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    Other What needs to happen to get a newer version of Intellij on FreeBSD

    The version of Intellij presently available is 2020.2 on FreeBSD; however, 2021.2.2 is out. How do we get involved to get this updated and what all is required?
  2. T

    Solved Unable to effectively debug a Java application using Intellij

    I am attempting to debug a Java application in intellij and am unable to reference 'this', so it is very difficult to debug because I have absolutely no contextual information. While I am able to set breakpoints and it appears execution does stop there, I cannot see any of those values. My...
  3. X

    Jetbrains Webstorm - Java Runtime Issue

    Hello Everyone, I have just installed Jetbrains Webstorm on my home computer via the PKG repo. sudo pkg install jetbrains-webstorm Version : WebStorm 2021.1.2 It installed several dependencies, one of which being OpenJDK11. However, when I open the IDE for the first time I keep getting a...
  4. mehrdaddolatkhah

    Other How to Use FreeBSD for Java, Android, Flutter and Golang Development

    Hello Guys, Freshly I decide to use FreeBSD for all of my life. right now I'm working with Java, Kotlin, Android, Flutter, and Golang for the development section of my life. how is it possible I use FreeBSD without any problem in Development with Continue programming with the languages I said...
  5. marcelbonnet

    Building Android APK on intellij

    I've installed java/intellij and the following Android SDK: $ find Android-SDK-Linux/ -type d -depth 2 Android-SDK-Linux/tools/proguard Android-SDK-Linux/tools/lib Android-SDK-Linux/tools/bin Android-SDK-Linux/tools/support Android-SDK-Linux/platforms/android-26...
  6. mehrdaddolatkhah

    How use FreeBSD for main OS in home for work and developing in Android Studio

    hey guys, I used some GNU/Linux distro and my work is Android Developing in Android Studio. I want to get involved with the FreeBSD operating system. for daily work and Developing Android and Java. is it a good idea to use FreeBSD for developing with Android Studio ?! (what about TrueOS ?! )...