1. mfoacs

    Solved Flightgear can't see Thrustmaster Joystick

    I can't tell if it's a FreeBSD or Wayland related issue: FlightGear 3.19 from ports sway 1.9 from ports FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE, fresh install. Flightgear/js_demo can't find the Joystick: sudo dmesg | grep Joystick hgame0: <Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X Joystick> on hidbus1 This is probably a...
  2. M

    8Bit Do Gamepad

    I am trying to get an 8Bit Do Gamepad working with FreeBSD, I am used both hgame and xb360gp and the controller gets detected. However, when I use it, none of the input gets detected. I don't know how to give it access to the /dev/input variables or test the input. Can someone help me out?
  3. G

    PS3 (Dualshock) Driver | Question regarding input/output

    Hello, I'm developing a translation layer that reverse engineers the PS3's Dualshock 3's input to something that FreeBSD, can interpret. However, I ran into a roadblock, as the aim is to bring the native controls (gamepad ones) to FreeBSD, rather than using the keyboard and mouse translation. I...
  4. Zare

    Solved 8BitDo Pro 2 USB troubles

    Seems like it's wrongly detected as Nintendo Pro at a point. ugen0.3: <Nintendo.Co.Ltd. Pro Controller> at usbus0 uhid2 numa-domain 0 on uhub2 uhid2: <Nintendo.Co.Ltd. Pro Controller, class 0/0, rev 2.00/2.00, addr 13> on usbus0 ugen0.3: <Nintendo.Co.Ltd. Pro Controller> at usbus0...
  5. LibreQuest

    Testing analog joystick FreeBSD 13.2 Release

    FreeBSD 13.2 Suyimazu Steam Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Gravis Blackhawk with analog to USB converter I didn't have to configure the joystick, FreeBSD and Steam decided they knew how to use it. My daughter was playing. Pretty cool. EDIT: Chip is Intel N5095 16GB DDR4 on Sata SSD.
  6. B

    Solved 8BitDo USB Wireless Adapter 2 disconnects instantly

    Recently I purchased the SN30 Pro Bluetooth gamepad from 8BitDo. Because the bluetooth support by FreeBSD is rather lackluster (and my desktop doesn't have bluetooth) I also bought the USB Wireless Adapter 2 from 8BitDo, so the gamepad could do its bluetooth stuff with the dongle and FreeBSD...
  7. Sean

    Webcamd USB Gamepads

    What USB gamepad is compatible with webcamd?
  8. sidetone

    Show or describe your HID configuration: Peripheral hardware

    HID devices include keyboards, gamepads/joysticks, penpads/touchpads, mice... This can be for any type of HID device, from the old architecture, from x86-input, from the newer driver architecture, from Antimicro or Bluetooth. Any HID that runs on FreeBSD. Even plans on what to do with it. Or...
  9. sidetone

    Bluetooth: investigating dongle use for HID hardware: FreeBSD 13

    Bluetooth Human Interface Device peripherals are on BTHIDD architecture, rather than UHID, IICHID or USBHID architectures. BTHIDD is based on libusb, so it doesn't have the range of hardware compatibility that USBHID has. HID-over-I2C was by Microsoft, so wasn't supported by Apple, and it isn't...
  10. Phishfry

    Paddle Card

    I used this term in helping a user and they had no idea of what a paddle card is. Do you know? I loosely consider any ISA/PCI/PCIe converter/adapter card a paddle card. Usually they are dumb and have little electronics. Just a form-factor converter. For instance M.2 NGFF NVMe device to PCIe bus...
  11. Master Builder

    Solved Only root seems to be able to access PlayStation 4 controller

    Hi, I've been trying to get my wired PlayStation 4 controller to work on FreeBSD and followed the instructions in this thread. I'm not 100% sure if I needed to do anything but load the ps4dshock module because the issue was not resolved by just following these steps. However, I do know that the...
  12. P

    Touch Panel Support

    I have recently started exploring the possibilities of BSD. I am having trouble getting a eGalax touch screen to work. I have exhausted all google searches and now reaching out to the BSD community for help finding a solution. I am running a basic X-Server and have the initial touch event...
  13. P

    Is it real: UE5 or Godot4, blender3D, Starcaft 2 and Quake Champions on MSI laptop?

    Hello FreeBSD community. Finally! ) I'm sorry for my English, I have not much practice. First of all, what I have: laptop with RTX2060, i7, nvme, uefi. What I know in linux: debian -> slackware -> arch. We scared by videos on YouTube about FreeBSD. They say there are many really simple...
  14. sidetone

    Howto: Enabling multimedia keys, gamepads/joysticks for desktop; usbhid

    Enabling usbhid usbhid gives the ability to use newer advanced hid drivers. The ability to use usbhid must be turned on from /boot/loader.conf: hw.usb.usbhid.enable="1" Then, load the driver through /etc/rc.conf: kld_list="usbhid" Turning this module on from /boot/loader.conf won't work. Once...
  15. derschwarzwelt

    PPSSPP controller issues

    Hello all. I'm on a relatively fresh installation of FreeBSD 13.0 which, to my knowledge, supports PS4 controllers. I've tested Citra and everything works perfectly as far as 3DS emulation is concerned. PSP emulation is a completely different story however. PPSSPP recognises the analogue stick...
  16. O

    Best option for gameport?

    What is the best option for gameport on a FreeBSD system? The two ways to go that I can see are either an old PCI sound card with gameport, or a USB-gameport converter. I also have a PCI bracket with a gameport on it, that is on a cable that goes to a 16-pin header, but my motherboard does not...
  17. landauclassic

    8Bitdo Gamepad

    Hello : I am trying to configure a bluetooth gamepad on FreeBSD 13.0, specifically an 8Bitdo SF30, basically a clone of the classic SNES controller. I have not found any information regarding this gamepad in this forum. I have configured , hcsecd and bthidd successfully, actually the...
  18. Samuel Venable

    Repurpose and Mod your old PC into a FreeBSD Arcade Cabinet

    Hey Guys! I created Live CD Images that can be written to a >= 5GB USB stick and be booted from on almost any 64-bit Intel based computer. It supports both Legacy BIOS boot for older machines and UEFI boot for newer machines. It contains FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE along with Xorg-minimal. When it is...
  19. B

    Getting my USB Controller / Joypad / Gamepad working under FreeBSD 13.0

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to FreeBSD and I use it successfully as my OS of choice for the small VPS project I have. Since I want to get away from Windows in my home in the near future, I am currently testing the viability of FreeBSD as my Desktop OS as well. At the moment I have it on my...
  20. R

    ACPI APIC boot freeze with some USB joysticks

    So I added some throttle/joystick to my PC for some Win10 games. I do have dual boot FreeBSD which boots from nVME and works fine (upon boot i can select either win10 drive or BSD drive). But I noticed that after joystick installation, the FreeBSD freezes at ACPI APIC < > boot line. removing...