1. vlig

    Solved Can't mount Pi4's neither Samba nor NFS shares

    So, a Pi4 box is a server (, a FreeBSD 13.0 laptop is a client ( As far I understood, mount Samba is absolutely impossible? Because mount_smbfs still doesn't know what is SMB2+ 😣 (I don't want to use smbclient, really). OK, let's try NFS. No way too. It just hangs...
  2. Zamana

    Solved Recursively sharing ZFS datasets with CIFS

    Hi! The closest I got to the question I have was this thread, from a year and a half ago... Consider this ZFS dataset structure: /storage/data/a /storage/data/b /storage/data/c I would like to tell to CIFS to share /storage/data, but this doesn't work. You need to share /storage/data/a, b...
  3. Avery Freeman

    SAMBA AD: Getent passwd doesn't return domain users

    Update 5/31/2018: Please skip to end of thread for how I solved this on-going problem I had been having for several months Hi, I'm new to the thread and fairly new to FreeBSD, plus I'm coming over from FreeNAS, so please bare with me (I understand the animosity). I'll try to include as much...
  4. khuman

    NFS share announcement

    Dear community! I'm looking for a mechanism for announcement multiple shares from NFS server (FreeBSD). Can anybody advice something? Thank you!
  5. F

    Advices to make back-up folder, FreeBSD and Windows NT 4.9 Server

    Hello wise people of FreeBSD comunity, First, settings, I have a FreeBSD 10.3 machine working as a personal server (cloud => nextcloud, media sharing => plex ...) with ZFS 3 TB in mirroring. Then, I have a 1.5 TB HDD that I plug on my router and that giving me a folder shared across the...

    NFS Mount - On Host or in Jail?

    I'm looking to mount an NFS share on a host where the mount will be used inside a jail. I'm not sure what would be more secure, and what what method would be preferred for accessing NFS storage on another server on the same network. I am happy to explore either way and I can think of reasons...
  7. C

    Samba config help?

    I am trying to configure Samba shares on a headless FreeBSD 10.2 box and having a tremendous amount of difficulty getting them working the way I want. I have two shares right now, Veeam (for my Veeam Endpoint Backup jobs on Windows clients) and sladd, a user share. Veeam seems to work fine as...