1. W

    ZFS Cannot boot after kernel upgrade to 11.2-RELEASE

    Hello, after initiating the 11.2 upgrade on Sunday evening and finishing the kernel part of it, the following reboot left me with a ZFS error: ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable ZFS: can't find pool by guid The pool layout is simple, just a single disk, so no RAID. I find it...
  2. i-bsd

    ZFS "Reinstalling"/Restoring FreeBSD from a ZFS snapshot

    I apologize if this question has already been asked before. Is it possible to save a ZFS snapshot as a single file or directory somewhere for backup, and I ever need to "reinstall" FreeBSD, instantly restore my entire system using the install USB and ZFS? I've made a lot of customizations and...
  3. I

    ZFS Detect Unavailable Disks in ZFS

    Hi All, I have many pool , i want i get a message from ZFS automatically, when disk get Unavailable state , is it possible? The Best Regards,
  4. jdb

    ZFS Best / proper way to backup a zroot pool to antoher pool / drive?

    Hey Guys! :) Whats the best / proper way to backup a zroot pool to antoher pool / drive? My setup: 2x 250GBs SSDs (zroot | mirrored) 1x 500GB HDD (backup drive) My goal: Backup the entire zroot pool to the backup drive in a limited dataset (250GB) and regularly do automatic snapshots...
  5. jdb

    ZFS Fix broken ZFS pool (zroot | mirrored) primary GPT tables corrupt/invalid

    Hey Guys! I'm currently trying to fix/recover a broken zroot pool. My Setup: Drives: 2x Samsung 850EVO 250GB SSD's (da0 and da1) Encryption: No RootOnZFS: YES How I got into the problem: I accidentally removed the wrong drive from the server and I wiped the drive on another PC. When I...
  6. Avery Freeman

    ZFS How should I extend a ZFS partition after cloning a drive to a larger drive?

    Hello, I have a 120GB drive using ZFS that I'm cloning to a 300GB drive since I know I will outgrow it soon. It just dawned on me that I've never extended a drive using ZFS before. Partition 1) EFI (512MB) Partition 2) ZFS data + OS root (111GB) Partition 3) Not sure (15GB) maybe left over...
  7. vermaden

    ZFS Limit Delete Priority

    The problem: When I start deleting large amount of data (5-10 GB) the ZFS prioritizes deletion and system is VERY unresponsive. Which ZFS parameter to change to make deletion of files a lot less priority for ZFS? ... or how to prioritize reads with ZFS?
  8. J

    freebsd-upgrade 11.1 to 11.2 Fails to Boot 11.2 Kernel (no VB, no Nvidia)

    Long-established box previously running 11.1-RELEASE-p11 on a ZFS mirrored pool. I've gone through the standard steps for upgrading a few times, including ZFS rollback/clone to pre-upgrade state with ZFS/beadm and always end up with the same result -- the 11.2 kernel freezes on boot, the 11.1...
  9. Vincent See

    Solved What can I safely delete without destroying my zpool?

    As the title suggests, can I delete everything except the files I need in an external zpool? My zpool before was a root-on-zfs but it experienced problems when booting, and I failed on reviving it. The only choice left for me was to zpool import cluster as a storage pool. What can I delete in...
  10. Vincent See

    ZFS all block copies unavailable try-include not found

    Good day everyone, I shutdown my FreeBSD server for a few hours and booted it and it would not boot. I was greeted by this error FreeBSD/x86 ZFS enabled bootstrap loader, Revision 1.1 (Fri Jul 21 02:03:14 UTC 2017 root@releng2.nyi.freebsd.org) ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable...
  11. N

    Solved unable to create more than 6 partitions using mfsbsd (UFS/GPT)

    Hi, I am trying to configure FreeBSD 11.1 auto installation using the mfsbsd utility, Auto installation works fine when I define 6 partitions but when I try to configure more than 6 partitions then it failed with no space available index '9' While checking the mfsbsd scripts do_gpt.sh under...
  12. erikw

    Shell znp: Wrap dangerous shell command in ZFS pre-post snapshots and log outputs

    EHLO, I just wanted to share a small but handy script with the community, as I think more people than me could find it useful! Use Case: You have some dangerous command which could alter your system in a bad way, e.g.: $ pkg upgrade $ portmaster -a $ some_cmd --force --overwrite...
  13. Lamia

    Solved VM Migration (ZAP destroy & ZFS destroy/umount don't work)

    This thread is a follow up to the thread here . Anyone know why zap destroy || zfs destroy fails on some filesystems like docker, iocage, etc? I created backups with both...
  14. M

    ZFS How to add free space to zpool from different storage device

    As we're running out of disk space, I've added another block storage device and made it a zfs partition with gpart : $ gpart show => 40 125829040 vtbd0 GPT (60G) 40 1024 1 freebsd-boot (512K) 1064 6291456 2 freebsd-zfs (3.0G) 6292520...
  15. stratacast1

    ZFS ZFS encrypt existing dataset

    The other day I got a new backup HDD so I can rotate my external disks and take them offsite in case my house blows up. I enjoy disk encryption on these sorts of drives that will be stored safely and the data is inaccessible. However, after backing up my data I realized that I didn't employ ZFS...
  16. skhal

    Solved jail: mount zfs as unprivileged user -- Insufficient privileges

    Hello, I am running successfully FreeBSD jails with full userland-stack and enjail'ed ZFS datasets. The technology works great: - /etc/rc and /etc/rc.shutdown initialize mutli-user environment - root user has full control over enjail'ed datasets in the jail: create, mount, destroy, allow...
  17. U

    QNAP ZFS/FreeBSD Appliance

    This may have been around a while but it's the first time I've heard about it. Always interesting to find out about commercial products using FreeBSD. Looks to be basically 2 servers in a single chassis, with some custom failover functionality. Strange that it talks about dual controller SAS...
  18. E

    ZFS Unable to import pool after firmware upgrade & BIOS reset to defaults

    I'm running a Freebsd 11.1-RELEASE-p9 NAS with ZFS pool sat comprised of 2 two-way mirrors. The hardware is HP Microserver Gen 8. I have SATA controller set to AHCI mode in BIOS. mirror-0 disks are ada[13]. mirror-1 disks are ada[02]. Yesterday I upgraded the iLO (HP name for IPMI)...
  19. verb

    How to create mirrored vdevs ?

    Hello everyone. I have decided that it's time to try zfs that's why i installed FreeBSD 10.4 with zfs on 2mirrored 1TB sata disks. After playing with zfs i made the mistake of detaching one of the disks from the pool. Now i have two stripe vdevs : # zpool status pool: zpool state: ONLINE...
  20. Zamana

    ZFS ZFS: building "RAID1" with a "RAID0" that has previous data

    Hi! I'm sorry if I don't use the proper ZFS jargon... I would like to build a "RAID0 (concat)" first, put some data in it, and then build a second "RAID0 (concat)", and then create a "RAID1 (mirror)" in order to have the data on the first RAID0 mirrored to the second one, all of this using...