full disk encryption

  1. markmcb

    Other Auto-decrypt geli at boot with key, or fallback to password

    I'm looking to implement a way to optionally auto-decrypt a single drive system at boot. The flow would be like this: Install FreeBSD, one disk, use GELI encryption Login, create a key: /root/quick-boot-with-no-password.key Create a reboot/shutdown script that offers two option: reboot with...
  2. asteriskRoss

    ZFS Native ZFS encryption coming to FreeBSD 13

    The March/April 2020 edition of the FreeBSD Journal reports that native ZFS encryption is on its way to FreeBSD. Thank you, developers! No more need for stuffing ZFS pools inside GELI containers :) And here was me thinking that having repartitioned my latop to use 12.1 with the fancy new UEFI...
  3. W

    Encrypted root with unencrypted preboot and reboot -r

    Hi there! Been working with linux for many years and recently started to learn FreeBSD and really loved it. I'm trying to create a fully encrypted setup with the possibility to unlock the drive remotely (e.g. using SSH). I know about the possibility to leave the base system and encrypt user...
  4. jrm@

    Upgrade a FreeBSD 10.3 Installation with ZFS on Root and Full Disk Encryption to 11.0

    Original document. Thanks to Allan Jude for steering me through this on IRC and Warren Block for his feedback. The new boot loader in 11.0 is able to boot encrypted ZFS pools directly. Yes, that means you can have full disk encryption (FDE) with ZFS on root and boot environments (BEs)...