How use FreeBSD for main OS in home for work and developing in Android Studio

hey guys,
I used some GNU/Linux distro and my work is Android Developing in Android Studio. I want to get involved with the FreeBSD operating system. for daily work and Developing Android and Java. is it a good idea to use FreeBSD for developing with Android Studio ?! (what about TrueOS ?! )

and I have a server for my shopping service that I want to use FreeBSD for OS Server that back-ended with java (vertx)
may please help me.

I really love to use FreeBSD and I need some help and suggestion :) thank you
I found FreeBSD not to be the best solution for java development (e.g. openjdk11 in ports about 6 months after release), had quite some quirks. However, if you can live or work around some problems (and provide some information on problem solving thus contributing to improve the ecosystem!) give it a try!
I'm trying Android dev on FreeBSD too.


But I'm having issues with aapt2 .
I use java/openjdk8 and java/eclipse quite successfully. Although, there are some caveats. The last available eclipse version is 4.6, and it is unclear if newer versions are going to be ported. More details on this here:

Also, starting from certain version, the JDK broke my eclipse debugging. So I froze the JDK version to the last known good one (this may have been fixed, I don't know):

Otherwise, both Eclipse and JDK work great! I am very satisfied.
About Android development I can't say anything.
When I tried it on Linux I didn't install it! You just download the zip file, unpack and run it just like like Eclipse.
I have the impression android-studio is a form of "lock-in".
Compare it to developing a ruby on rails application. You type in a few commands and it creates code for you. No need for any gui of any kind.
If I'm correct Eclipse is not usable.
I tried Intellij on gentoo but had some weird building problems due to the complex building system.
If I can create an apk file on freebsd it's ok for me.
You can even simply email them to your phone.