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HOWTO: Setup Xorg with NVIDIA's driver


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Why won't you just tell which laptop model (looks like METABOX, but which one?) you are using? In your previous log NVIDIA driver showed a lot, now it says the above...

I suspect you have a laptop with two graphical adapters. If so, their usage must be configurable via BIOS.
I got this one... http://www.metabox.com.au/store/b218/Metabox-Alpha-N850HJ-laptop

btw... Thank you FaB. Seems that you help a lot of people in this area. You're a good man :) It's truly appreciated (I'm sure by all)


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[ 38.905] (II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA GPU GeForce GTX 1050 (GP107-A) at PCI:1:0:0 (GPU-0)
This is from your previous X log. And NOW it doesn't detect devices at PCI:1:0:0? Funny. Can it be the nvidia-modeset.ko module is not loaded this time?



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Most of you probably already know this but I figured it still makes a good addition to this awesome guide.

If you're using a port to enhance your kernel then you might be interested in PORTS_MODULES.

If you add PORTS_MODULES to /etc/make.conf then this will instruct your system to grab and build the specified port(s) every time you recompile your kernel, thus ensuring that your system remains fully intact.

So to add to the example in the guide, if you're using the NVidia module then you might want to add:

... to your /etc/make.conf.

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I made a fresh install of 11.1 (AMD) before I read this post. I have a GTX970 display adapter. I downloaded software from Nvidia's Website (384.98, instead of 384.90 that is currently in the ports tree) instead of using the port. But such Linux-based applications as linux-unigine-heaven will not work. When I built that application, I built the required environment to support Linux, but it should have been done before the Nvidia driver was installed. And perhaps the Nvidia driver should have been installed from ports. What should I do now? Will installing the driver from ports fix the problem, or do I need to uninstall something first?