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What about gaming on FreeBSD?

A. D. Sharpe Sr.


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I thought I should attach an image of my current project.

It runs *exclusively* on FreeBSD 10 (basically I haven't bothered even trying to compile it on any other OS ;) (I probably will at some point as a way to catch bugs).

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For all intents and purposes it is basically just an arcade "Light gun" game I am developing as part of a contract with The Tank Museum to allow guests to play with real weapons from WW2 and shoot virtual targets on a screen.

It works out where on the screen they are aiming via a small webcam in the front and OpenCV to process the LCD screen position. The 3D engine is custom (written in C++ using OpenGL) to run on low spec machines (Intel NUC) and because at the time UE4 wasn't available for FreeBSD (malavon is doing a great job though!).

(Through this project, I now have a great appreciation and respect for any device that uses a coin slot machine. Who the hell decided that the British pound should no longer be round! Calibrating and communicating with this thing is a nightmare.).

This gun is a Lee-Enfield Rifle (decommissioned obviously. Which also worked well so I can get my cables in there. I am crap at guns but pretty good with an RS-232 haha).
I am also working on a similar setup for a Bren Gun and PIAT (anti-tank.).

Oops.. and I almost forgot my original prototype gun. I still keep him around because he doesn't weigh a frigging tonne during testing:

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Looking good! I'm glad that someone is working on a FreeBSD based game setup. If there's anyone else working on FreeBSD game development, please post it here!