Introduce yourself, tell us who you are and why you chose FreeBSD



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Now if only I can get FreeBSD and Netflix to work together..

They already do, really well in fact. Just on the company server side, not for us consumers!
(Yes, I understand my statement is fairly useless. My apologies ;))



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Not helping!! 😂😂

Did you check out the thread that [USER=33252]Jose[/USER] pointed you towards in the "social" section? (easy to miss!)

It does seem like there has been some good progress made using the Linux compat layer. Still completely unsupported by Netflix themselves of course but I guess that is fairly typical.


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Did you check out the thread that [USER=33252]Jose[/USER] pointed you towards in the "social" section? (easy to miss!)

It does seem like there has been some good progress made using the Linux compat layer. Still completely unsupported by Netflix themselves of course but I guess that is fairly typical.
Yes, I did read up briefly earlier today. I might give a shot, just for the fun of it hehe. Thanks!


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I started my computer geek lifestyle in the late 80's running DOS and later OS/2. Those were the BBS-days! When Windows 95 came out I lost interest in computers because I didn't understand anything anymore. In the early 2000 I used Linux Slackware, but as a desktop user it didn't work out for me. Word processing was way better on Windows.

A couple of years ago I got really really tired of Windows again (been there alot of times) and started rollin' Linux distributions. Gladly I found out that I no longer needed Microsoft office since Libreoffice works really well. Actually all the thirdpary software I needed was right there. Wonderful! At last I had hopes for running a windows free computer. But systemd bugged me. To complicated! I didn't understand it. So I started using Slackware again. Great OS! But a full installation gave me to many applications just sitting there. And the package management... Well upgrading isn't simple and snappy.

So I installed FreeBSD on a virtual machine and fell in love instantly. A short time there after I installed 12.1 (not 14.1, Been using Slackware to much i guess) on my Thinkpad 450s. It took me some time to get things working nice, but I now have a really really nice desktop computer with 12.1 installed. I use it mainly for word processing, presentations, meets, and the usual web surfing. And my students (im a high school teacher (philosophy/language)) seems to be impressed. Always nice to shine a little.

So I'm on the computer geek track again, and I enjoy it. Computers can be as fun 2020 as it was in 1990.

Thank you for a great OS!


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I'm a Linux user since 1999 but get bored with unstable or outdated distros. Never been fully satisfied with a distro. Now I'm trying FreeBSD 13 with a Asus Fx505DT Laptop. Except WiFi (rtl8821ce) everything is fine with MATE desktop (some minor KDE problems with shutdown/reboot not functioning so I switched to MATE).


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[USER=65017]ranefjord[/USER]: Nice story and welcome to FreeBSD! You've installed FreeBSD and fell in love instantly; I was reading your story I fell in love with this part:
And my students (im a high school teacher (philosophy/language)) seems to be impressed.


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I have run Linux and Windows for the last 27 years. I would switch to whatever was needed where I was working. Recently I switched my own projects and daily machines over to FreeBSD, so there has been some learning. It has been great. Love the stability of FreeBSD and the speed. I actually look forward to using my boxes these days with FreeBSD running on them.


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Hello. I am professional 3D graphics developer for Windows + Direct3D. Meet FreeBSD on my first job in university around 15 years ago. I was junior system administrator my university for one year. Since then and till recent years I busy completely with Windows making games.

Some time ago I my old HDD with valuable family data (mostly photos) stop working and I forced to use services of data recovery firm to restore this information. And this accident pushed me to think about making of home server which will be safe place for such data. I knew that windows server is not an option in any case, and I remember about FreeBSD experience (but actually remember nothing), so I tried fresh new FreeBSD installation and start learning from scratch.

And since then:
- I moved from simple consumer hardware to server grade components.
- Experiment with FreeNAS but drop it soon, and use original FreeBSD distribution.
- Changed home router to separate FreeBSD (OPNSense first, but change it after several days) server with several NICs.
- Setup by hand many selfhosted applications (mail server, nextcloud, gitlab, home assistant, emby and more)
- Made many jails and bhyve VMs that run Linux and Windows.
- Moved partially from 1Gbps copper wires to 10Gbps optic links in my house (this was one of the reasons of selfmade custom FreeBSD router with 10Gbps NICs)

Now I have in my home IT infrastructure 2 servers, 1 router and 1 PC for backups all running FreeBSD.
Turned out I very like configure, setup and experimenting with all this FreeBSD related stuff. It is hobby that completely unrelated to my job. I cannot move from Windows on client PCs, but have next step about setuping spare laptop with FreeBSD as desktop OS.


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Well, I absolutely love freeBSD and use it everywhere I can.

I inherited a lot of Centos servers last year. Guess what happened to Centos recently?

Oh, and guess what's gonna replace all the Centos servers now, if I get my way ;-)


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hello !

Let me tell you the long way that led me to FreeBSD today : First step in the early 90's on a Sinclair ZX81, I really get into computers on a Amstrad PC5086, intel 8086 CPU @ 4.77Mhz, 640Ko RAM, 40Mo hard drive. DOS 3.3, Dosshell & PC/GEOS, I started QBasic programming and I really enjoyed this computer.

After some x386 and x486, my first brand new computer : an intel pentium 133 MHz, cd writer, Windows 95, I really loved it for years, I began assembly programing. In the late 90's I started dual boot with Linux and C programing.

In the 2000's I definitely dump Windows, ran only Linux, mostly Redhat based distro (Mandrake, Mandriva, ScientificLinux, Fedora) for 20 years. Last time was Ubuntu :confused: Today I don't like the way Linux taking, no real root/usr difference, update create more issues than solved, too many distro which does nothing more, ...

For my new computer, an used workstation hp Z600 2x quadcore Xeon 16Go RAM, Nvidia quadro, this 20 years old dream become real today and for this dream machine I need a dream OS, that completely suits me, efficient, without useless sotfts and more close to Unix than Linux.

I hope FreeBSD is this dream OS :cool:
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