NFS share announcement

Dear community!

I'm looking for a mechanism for announcement multiple shares from NFS server (FreeBSD). Can anybody advice something?
Thank you!
I mean the mechanism as "referrals"
For example, My NFS server has same export file:
V4: / -sec=sys - network -netmask
/home/longpathhere/dir1 -sec=sys -network -netmask
/home/longpathhere/dir2 -sec=sys -network -netmask
/home/longpathhere/dir3 -sec=sys -network -netmask
/home/longpathhere/dir4 -sec=sys -network -netmask
/home/longpathhere/dir5 -sec=sys -network -netmask
/home/longpathhere/dir6 -sec=sys -network -netmask
When user connect from MAC OS I want provide him select, which one share will mount. Like AFP.
There's nothing in NFS that provides that kind of service. You're probably looking for Avahi/Zeroconf.