1. K

    ZFS Unable to mount NVMe SSD connected via USB to FreeBSD (geli encrypted ZFS)

    Hi, my ordeal continues. I was trying to install FreeBSD 14 bare metal but had a host of issues with that that didn't work, so I installed 13.3 to Virtual Box in Linux and passed over a hardware usb dongle with an NVMe U.2 drive connected that I want some data off of it. (Backups were only...
  2. mro

    Solved ZFS: unsupported feature: com.klarasystems:vdev_zaps_v2

    on 14.0 after a $ zpool status indicating "unactivated features" and a $ zpool upgrade -a (if I remember correctly) the machine suffers from amnesia. what can I do to recover? what did I do wrong?
  3. M

    Solved Strange ZFS status

    This is a strange one: I've recently reinstalled FreeBSD 14.0 on an old, non-mission critical PowerEdge R710. Two zpools were created, zsystem and zdata. Since the old BIOS doesn't give me a JBOD option, the pools were created with megaraid virtual devices all attached to the same controller...
  4. dougs

    Solved Replace failed drive in raidz2

    The following is the zdata array in a FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE system: HD Device Passthrough Device Serial GPT Model Firmware Slot # mfisyspd0 pass0 V8H9UVMR data_disk11 HGST HUS726T6TALE6L4 40H 0 mfisyspd1 pass1...
  5. chromatin

    ZFS ZFS raid groups with swapped devices (devices appear twice)

    I had a hard time describing this problem succinctly to generate a title. Thanks also for your patience, as I am not a professional sysadmin but a scientist. The bottom line is that my 4U JBOD power-cycled (or the controller dropped it) for some reason. When the disks came back online, there...
  6. D

    Solved Restore the Previous installation from a file created using zfs send

    I am having issues with my upgrade to 13.2 from 12.4 and would like to revert to my previous version of FreeBSD for note-taking and attempting a new update from scratch as I cannot get my jails to run, I cannot get VNC or Xrdp to run at startup. I am a little gun shy as I am not sure why my new...
  7. LibreQuest

    Solved ZFS failing to find zroot default with USB disks

    I have a Sabrent 4 disk dock with spinning disks and ssds for game storage on my system. When I have the dock turned on at boot the boot fails. I initially, per the handbook, had all drives in fstab. I have since removed them and created a mount script to load after boot. Is there a way that I...
  8. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved fstab nullfs on zfs dataset boot order

    i have a zfs video dataset that is mounted in my home directory, and i want to mount it using nullfs to the video directory in a Linuxulator chroot i can manually mount the directory from the host into the chroot the issue is the zfs datasets are mounted later in the boot process than the...
  9. B

    Solved How To Dual Boot Windows 11 and FreeBSD 14 (GELI Encrypted ZFS Root + UFS Boot Drive)

    Introduction: This is a guide on how to dual boot windows 11 and FreeBSD 14. I recently received a fantastic laptop that happens to be surprisingly compatible with FreeBSD, so I highly recommend it, and no, I am not sponsored by MSI; I have merely fought enough laptops to recognize a keeper when...
  10. icecoke

    ZFS Strange lost of free space

    Hey there, we have a strange effect. After some time (weeks) the ALLOC raises quite high (here >50GB) over the real file usage. System commands like du and df showing always (nearly) the right usage of the dataset, butt the ALLOC and AVAIL space going completely wrong. See outputs below: vsd --...
  11. scotia

    ZFS Why can't I use a ZVOL as a VDEV?

    Hi all, While trying to get a mirror of stripes built with ZFS (thread) I attempted to create a pool using zvols as vdevs: # zpool create -f ZP-MIRROR-01 mirror /dev/zvol/ZP-STRIPE-01/ZP-STRIPE-01_zvol /dev/zvol/ZP-STRIPE-02/ZP-STRIPE-02_zvol cannot create 'ZP-MIRROR-01': no such pool or...
  12. S

    Solved Will ZFS have any issues running on a Dell PERC H310 card?

    Years ago I bought a second-hand Dell PERC H310 card, hoping I would build a performance NAS for someone I knew; it didn't happen. Today, someone brought me an old HP Proliant DL120 G7, the one with 8 2.5" drive bays. The plan is to install 8 SATA SSD disks, one for the FreeBSD (v14.0) system...
  13. scotia

    ZFS Can one create a ZFS mirror of JBOD vdevs?

    Hi all, With regard to ZFS: I have a bunch of drives that add up to >22TB, and I have a single 22TB drive. Can I build a JBOD of the first set of drives, and mirror that JBOD with the 22TB drive? A bit like have a mirror top-level vdev made up of two second-level vdevs: one being a...
  14. J

    ZFS cannot import pool after booting 13.2 after upgrading to 14.0

    First, a quick warning to beadm users: If you have upgraded to 14.0 and you boot from ZFS and you ran zpool upgrade on your root ZFS pool and you beadm activate a pre-14.0 snapshot then you may be in for some pain :'‑( How did I get here: My FreeBSD system uses UEFI, I boot from ZFS and I...
  15. LordInateur

    ZFS ZFS + GlusterFS (+ CBSD): "not supported on brick"

    Alright, so this may be pretty niche but I'm curious to know if anyone's run into this particular issue. The background is that I'm using sysutils/cbsd for bhyve orchestration and I'm getting around to learning more on how I can leverage cbsd to build out a little cluster to make VM migration...
  16. ivanov

    Solved The quest for unencrypted /boot and ZFS native encrypted /

    Hello Free Beastie Besties, I have a two zfs pool root-on-ZFS Debian 12.4 setup: 1G unecrypted `bpool` and 100G zfs native encrypted `rpool . (I got those names from following the framework in this guide...
  17. B

    ZFS Recommended configuration for 4 HDDs and 1 SSD

    I am in the process of setting up a NAS in my home. Currently, I have 4x WD Purple 4TB HDDs and one old LITEON CV8-8E128 (128GB) SSD. I could find this thread in the forum, but it seems to be quite old and things may have changed since then, especially for the SSD. Here is the link...
  18. jambock.84

    Solved Installing FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE on Dell Vostro (GPT+ZFS on SSD)

    DISCLAIMER: Introduction After a successful installation of FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE on a Dell OptiPlex Micro (MMF) 7010 (GPT+ZFS on NVMe SSD) I felt encouraged to do the "same" on an older Dell Vostro 3470 of mine which was running a fully updated FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE. The system uses UEFI...
  19. DtxdF

    Using ZFS inside a jail

    I have created a HowTo about using ZFS inside a jail with AppJail: https://github.com/DtxdF/AppJail/wiki/zfs
  20. nxjoseph

    Solved hard drive gets corrupted after exporting

    Hi. I have hard drive called ada0, it does get mounted on boot but it doesn't show up in gpart show command. It has a zfs pool on it called wdc, when I export this pool, it shows up on gpart show command and there is saying CORRUPT on the ada0. I tried using gpart recover ada0 twice, it works...