1. A

    backup media ?

    Hi, Just wondering what is a common, durable, reliable media for backups. Do people keep hard drives in the closet that work forever, or is optical media better... Tape storage? Is a pen-drive good for long term? Are Cd's better than DVD's or vice-versa? I have several music cd's that...
  2. antuan

    Installing Duplicity serie 7 on FreeBSD

    I try to set up a backup system for Hubic with Duplicity. There is a link from here that works well on my Slackware box. I try to do the same on FreeBSD but I come across error about librsync. I download special version of duplicity for Hubic with bzr: bzr branch lp:duplicity and run python...
  3. giorgiov

    External LTO drive

    Hi all, I’m trying to gather some data for an external (SCSI seems the best choice) LTO tape drive to be used with a workgroup server. The storage size requirements are about 5TB. I have already investigated cloud-based solutions like Tarsnap and I’m a bit perplexed about the cost / benefit...
  4. chrisjx

    Copy out to USB based 2TB drive

    I use FreeNAS to back up all my home PCs, virtuals, etc on FreeNAS. I'm trying to find a way to copy an entire volume for transporting the state of my backup on a 2TB drive to an offsite location. I created a USB 2TB drive formatted as FAT32 and got it mounted. By running df -h I can see it...
  5. uzsolt

    UFS dump/restore missing files

    I want to use dump and restore. But I think I don't understand well something. I ran dump -0 -C16 -Laf /home/backup/hdd/dumps/ssdhome.dump /dev/gpt/ssd-home - after ls in restore -f /home/backup/hdd/dumps/ssdhome.dump -i - it's okay. Incremental dump after some seconds: dump -1 -C16 -Laf...
  6. l33tname

    ZFS Backup strategy

    I'm in the middle of reorganizing my servers and network structure. So I thought it's a good opportunity to rethink my backup strategy. At the moment I just send incremental ZFS snapshots to an other box. (Which worked fine) Now I have an additional storage server and I'm thinking about to use...