1. byrnejb

    FreeBSD-13.1 installing mate-base does not install xorg

    When I started to install mate-base on a new system I noticed that this package does not install xorg. Is xorg not needed to run the mate desktop?
  2. lunarsci

    Solved FluxBox: FreeBSD 13.0 - Polish fonts and keyboard

    How to set Polish keyboard and Polish fonts (ą ć ę ł ó ż ź) in Fluxbox window manager?
  3. chiefsucker

    Solved Is the AMD GPU RX 6800 XT Supported on FreeBSD 13.1? Yes!

    I’m trying to get X working on a bare metal desktop machine. I followed the amdgpu documentation, and verified that the kernel module gets loaded (though there is only one line of output, but I’ve seen multiple for different chipsets in some other threads on this forum with slightly older...
  4. Incnis Mrsi

    xorg-server-1.20.13 failed to switch from vt07

    A reasonably recent Xorg running on Intel UHD Graphics 610 (see here) under FreeBSD 12.3 with vt over efifb suddenly stopped to switch virtual consoles. When [Ctr]+[Alt]+[Fn] is pressed, the process says Otherwise GUI functions as usual. Never observed this behaviors with an older...
  5. A

    Solved Attempting to use Cinnamon as WM

    Want: Cinnamon to use as my WM Have: XCFE4 - meh it's ok, it works with stability but not grace. What happens: I added the following to my ~/.xinitrc cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999 Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm seeing a blank desktop, panel at...
  6. warbotz

    compiz-fusion on freebsd 13?

    Hello, has anyone tried to install compiz-fusion on freebsd 13? because there are many errors... loss of icons... of the configuration menu... etc... it barely works... what are the parameters to configure... in xfce4?
  7. Scribner

    Solved Xorg/KDE Doesn't Load After Clean Install

    I reinstalled FreeBSD and KDE today because of an issue I was having with my clock. Everything seemed to work after installing FreeBSD and Xorg. I was even able to run the TWM window manager after installing Xorg by running % startx as a regular user. The issue came when I got to the very last...
  8. D

    Black / blank screen with Radeon graphics

    Hello, I have and old laptop with the following environment: # uname -a FreeBSD harghita 13.0-STABLE FreeBSD 13.0-STABLE #0 stable/13-n248228-354988ca3f9: Thu Nov 25 02:27:15 UTC 2021 root@releng3.nyi.freebsd.org:/usr/obj/usr/src/i386.i386/sys/GENERIC i386 With the following graphics...
  9. F

    Solved Poudriere - xorg-vfbserver: libGL.so - not found

    Hello, I'm getting a build failure in Poudriere for xorg-vfbserver. It's been failing for over a month, so I'm assuming it's limited to my installation. Is there something that would normally cause this that I could clear? I've tried purging all the ports and rebuilding, but to no effect. The...
  10. unInstance

    I cannot stop X

    The problem is I can start X with startx, but if I quit, the screen just goes black. I does not show TTY then. I own a thinkpad t440p. I run FreeBSD 12.2. My Xorg log https://pastebin.com/LK8RpqNL My /var/log/messages https://pastebin.com/51n3PH6L
  11. D

    Laptop dual monitor/gpu intel/nvidia - LVDS black screen with mouse

    Hello All, I passed like one week searching to solve my problem of black screen on internal monitor on my laptop, under xfce 4.16/lightdm. the external monitor on DP work fine connected to the nvidia 1660 Ti card, the internal display no chance. I'm on FreeBSD 13 stable, I use the...
  12. I

    libglvnd-1.3.3 conflicts with mesa-libs-20.2.3

    I'm trying to install tigervnc-viewer and hit with the following error: I have xorg and KDE installed on my system. Should I remove the "mesa-libs" as advised by this? What should I do? Please advise.
  13. megarubber

    xf86-video-intel slow interface

    Hey! I have a noob question: When I install the package xf86-video-intel the XFCE is very slow in my computer. I uninstalled the xf86-video-intel and opened the Xorg log file and the "intel" option returned a error, but xfce starts fast and without a problem. With the xf86-video-intel package...
  14. megarubber

    Solved Xserver/Xorg loses connection

    Hello everyone. I installed XFCE and Xorg in my desktop and it's worked perfectly. But today, when I used the command "startx" to initialize the XFCE, I saw this problem: startx link photo So I decided to look at the Xorg log, and I realized that there was no error, just this "UnloadModule...
  15. H

    Xorg errors when i do startx

    it says "Cannot run in framebuffer mode. please specify busIDs for all framebuffer devices" so i assume i need to specify busIDs but i have no idea how to do this would someone walk me through this?
  16. ziomario

    qemu Fatal server error: (EE) xf86OpenConsole: No console driver found. Supported drivers: pccons (with X support), syscons, pcvt. Check your kernel's cons

    Hello to everyone. I have installed freebsd for arm64 on my jetson nano,mainly because I want to install ferdi (https://getferdi.com : All your messaging services in one place). A tool like Franz or rambox,so that in one only shot we can use a lot of social networks,in one only comfortable and...
  17. ziomario

    /home/zioma/.serverauth.1492 does not exist

    Hello. I'm trying to start kde5 or mate as desktop manager,instead of lxde (that works correctly),but when I write "startx",I get the following error message : /home/zioma/.serverauth.1492 does not exist or if I log with root,its : /root/.serverauth.1492 does not exist this error is shown...
  18. I

    KDE and dbus_enable

    I had just did a fresh installation of FreeBSD 13 and xorg+KDE. I deliberately left out "dbus_enable="YES" in the /etc/rc.conf (after finding out that it isn't really necessary as some users don't have it enabled). After rebooting the machine, I got a blank (black) screen with only a moving...
  19. I

    bhyve bhyve running FreeBSD VM error

    I'm trying to run FreeBSD with KDE or Xfce inside a bhyve virtual machine. The bhyve command executed to start the VM has "-s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=800,h=600 -s 30,xhci,tablet" included. From within the VM, I tried to execute "startx" and I'm hit with the following error: (EE) Cannot run...
  20. hunter0one

    Solved x11-fonts/terminus unusable after update, unable to get working with Xorg config

    I'm on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE on the quarterly branch, and I use x11-fonts/terminus in the terminal because I think it's quite nice looking for CL use. This morning there was a large packages update, and after completing the upgrade Terminus is no longer seen in Xfce4's Terminal nor any font menu...