Audio, And Video issues on a fresh install of FreeBSD

im trying to set two monitors, and AMDGPU driver on FreeBSD, the output of the commands that i know of are under.

[EDIT] my amd.conf file for the GPU, sorry forgot it:

also, i have audio issues, i can't seem to find my monitors or headphones speakers, usually they would be called family audio 17, or my monitor's name, on both linux and windows.

the output of the command cat /dev/sndstat is here:

one last thing, im new to here and this is my first post, also my first time installing FreeBSD, so please expect me not knowing many things, but im still willing to read docs.
i fixed the audio problem by doing cat /dev/sndstat, and then sudo sysctl hw.snd.default_unit=7, giving me audio back on my headphone.