What about gaming on FreeBSD?

Apparently, SDL 2 now has drivers for Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo gamepads (available on FreeBSD through the non-default hidapi port option). I wonder why evdev wasn't sufficient for those.
As you can see, currently I'm busy meta-complaining about the lack of complaints for zero attention given to the lack of multilib support in ports. Which is a prerequisite for both WoW64 Wine and Proton. I do not plan to work on anything until that issue is resolved.
Suggest multilib support as something the core team should look at in question 45 of the Freebsd 2020 community survey. I did.
I read it, thanks. FWIW, the way this was handled in Gentoo was to add an abi32 option (USE flag in Gentoo parlance) to the port. Not sure if that's a reasonable suggestion. I honestly couldn't follow all of the discussion at the link you posted.
Well, there are more than a few solutions to this problem. The gist of the issue is that patches need reviewers (portmgr@ in this case) and committers, and apparently nobody wants to touch this one. I won't be surprised if portmgr@ decided to outwait the whole multilib issue entirely until it's no longer relevant in 10 years or so.
Gawd, I hope not. Unlikely that we'll get core's attention on this, but it's worth a try. Strikes me this is definitely in their wheelhouse. Twist arms to make needed changes happen.
What about Quake2xp? I found this where it says that there is experimental support for FreeBSD:

But I do not find any further information on this, only some instructions for Linux are mentioned here:

So is this supposed to work with Linuxulator on FreeBSD, too? And do these instructions even apply or do have to do something else? It would be great to get this running, as the graphics seem to be much better than kmquake2.
I just installed Codename 47 and started playing it. To install the second part I had to fall back to twm as window manager as one dialog of the installer did not show correctly.
At a forum I participate I was told this.

Can anyone correct this

What kind of cool games can you play with Freebsd?
Both are true. It is a chess game played out that last longer than many people live. You are so lucky to be both Grey and still wise and asking.

Why does Win10 insist on using '\' not '/' still? Aren't all these intel binaries should there really be an issue 30 years later? Will china really take over USA tech if everything goes "compile it yourself" china gets the code and forced ARM into all USA websites and (stores if any are left open after covid). Or is it china's drivers the source is really missing not Microsoft's? Or are china's ARM pc's already winning and we just don't know it yet. And what will they do if china says "hey btw bsd and win10 are out, we don't support that" ?

Try FreeBSD 13

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I like AGS games and I am playing now


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MindGuard fascinated me to no end.


MindGuard protects your mind by jamming and/or scrambling psychotronic mind-control signals and removing harmful engrammic pollutants from your brain. It also has the ability to scan for and decipher into English specific signals so you can see exactly Who wants to control you and what They are trying to make you think.

With MindGuard, you can rest assured that your most valuable possession - your mind - is safe from the nefarious tinkering of evil-doers.

Unfortunately, games/mindguard was taken from me when I needed it most and I fell victim to the Antarctic Relay...
Speaking of Baldur's Gate. GemRB worked really well last time I tried: https://gemrb.org/

BG2 was very completable and apparently now most of the games on Bioware's infinity engine (Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment) are in good shape.

For multiplayer you do have to stick with Wine though.
games/ufoai is like X-Com UFO Defense which I had on PSII. I couldn't reset it every time I got killed and cheat on the Aliens to slaughter them mercessly like I could PSII and what fun is that?

games/endgame-singularity is the kind of strategy game I like but never got into it.

games/gnugo much harder than Reversi/Othello which I'm a Wiz at.

games/moria is one I liked and have a saved game to start with but it's from years ago and never play anymore.