1. julien40

    Solved higan emulator no functional controller

    Hi, All my controllers are not recognized (ps4, Logitech) Can anyone get a controller to work under the higan emulator ?
  2. D

    No sound in wine games

    Hello, Im having issues with no sound in several games running wine-devel on Steam, such as Project Zomboid and Subnautica. I've tried to install faudio via winetricks and enable "openal32" native and builtin options in winecfg. I am using the wine OSS driver for sound and not all games are...
  3. D

    Question about winetricks / pkg32.sh

    I install wine-devel, wine-gecko-devel, and wine-mono-devel for both pkg and the i386 wine contraption (pkg32.sh). However, I've only installed winetricks 64-bit and can't seem to run it with WINEARCH=win32. Is installing the i386 version of winetricks required for this to work?
  4. D

    emulators/dolphin-emu hard dependency on pulseaudio?

    I was going to install emulators/dolphin-emu today but noticed the binary package installs pulseaudio, something I've built ports before to explicitly not have. So I tried to build the port manually, but it's barren of any build options (including any options for sound). I looked to see if this...
  5. P

    Installing FreeBSD on a PC-98 Emulator

    I've looked all over, and I haven't found much information(and in English at that) about how FreeBSD could be installed on the PC-98, specifically an emulator. I know it's not the 90's anymore, so there's no practical purpose for this, but I think it's interesting from a historical perspective...
  6. D

    Solved No success with Nintendo emulators ports

    I have tried to run different emulators on FreeBSD-Current (v. 14), and they all resulted in black screen while playing. So I switched from i915kms to scfb, but that did not fixed anything. I then tried to use a Python one with "pip install nes-py"... but anyway it never tried to install the nes...
  7. Spity

    Help to Install Linux/ubuntu on compat

    many times I have tried to install linux in /compat and it always fails. I have followed several tutorials on the web. The question is does anyone have a guide that really works or a script that does the job?
  8. vermaden

    Oldschool Gaming on FreeBSD

    When was the last time you played a computer game? I really like one of Benjamin Franklin quotes – “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – he lived in times where computer games did not existed yet but the quote remains current. I do not play games a...
  9. P

    FreeBSD and DOS emulation

    At one point in time, FreeBSD had DOS emulation included as a feature. I'm not sure exactly when that was lost. I think the doscmd port failed to compile beginning with FreeBSD 10. In any case, the loss of this functionality is really a terrible loss for FreeBSD. I know some will say that DOSBox...
  10. gug

    linux-c6- compat 32bits

    Hi all, I'd like to know if there're some 32bits compat ports for linux-c6- or linux-c7- on 64bit system install ? (I guess that it's 64bit only ?) I expected ports similar to misc/compat6x, misc/compat7x...
  11. N

    Playstation 2 Dualshock 2 / SNES Controllers with adapters

    Has anyone succeeded in getting original Playstation 2 Dualshock 2 controllers to work with FreeBSD? I have two PS2 Dualshock analogue controllers, and a cheap USB adapter from ebay. It all works fine on PS2 / Windows (with adapter), so I know it is not a hardware issue. My issue is this: The...
  12. A

    Disable auto-scroll in XTerm

    I see claims that XTerm is incapable of not jumping to the prompt when new output is going in or when the user presses a key. I have the solution, and is indeed a problem of letter case in the .Xdefaults or .Xresources file. To achieve the desired behaviour add this to your .Xdefaults or...
  13. zwieblum

    dosbox-0.74_8 not working on 10.1 amd64

    I have a problem with dosbox-0.74_8 on amd64 10.1-RELEASE: I cannot get any DOS program working on FreeBSD 10.1 amd64, but all works on FreeBSD 10.1 i386 and on Linux (amd64 and i386). "Not working" means as soon as the DOS program is started (e.g. Settlers 2: C:> s2.exe) nothing happens...
  14. F

    Current status of virtualization

    Howdy, Just wondering: what's the current status of running other OSes as guest VMs on a FreeBSD host? As far as I know there are a few good DOS emulators out there (in fact, I'm using DOSbox at the moment) but there are no native versions of either VMWare or VirtualBox. Basically, what I...
  15. paulfrottawa

    What about gaming on FreeBSD?

    At a forum I participate I was told this. Can anyone correct this What kind of cool games can you play with Freebsd?