share bsd experience

  1. sidetone

    Share your OpenBSD or OpenBSD derivative experience (for FreeBSD users)

    For FreeBSD users who have used OpenBSD, Fugulta or any OpenBSD derivative, what is your experience with it? I've never used them, though, I thought a discussion on them would provide useful insight. It would have been better if someone who has used it started a thread like this, but it hasn't...
  2. sidetone

    Share your NetBSD experience (for FreeBSD users)

    For FreeBSD users, and those who've ever used FreeBSD, share your NetBSD experience. Including, if you've used NetBSD for complementary use with FreeBSD, such as needing hardware support for access. Keep in mind: why-is-freebsd-not-more-like.66591. For other discussion and technical help about...
  3. john_rambo

    Those of you who have used GhostBSD please share your experience

    As you know GhostBSD offers a Live mode for testing, a really easy to use installer & a collection of apps installed by default which makes it really easy for FreeBSD newbies to try FreeBSD. I have a GhostBSD install and personally I am quite satisfied. The only thing that I don't like is the...
  4. john_rambo

    Have you used HardenedBSD ? Did you like it ? I am using GhostBSD. I like it. Its quite user friendly. I searched about which is the most secure OS & found 2. The first one is OpenBSD & the second is HardenedBSD. I care a lot about security so I am curious. Is HardenedBSD really more secure than...
  5. A

    Who uses DragonFly BSD?

    Hi, there's a thread about Hammer currently, which got me wondering. Who if anyone is using DragonFly and for what? I've been aware of it since I started using FreeBSD, but always considered it to be effectively still in development, bearing in mind its main goals of clustering and...