HOWTO: Setup Xorg with NVIDIA's driver



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Intel's GPUs are bundled with almost all of their consumer processors.
Yep and people are much less likely to install a dedicated card anymore because things just work with the onboard intel. Especially for Linux where graphics aren't typically the focus (until recently with crap like Gnome 3).

Contrast this with ~10 years ago with the GMA9xx era. Many people would still opt for a dedicated amd/nvidia gpu because the Intel driver was still seen as inferior (remember the fun that was 915resolution?).

We aren't at the whims anymore of things like fglrx (thankfully!) and blobs and Nvidia might hopefully realise this and try to gain some loyalty by working on an open driver (with no real loss, it isn't like AMD could steal parts). But perhaps I am dreaming ;)

What do you mean "so much"? Intel doesn't sell any server GPUs at the moment.
Sloppy language on my part. Decent Intel support on servers (onboard) is nice (Think replacement of Matrox G-series. Nothing fantastic for 3D but it still works better than nvidia GPU + vesa driver.) But Intel in general has been successful with their GPU, that is why they are also going to be moving into the dedicated GPU space.