Solved Micca OriGen+ DAC

Anyone have experience with this product or similar high sample rate DACs on FreeBSD 11? I'm setting up a dedicated Windows box soon and/or emulation with Xen or bhyve, so I'm still going to get it regardless and will have a chance to test it myself.
Supposedly it requires proprietary drivers, but this is because Windows USB2 audio support is 92kHz max even though the data rate can go much higher, so that makes me wonder what it would take to get it running if it's not supported or uses proprietary communications.
I will be using it's max rated quality of 24bit/192kHz for reference.
Works. Had to install drivers for Windows to even recognize it, pops up using `uaudio' immediately on FreeBSD, as I'd hopefully expected. No problems with dedicated, bit-perfect mode and with multiple sources.