1. gazsp

    Suspend / resume on Mac Pro 2008 (3,1)

    Hi all, I know this is a tricky one to solve but I'd be interested to know how I can debug this further, or at a minimum, just stop the machine from suspending on it's own as it's impossible to recover from it once it happens without a power cycle. Disablig ACPI completly with a boot hint...
  2. Hornpipe2

    Solved ACPI Error: "Excess arguments - ASL declared 5, ACPI requires 4"

    I fixed an ACPI problem with an old motherboard. Here, I document the steps I used to repair it: Trying FreeBSD 12.0 on an old Pentium 4 machine, with Intel D915GAV motherboard, latest BIOS version. Everything seems to be working OK except that I have an ACPI error report in dmesg on boot...
  3. P

    Can't install FreeBSD 12 on my Acer Aspire E17

    Hello, I'm new to FreeBSD and I tried to install it on my Acer Aspire E17 laptop, but I could not start the installation process, due to the following error : acpi_ec0: EcCommand: no response to 0x84 The message is displayed on a new line every second, which gives the following screen : I...
  4. takumi

    Solved Info about ACPI on FreeBSD.

    Sorry, not sure if i can put a question here but all this info looks very outdated. Any idea about where to ask? Regards. W.

    Unknown oid 'hw.acpi.thermal'

    I was wondering what would be a possible reason to get the message unknown oid 'hw.acpi.thermal' as response to sysctl hw.acpi.thermal... I'm running FreeBSD 12 on a Xeon rig and ACPI running, so I expect to see also the thermals. But this is not the case. The thermals seem to be missing. What...
  6. T

    Root password does not login? Cannot create in password in single user mode?

    Hi Forum, When I boot up FreeBSD for the first time (not completely the first time - as I've had earlier versions installed and had the same problem, but didn't report it because I was trying to find a solution.) the root password or the user password just says login incorrect. I am sure the...
  7. alx82

    FreeBSD on new Thinkpads (T480)

    Recently I decided to run exclusively FreeBSD 11.2 (RC3) on my new Thinkpad T480. I'm using drm-kmod-next, overall the system runs quite well. But one really annoying problem is that none of the FN-brightness up/down, wireless, etc.. was working. Even using the acpi_ibm driver. It took me a...
  8. Rastko

    Using laptop without battery

    If I take out the laptop battery, do I confuse the acpi system? I get kernel spam containing: No handler for Region [RCM0] acpi_ec0: evaluation of query method _Q42 failed: AE_NOT_EXIST Is it due to me removing the battery, and if so, how can I tell acpi system not to look for it?
  9. Mani H.

    ACPI Error - FreeBSD 11.1

    Hi, I got a new Dell Precision 5510 and I was planning to install FreeBSD 11 on it. After inserting my FreeBSD 11.1 AMD64 Release DVD, during boot and after boot finished, my system keeps showing this message: ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed [\_TZ.TZ00._TMP] (Node...
  10. A

    Toshiba A300 driver

    Acpi_toshiba is loaded, but does not work on Toshiba A300 notebook. How to fix that? [egor@h ~]$ kldstat Id Refs Address Size Name ... 8 1 0xffffffff82322000 53b0 acpi_toshiba.ko ... [egor@h ~]$ sysctl -a|grep tosh [egor@h ~]$
  11. grahamperrin

    Solved ACPI, sleep: suspend by default for the power button

    I experimented: $ grep -i acpi /boot/loader.conf hw.acpi.power_button_state="S3" $ Not effective. I guess, because hw.acpi.power_button_state is a sysctl variable but not a loader tunable; acpi. Is there a way to have the button suspend by default? TIA
  12. Mani H.

    ACPI BIOS Warning

    Hi all, I'm trying to install FreeBSD 11 Release on one of my machines and I noticed that dmesg shows these warnings: ACPI BIOS Warning (bug): 32/64X length mismatch in FADT/Pm1aEventBlock: 64/32 (20160527/tbfadt-650) ACPI BIOS Warning (bug): 32/64X length mismatch in FADT/Gpe0Block: 64/32...
  13. J

    debug ACPI to solve sysctl hang

    I installed the standard FreeBSD 11 on a Dell Latitude 7480 laptop, and got the same problem of . sysctl -a hangs after the line hw.acpi.battery.units: 1 Unfortunately on this latest business laptop, disabling ACPI is NOT an option, as confirmed by Dell...
  14. M

    sysctl -a hanging

    Dear Forumers, I have been battling all day with a problem I can find very little information about and I was hoping you could give me a hand. I'm putting this issues in this forum only because I only did a fresh new install today and have been trying to resolve the issue basically the better...
  15. H

    Installation problem, booting from cd hangs at Pci0: <ACPI PCI BUS> on PCI 0

    I'm trying to install FreeBSD 10.3 (amd64) from a CD on Thunder h2000M (S3992) (it is an old motherboard) but it hangs at this line. kbd1 at kbdmux0 acpi0: (110508 RSDT1625) on motherboard acpi0: Power Button (fixed) acpi0: Sleep Button (fixed) cpu0: (ACPI CPU) on acpi0 cpul: (ACPI CPU) on...
  16. B

    HP DL 585 / ACPI ID / ECC Memory / Panic

    Hi, I recently added a zfs disk array to my old HP 585 G1 Server. Immediately there was kernel panics and I have spent quite a bit of time figuring out what was really wrong. The system has 4 cpu cards with opteron double core processors. Each card has 4x2 gigabyte memory 4x2x4 = 32 gigabyte...
  17. RevennaFox

    Troubleshooting ACPI Sleep 3

    For some reason I'm trying to get FreeBSD installed on a notebook (weird, I know) and I'm having trouble getting sleep mode working right. If you run acpiconf -s 3 (or even quit X with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace) while X is running, the screen does this, and if you run it from the command line...
  18. UncleBAZINGA

    Samsung Notebook: Display brightness issues

    Hi all, I'm using a Samsung NP530U3C notebook (Core i3 3217U, HD Graphics 4000) with 10.2-RELEASE/GENERIC. Display brightness can't be adjusted via fn keys, but via terminal i.e. intel_backlight <value> works sysctl<value> also works I want to control it via the...
  19. A

    Install of 10.2-RELEASE gives permanent CPU load

    In May I started with 10.0-RELEASE on an ASrock E3C224D4I-14S. The system had low power consumption and powerd did a good job lowering the CPU frequency. However starting from 10.1 (and now 10.2-RELEASE) I keep getting high CPU consumption due to a process called {acpi task}. BIOS upgrades or...
  20. A

    Execute command after ACPI resume

    Hello, I'm trying to lock my notebook whenever the screen lid is closed. I tried to combine /usr/bin/lock -vpn with ACPI control, by adding the lock command to /etc/rc.resume. ACPI sleep/resume is working fine, but when the notebook is resumed, lock is not executed, and I'm back at the shell...