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  1. S

    ZFS ZFS encrypt existing dataset

    The other day I got a new backup HDD so I can rotate my external disks and take them offsite in case my house blows up. I enjoy disk encryption on these sorts of drives that will be stored safely and the data is inaccessible. However, after backing up my data I realized that I didn't employ ZFS...
  2. skhal

    Solved jail: mount zfs as unprivileged user -- Insufficient privileges

    Hello, I am running successfully FreeBSD jails with full userland-stack and enjail'ed ZFS datasets. The technology works great: - /etc/rc and /etc/rc.shutdown initialize mutli-user environment - root user has full control over enjail'ed datasets in the jail: create, mount, destroy, allow...
  3. U

    QNAP ZFS/FreeBSD Appliance

    This may have been around a while but it's the first time I've heard about it. Always interesting to find out about commercial products using FreeBSD. Looks to be basically 2 servers in a single chassis, with some custom failover functionality. Strange that it talks about dual controller SAS...
  4. E

    ZFS Unable to import pool after firmware upgrade & BIOS reset to defaults

    I'm running a Freebsd 11.1-RELEASE-p9 NAS with ZFS pool sat comprised of 2 two-way mirrors. The hardware is HP Microserver Gen 8. I have SATA controller set to AHCI mode in BIOS. mirror-0 disks are ada[13]. mirror-1 disks are ada[02]. Yesterday I upgraded the iLO (HP name for IPMI)...
  5. verb

    How to create mirrored vdevs ?

    Hello everyone. I have decided that it's time to try zfs that's why i installed FreeBSD 10.4 with zfs on 2mirrored 1TB sata disks. After playing with zfs i made the mistake of detaching one of the disks from the pool. Now i have two stripe vdevs : # zpool status pool: zpool state: ONLINE...
  6. Z

    ZFS ZFS: building "RAID1" with a "RAID0" that has previous data

    Hi! I'm sorry if I don't use the proper ZFS jargon... I would like to build a "RAID0 (concat)" first, put some data in it, and then build a second "RAID0 (concat)", and then create a "RAID1 (mirror)" in order to have the data on the first RAID0 mirrored to the second one, all of this using...
  7. N

    Solved Can't boot from encrypted partition.

    Hello, FreeBSD community. I need help with booting from an encrypted partition. Until now, my EFI machine booted from an unencrypted ZFS, while the rest of the system resided on an encrypted ZFS. The layout was like this: /dev/ada0 |- /dev/ada0p1 (efi, 800k) |- /dev/ada0p2...
  8. Vincent See

    Solved ZFS faulted

    Hi guys! I scrub my zpool two days ago and in a few hours it will be finished but I have a feeling I should stop the scrub, my whole pool is failing, any advice what should I do next? Sincerely, - Vincent
  9. G

    Freebsd 11.1 ZFS using to much wired memory

    is it normal for a ZFS to use a large amount of wired memory and took a while before it releases it?
  10. Rastko

    Solved poudriere on ZFS: write failed, filesystem full

    Hi, I am a newbie to ZFS, but I've installed it on my laptop in order to learn about it (hey, it's a free country). I am totatlly confused about what are the recommended poudriere.conf settings to use? For example, there is the memory setting to use instead of TMPFS, but I configure TMPFS to...
  11. Kay

    Other gpart leaves free space before partition 1 - is this normal?

    I have a ZFS pool consisting of two drives in a mirror VDEV. Now I'm replacing one with a larger capacity. So I first add the 3rd (new) drive to the VDEV for resilvering, before I detach the small drive. However when I partition the new drive in the same way I partitioned my existing drives, I...
  12. N

    Encrypting home on a system already in use

    I set up my FreeBSD-desktop nearly a year ago but with unencrypted disks (please don't ask…). Now I am in the need to encrypt at least the home directory of my user. What would be the best way to do that without reinstalling my system? I have two disks in one zpool-mirror taking up the whole...
  13. M

    ZFS and VMs

    So I was reading one of the many articles on the spectre bug and performance decreases, and I was drawn to this article that was linked to by theregister. So this is complete malarky way of measuring this right. I know that raid controllers mess up zfs cause it can't use info from the disks...
  14. X

    Solved 3Ware 9690SA-4I4E - Drives Offline

    Hello, Running FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE. I recently purchased a 3ware 9690SA-4I4E controller to swap into of my SQL server but have run into an issue. When I put the 9690SA-4I4E card in, the controller's BIOS shows all the drives are available but marked "offline". I've been looking for a method...
  15. lebarondemerde

    Solved default layout, /usr not mounted.

    Hi! I have just installed the system and while looking and customizing the ZFS datasets I noticed zroot/usr is not mounted, and so /usr/* are actually in zroot/ROOT/default. Why? I mean, why the installer create that dataset by default but does not install the data in there? Is /usr...
  16. M

    Solved ZFS Snapshot send/recv fails when triggered via cronjob

    Hi, I have a script that runs every night and basically does the following (with some logging around it and some checks to see, if some older snapshots exist) zfs snapshot -r $snapshot_today zfs send -R -i $snapshot_yesterday $snapshot_today | zfs recv -Fdu $destination The backup works, if...
  17. M

    Solved zpool repair input/output errors in /var/log

    Dear community, I'd like to kindly ask you for a little help in my situation: I'm running a ZFS pool of 3 drives. What happened is - a power cable powering 2 drives had a bad contact, so I started loosing 2 out of 3 drives and having a lot of UDMA errors and CAM status timeouts etc. Yesterday...
  18. Brian Kidney

    Other Constant "iSCSI Session is restarted" using isboot-kmod

    I have been able to successfully boot FreeBSD 10.4 over iSCSi using net/isboot-kmod. However, once booted I continuously get the following message. iSCSI session is restarted This leaves me with an unstable system as random filesystem accesses will hang on zio->io_cv. Once this happens, the...
  19. U

    Solved Create first raidz or encryption?

    I'm trying to create encrypted raidz, but how? https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-an-encrypted-zfs-pool-with-digitalocean-block-storage-on-freebsd If I understand correctly, I need to encrypt every disk before creating zpool, like this: % sudo gpart add -t...
  20. Vincent See

    Solved Command not found

    I accidentally executed a command while experimenting on ACL (I still don't know how to do ACL on ZFS recursively) and the command is zfs create -o mountpoint=/ zroot/sample any commands I do returns Command not found browsing to any other directory is not possible too. cd: Can't change to home...