1. grahamperrin

    Solved FreeBSD Handbook improvement surveys – announcement and background

    For the benefit of people who do not have a full subscription to freebsd-announce: <> <> <>...
  2. aragats

    RE: Announcement Significant forum upgrade

    So, danger@ , I have to reply in a new thread, sorry. Everything looks good, thanks. The only annoying thing is the inability to see selection of text when writing/replying a post. In other words, when I select own text to copy, its background color doesn't change. Checked in Firefox, Palemoon...
  3. khuman

    NFS share announcement

    Dear community! I'm looking for a mechanism for announcement multiple shares from NFS server (FreeBSD). Can anybody advice something? Thank you!
  4. Kalero

    What's happening with the FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE announcement?

    Hi, Since a few days ago, I see the FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE's iso files in the official FTP tree, but the release has not been announced yet. Does anyone know what's happening? Normally, FreeBSD releases are announced on time, even before the scheduled date. Are these 10.3-RELEASE's iso files...