1. S

    Deterministic Software Install/Maintenance Method

    All, Over the past few years have spent a significant amount of time (seemingly endless) on port/package maintenance tasks. It seems that we should be able to: 100%: Use pkg for any/all installs and maintenance tasks (if no custom config options are required) -or- 100%: Use ports for any/all...
  2. P

    How to keep Base Jail and Host equal using EzJail?

    Hi This is my first post, I hope I can explaing my self in english, my natural language is spanish, and I speak/write very bad in spanish too :D I have multiple servers with multiple Jails, and is hard to keep all syncronized I have one machine with 1 jail as "model", I have it with all the...
  3. J

    Samba dns_update error

    Urgent help... When I run the samba_service service, I get the error "Failed dns update - with error code 29"
  4. daudo

    updating gitlab (from a source installation)

    In the company I'm working for, we've been using gitlab for quite some time, long before the gitlab package in the ports tree arrived. Because updating it purely from it's sources can be quite difficult from time to time, we would now like to switch to the ports package. The way gitlab works...
  5. poorandunlucky

    poudriere skipping on ports tree update

    Hey, poudriere is updating a ports tree, and it's outputting several of these lines: Skipping dcc4625435f9d3a1db4d30a09ed241036c9fc7d85a8fc5ba0b43f3407675d877-515a81b88166d5426ce73cca5c457a2d4b07e42cf7fdef1f1 Skipping...
  6. Rastko

    Solved Single tool for maintaining everything

    Hi, Couple of questions about portmaster. Given that the documentation and some tools related to the "ports" system regard programs installed from binary package repository as "ports", does that mean: 1. We can use tools like portmaster to manage everything, regardless of the way it was...
  7. R

    Upgrading the whole system (including packages)

    Hello FreeBSD forum! I just installed FreeBSD for the first time and wanted to upgrade the whole system. (I'm planning on only using the pre-compiled packages, if that matters. And I have ran the # /usr/sbin/pkg command) But did I understand correctly that if I run # freebsd-update fetch #...
  8. JazzSinatra

    Portmaster -a and -af

    Is it still bad practice to update installed ports with Portmaster -a or -af? In this 15799 user "phoenix" says, that Is this information still valid? The FreeBSD handbook recommends just to use: portmaster -a and if that fails, then: portmaster -af
  9. allan_sundry

    Solved FreeBSD 9.3 -> 10.3 Bind issues in jail

    Hello, Recently I updated my server FreeBSD server to 10.3 release. I have a few jails at that server and one of them with DNS. I used to work with Bind and expected to install a fresh one to the jail, in case that Bind isn't part of the base system since 10.0 release. When I check my jail I...
  10. J

    Why am I unable to update my FreeBSD jails?

    Hello, I'm trying to update the base system of the jails on my host. I created the jails using EZJail. On the host or on the jails, I think the correct way to check if my base system is up to date is to call # freebsd-update fetch This way I get a list of available updates. If the list is...
  11. P

    Solved portmaster in ezjail after upgrade from 10.1 to 10.3

    Hi. I have upgraded host from 10.1 to 10.3. After that i coudn't start ezjail. I edited fstab.jail_name to /usr/jails/basejail /usr/jails/jail_name/basejail nullfs ro 0 0 After that it started. I stoped it. Updated jail with ezjail-admin update -U -s 10.1-RELEASE mergemaster -U -D...
  12. Hornpipe2

    Updating FreeBSD on Raspberry Pi

    I have successfully set up FreeBSD 11.0 on a Raspberry Pi model B+, using ISO images from the Wiki page. My current running version is FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE (RPI-B) #0 r308738: Thu Nov 17 06:47:11 UTC 2016 This is several months out of date... in fact, I see there was a release just yesterday...
  13. Preacher

    Qjail and listing ports to be updated.

    I am using sysutils/qjail for my jails (qjail-5.0). My host system is: FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE. Normally I would fetch the hosts' ports tree: portsnap fetch update Then I would update the ports tree of the jails: qjail update -p I would normally then be able to list packages which could be...
  14. L

    pkg-static: sqlite error ... database disk image is malformed

    I'm getting the following 'database disk image is malformed' error messages that are preventing portmaster -a from updating any ports. Does anyone know of a fix for this?: portmaster -a [[ snip ]] ===>>> All >> (19) ===>>> The following actions will be taken if you choose to proceed...
  15. megapearl

    samba44 slows down entire system

    Hello, I regularly update my 2 FreeBSD servers using freebsd-update fetch install and portmaster -a. Both running as VM on VMWare ESXi v6.5. After last update both servers are responding extremely slow, especially ssh logins and using su to get root, and SHA256 checksums when upgrading ports...

    Windows10 Anniversary/Creators Updates - memory problem on bhyve

    I have a problem with Windows 10 Anniversary update on bhyve. When I try to update, installer reports too low memory! (At least 2GB required) I've set 8GB, task manager shows 8GB, available is 7GB. Is this the problem with bhyve? I have Hyper-V as well and there wasn't any problem with the...
  17. Mattias Fransson

    freebsd-update on raspberry pi?

    I just got FreeBSD running on a raspberry pi. I tried a few different ISO files before finding one I could successfully boot. The one that worked for me was FreeBSD-11.0-RC3-arm-armv6-RPI2.img. After install I realised there is not only 11.0-RC3 available, but also 11.0-RELEASE. I'm brand new...
  18. strule

    Error loading trusted certificates

    Hey guys, I'm having this problem since this morning when I pkg update Updating trueos-base repository catalogue... Fetching meta.txz: 100% 1 KiB 1.5kB/s 00:01 pkg-static: Error loading trusted certificates repository trueos-base has no meta file, using default settings Fetching...
  19. M

    Unable to ssh (locked out) after upgrade from 10.1 to 10.3

    I followed the update instructions here to update from 10.1 to 10.3. My only way of accessing this server is via ssh, and I have now been locked out (the ssh address is no longer known by my PC). Are there any steps to take / configurations to check to prevent this from happening again? I cannot...
  20. Y

    Did 'ezjail-admin update -u' work or not?

    Sorry for creating a new thread but I thought it would be better to start a new one either to respawn the old one. But I didn't understand from an old discussion if it was a bug of ezjail-admin or it was a normal behaviour. But how to update jails in that case? And how do I understand update is...