my motivations to move from Linux to...
  7. lebarondemerde

    Solved ZFS backup, some guidance needed.

    Hello, I have a FreeBSD desktop with two drives, both zfs: 1 - SSD: zroot pool [/] 2 - HDD: zdata pool [/home] I want to backup the zdata pool to a jail in my FreeBSD server since it seem to be a failing drive, what have five hdds: 1 - UFS (/) 2, 3, 4, 5 - ZFS: zfsdata pool [/usr/jails/]...
  8. Phishfry

    Backup script with tar

    I need some help. Will someone proof-read my backup script. Summary- APU3 - FreeBSD Headless Wireless AP on 4GB SDCARD Using NFSv3 I have /raid1 nfs share mount. I have a sub-directory /raid1/apu3-backup/ for the tar file. So I want to back up entire system Live except for unneeded files. I am...
  9. Petr Fischer

    Solved zxfer subcalls of "zfs get props..." become slow in long run

    Hello, I am using zxfer to replicate/backup ZFS snapshots (created by zfSnap) to the backup server. zxfer calls this commands internally (read dataset properties): zfs get -Ho property,value,source all zroot zfs get -Hpo property,value,source all zusbbackup/backups/pf-server/zroot ...same...
  10. T

    ZFS Questions about encryption and backup

    I'm new to FreeBSD but I have experience with Linux distributions. I'm very happy with FreeBSD so far. I used the guided encryption zfs option also I have raidz with 4xHDD. The encryption key is on boot pool at /boot/encryption.key, right? I also have encrypt every HDD with geli use new key and...
  11. F

    Advices to make back-up folder, FreeBSD and Windows NT 4.9 Server

    Hello wise people of FreeBSD comunity, First, settings, I have a FreeBSD 10.3 machine working as a personal server (cloud => nextcloud, media sharing => plex ...) with ZFS 3 TB in mirroring. Then, I have a 1.5 TB HDD that I plug on my router and that giving me a folder shared across the...
  12. D

    How to show a progress or percentage bar on script?

    Hi, I'm a student and I have to create a script, but I want to show a progress bar when the script is making a backup. For example, I'm making a full backup of the FreeBSD system and while the script is making the job, I want to show a progress or a bar percent completed, is that possible on...
  13. J

    Other Backup full system

    I have 128GB HDD on my HP proliant, it is running in raid 1(2x sas). But my bitcoind server is using most of it and I get messages that the drives are full. So I bought 2 500GB sas drives. I want to run the 4 drives in raid 1+0. But I don't want to lose my system because it will take a long...
  14. A

    backup media ?

    Hi, Just wondering what is a common, durable, reliable media for backups. Do people keep hard drives in the closet that work forever, or is optical media better... Tape storage? Is a pen-drive good for long term? Are Cd's better than DVD's or vice-versa? I have several music cd's that...
  15. antuan

    Installing Duplicity serie 7 on FreeBSD

    I try to set up a backup system for Hubic with Duplicity. There is a link from here that works well on my Slackware box. I try to do the same on FreeBSD but I come across error about librsync. I download special version of duplicity for Hubic with bzr: bzr branch lp:duplicity and run python...
  16. giorgiov

    External LTO drive

    Hi all, I’m trying to gather some data for an external (SCSI seems the best choice) LTO tape drive to be used with a workgroup server. The storage size requirements are about 5TB. I have already investigated cloud-based solutions like Tarsnap and I’m a bit perplexed about the cost / benefit...
  17. chrisjx

    Copy out to USB based 2TB drive

    I use FreeNAS to back up all my home PCs, virtuals, etc on FreeNAS. I'm trying to find a way to copy an entire volume for transporting the state of my backup on a 2TB drive to an offsite location. I created a USB 2TB drive formatted as FAT32 and got it mounted. By running df -h I can see it...
  18. uzsolt

    UFS dump/restore missing files

    I want to use dump and restore. But I think I don't understand well something. I ran dump -0 -C16 -Laf /home/backup/hdd/dumps/ssdhome.dump /dev/gpt/ssd-home - after ls in restore -f /home/backup/hdd/dumps/ssdhome.dump -i - it's okay. Incremental dump after some seconds: dump -1 -C16 -Laf...
  19. l33tname

    ZFS Backup strategy

    I'm in the middle of reorganizing my servers and network structure. So I thought it's a good opportunity to rethink my backup strategy. At the moment I just send incremental ZFS snapshots to an other box. (Which worked fine) Now I have an additional storage server and I'm thinking about to use...