ZFS Native ZFS encryption coming to FreeBSD 13

The March/April 2020 edition of the FreeBSD Journal reports that native ZFS encryption is on its way to FreeBSD. Thank you, developers! No more need for stuffing ZFS pools inside GELI containers :)

And here was me thinking that having repartitioned my latop to use 12.1 with the fancy new UEFI bootloader that can boot filesystems within a GELI container that I wouldn't need to be changing again anytime soon. I really must get round to writing an updated version of Thread howto-freebsd-10-1-amd64-uefi-boot-with-encrypted-zfs-root-using-geli.51393 while it's still relevant.

Does being excited about advances in filesystems make me a geek? On second thoughts, don't answer that 🤓