1. V

    bhyve Bhyve virtual machine after S3 mode - glitches or freezes

    Hello. As a continuation of bug #278941, I decided to create a new bug report, because... the problem is broader in nature. # uname -a FreeBSD home 13.2-RELEASE-p11 FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE-p11 releng/13.2-n254665-f5ac4e174fdd MYGENERIC amd64 I work with bhyve virtual machines via vm-bhyve. But I...
  2. D

    EC no response on HP laptop

    Hello everyone, I have just got a new laptop (HP 14-dq0052dx) and trying to install FB 14.0-release. But during installation and after booting into newly installed system I got acpi_ec0: EcCommand: no response to 0x84 acpi_ec0: EcCommand: no response to 0x84 acpi_ec0: GPE query failed...
  3. M

    DVI Output Not Detected With i915kms Under FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE

    Hi, all I have a very odd issue under FreeBSD, where my dock's DVI output is not detected, however VGA works great and S-Video is detected fine. The DVI works perfectly fine under Linux -- at least from what I saw, I used it mostly for testing. Though, it would only display under X, and it...
  4. Hornpipe2

    ACPI: \134_SB.AMW0.WQMO: 1 arguments were passed to a non-method ACPI object (Buffer)

    The Environment: Dell Latitude E5420 laptop, from 2011, latest BIOS (A14), 8gb RAM, Intel Core i5-2430M processor FreeBSD AMD64 RELEASE 14.0-p4, standard kernel. The Issue: The following message appears at boot: ACPI: \134_SB.AMW0.WQMO: 1 arguments were passed to a non-method ACPI object...
  5. chrbr

    Laptop - special function keys - ACPI

    Dear community, I have a Lenovo Laptop T470 which runs FreeBSD-13,2p3-RELEASE. The device has a row of function keys F1 to F12. With an additional simultaneous Fn key press they provide special functions as XF86AudioRaiseVolume, XF86MonBrightnessDown, XF86Favorites and more. The default FreeBSD...
  6. K

    Using AMC6821 I2C fan controller?

    Hi, I would like to use the AMC6821 I2C fan controller that came on my SolidRun HoneyComb LX2 (NXP LX2160) board, but it does load properly in FreeBSD (13.2-RELEASE). I can only see it with devinfo: What do you think could be needed to get it to work properly? Thank you!
  7. Clockwork

    Solved Can't load compiled acpi

    I compiled acpi and am trying to boot with it in order to fix some weird kernel spam in the console. acpi_tz0: _CRT value is absurd, ignored (256.1C) I constantly get this type of message and overwrite the output in the tty. My laptop tolerates this: HP Compaq nx6320 I read this...
  8. Abraham79

    Solved 'shutdown -p now' shutdown button restarts PC - Shut downs, after few seconds, restarts persistently after upgrade to FreeBSD-13.0

    I have recently upgraded to FreeBSD-13.0 with KDE Plasma from 12.2. Before, in Gnome shutting down button worked as it is intended to be. But, after the upgrade pressing shutdown button or shutdown -p now --> system shuts down; 3-4 seconds later restarts. This is a persistent behaviour after...
  9. Cath O'Deray

    Waking a notebook whilst closed with hw.acpi.lid_switch_state: NONE

    HP 2012 120W Advanced Docking Station with DisplayPort x2, each connected to a Philips 271P4QPJKEB/00. HP EliteBook 8570p | <> % sysctl hw.acpi.lid_switch_state hw.acpi.lid_switch_state: NONE % I dock the notebook then, without opening the...
  10. JMOR

    acpidump: corrupt RSDT entry (sig SSDT)

    Hi, How could I try and debug, and hopefully fix, the ACPI tables dumped by acpidump? If I run acpidump -t, I get: ... Type=INT Override BUS=0 IRQ=9 INTR=9 Flags={Polarity=active-lo, Trigger=level} */ acpidump: RSDT entry 21 (sig SSDT) is corrupt /*...
  11. ziomario

    How to disable ACPI today with the lastest release of FreeBSD.

    Hello to everyone. It's again me. I'm trying to understand what are the statement that I should put into the right configuration files to disable totally the acpi,since it seems that it is needed to boot the cdrom with freebsd with qemu and kvm. (for more informations about this,give a look at...
  12. I

    bhyve Graceful shutdown of bhyve guests

    I did some testing and executed a "# poweroff" on the host system. Judging on the speed that the machine shutdown, I don't think the bhyve VMs went through a graceful shutdown. Is there any way to tell bhyve VMs to gracefully shutdown? (I think other virtualizers such as VirtualBox has...
  13. FloppyKing

    Solved Remove suspend options (hibernate and sleep) from kde5 on FreeBSD13.0

    Not sure this is the correct forum to ask this question, but i'm having a heck of time figuring out how to remove the suspend options in the leave menu of kde5 plasma. I'm finding a lot of varying information about polkit stuff which i haven't worked with before, but everything I've tried...
  14. P

    "Fn" key not recognized to change the screen brightness on Dell laptop.

    Hi, My laptop is a dell latitude 7240 with a Haswell cpu. Mate Desktop is installed. My goal is to get the “fn” working to change the screen brightness. I installed and I can change the screen brightness by entering ,for.e.g...
  15. J

    Solved ACPI entering S3 - can't wake up anymore

    I've been using FreeBSD for a decade on servers and infrastructure. Last weekend I thought it's time to give it a chance as a desktop OS. For this, I've been installing FreeBSD 12.1 on my old Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (3rd gen). I managed to install the base system, get wifi to work, have i3...
  16. gazsp

    Suspend / resume on Mac Pro 2008 (3,1)

    Hi all, I know this is a tricky one to solve but I'd be interested to know how I can debug this further, or at a minimum, just stop the machine from suspending on it's own as it's impossible to recover from it once it happens without a power cycle. Disablig ACPI completly with a boot hint...
  17. Hornpipe2

    Solved ACPI Error: "Excess arguments - ASL declared 5, ACPI requires 4"

    I fixed an ACPI problem with an old motherboard. Here, I document the steps I used to repair it: Trying FreeBSD 12.0 on an old Pentium 4 machine, with Intel D915GAV motherboard, latest BIOS version. Everything seems to be working OK except that I have an ACPI error report in dmesg on boot...
  18. P

    Can't install FreeBSD 12 on my Acer Aspire E17

    Hello, I'm new to FreeBSD and I tried to install it on my Acer Aspire E17 laptop, but I could not start the installation process, due to the following error : acpi_ec0: EcCommand: no response to 0x84 The message is displayed on a new line every second, which gives the following screen : I...
  19. takumi

    Solved Info about ACPI on FreeBSD.

    Sorry, not sure if i can put a question here but all this info looks very outdated. Any idea about where to ask? Regards. W.

    Unknown oid 'hw.acpi.thermal'

    I was wondering what would be a possible reason to get the message unknown oid 'hw.acpi.thermal' as response to sysctl hw.acpi.thermal... I'm running FreeBSD 12 on a Xeon rig and ACPI running, so I expect to see also the thermals. But this is not the case. The thermals seem to be missing. What...