1. digimaus

    Upgraded Firefox and now no audio

    Hi everyone, I'm running 13.1-RELEASE-p6 with an onboard Realtek ALC255 and OSS as my audio system. Tonight I upgraded to Firefox 112.0 and now there's no sound in Firefox. System audio works; I tested it using VLC. I do have "media.cubeb.backend" set to "oss" in Firefox. I confirmed that...
  2. marc

    Kernel panic at shutdown after installing OSS with proposed fix.

    This is my first post on this forum - so here goes: I am currently using FreeBSD as a desktop system. My sound card is an ASUS Xonar D2X, which is only supported by audio/oss. I made a fresh install of FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE and I compiled a custom kernel without any sound support before...
  3. lu9dce

    chrome sndio and oss 4Front

    Chrome sndio and oss-4 When I want to use another browser than firefox I do not have sound. I have Audigy sound cards compiled the kernel to support oss 4Front. The sound in the programs you use is perfect but when I try to use sndio or do some test it doesn't work. Any idea of how to use...
  4. D

    Using timidity++ as a daemon

    Greetings fellow Beastie followers, I want to integrate MIDI into the sound system for my desktop environment. The settings allow me to select a MIDI device and I usually used audio/timidity++ as an auto-starting daemon on Linux systems to get this functionality, but I can't figure out how to...
  5. M

    C Recording from FreeBSD sound subsystem

    I am trying to implement a basic example to record a few seconds of audio in FreeBSD, which uses a modified OSS version. Following the sample files included in the FreeBSD source code and the OSS programming guide I have prepared the following sample program: #include <sys/soundcard.h> #include...
  6. D

    Video recorders with OSS support

    The big two video recorders obs-studio and simplescreenrecorder depend on sound systems that are not native to FreeBSD. I like many others don't care to use Pulseaudio, ALSA, or JACK. Is there any recorders that support OSS at least as a build option that I'm not aware of?
  7. Abraham79

    No sound and video after upgrading to Gnome-41. Many /dev/dsp4.x files created in Gnome session

    Firstly, I got sound and video working fine in FreeBSD before upgrading to Gnome-4X versions. As a desperate attempt, I switched to KDE Plasma now and sound, video working fine. But, I would prefer to get Gnome-41 with audio working. So, right now in Gnome-41 - no audio working. I would like...
  8. qiu3344

    Volume Per Channel (VPC)

    Hello, can someone explain to me how to use the VPC feature of the operating system? I noticed it some time ago in the sound man page, but I didn't find any resources on how to actually use it for per application volume control. It does not seem like it's possible with the default mixer utility...
  9. Abraham79

    Solved No sound in FreeBSD-13.0 - pcm4: play interrupt timeout, channel dead

    I have sound working in FreeBSD-12.2. I did an upgrade to FreeBSD-13.0 and since then, no sound. I have Gnome-41 desktop and pulseaudio installed. drm-kmod installed. The error when I try to play an mp3 file is: pcm4: chn_write(): pcm4:virtual:dsp4.vp3: play interrupt timeout, channel dead...
  10. Keltir

    Solved Very load sound in headphones during boot

    Hello! I have FreeBSD 13 on my desktop(AMD Ryzen). Everything is pretty smooth expect one little but very annoying issue. During boot(specifically during sound card/system init) I have very very loud sound in my headphones for a short moment. It's like when you power on huge speakers using...
  11. unInstance

    Solved Per program volume control / mocp volume level

    I have read sound(4) and mixer(8) but I wonder how I can control volume for programs individually. In OpenBSD, for instance, programs appear along with other mixer faders like master, so I can use sndioctl to adjust programs just like I can use it to control the master level. How do I have to...
  12. Y

    Recording audio output

    I've been on a quest to figure out how to capture audio output for a long time. Apparently OSS doesn't natively support it. Recently I managed to kind of do it using audio/virtual_oss (specifically virtual_oss -C 2 -c 2 -r 48000 -b 16 -s 1024 -f /dev/null -w vdsp -l dsp), but with two...
  13. E

    JDS Labs OL DAC USB with bitperfect on FreeBSD?

    I've looked through these threads: * https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/is-there-any-dac-compatible-with-freebsd.74463/ * https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/oss-sound-quality.69335/ With dev.pcm.2.play.chans=0 and dev.pcm.2.bitperfect=0, playback of 44.1 and 48KHz files has a white noise...
  14. myshkin

    How can I record audio?

    I have tried to record audio in many different ways. I have tried recording with obs-studio, simplescreenrecorder, and via ffmpeg. None of these methods work. Usually I tried to record from /dev/dsp3 but I also tried to record from /dev/dsp4 and all other outputs, but nothing works. Playing...
  15. Y

    OSS Sound Quality

    The default settings of oss are insane. These settings are for pure quality without cracking or any other kind of distortion and low-quality annoyance. This is an passthrough, bypassing some features you don't need. This gives you full quality without thinking about it anymore. sysctl.conf...
  16. Y

    oss audio output error cannot write samples invalid argument fix

    if sound requires restart sysctl.conf dev.hdac.%d.polling=1
  17. mod3777

    No auto switching in-between front headphone jack and rare jack on FreeBSD OSS

    I want to configure jacks in a way that enables switching automatically between front headphone jack and back line-out speaker (subwoofers). Currently, I am running FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE For activating the headphone sound, I have to manually issue: sysctl hw.snd.default_unit=1 each time I plug...
  18. sidetone

    Sound events

    What would it take to have a drop-in replacement for audio/libcanberra and audio/libcanberra-gtk3 that works on top of oss or audio/sndio, and has no graphical components or graphical dependencies to play audio from audio/freedesktop-sound-theme on desktop programs? For reference: "PulseAudio...
  19. N

    sndio vs oss support

    How come many applications already support sndio, yet I rarely see oss compile-time options?
  20. C

    Solved disable device sound in kernel for ASUS Essence One MKII MUSES Edition

    I try to build a FreeBSD Kernel and disable device sound. This is needed for my USB Sound: ASUS Essence One MKII MUSES Edition. To bring this hardware to work I want to install the port: audio/oss This port requires to disable the device sound in kernel. It works great with FreeBSD 10. Now I...