1. ScottBeeker

    Anyone Interested in building OS Kernel in Rust??

    Looking for 1 - 3 developers comfortable in Rust that may want to come together for a new multi platform operating system. Androids and Apples eventually Rust.
  2. startxd

    general/other Is Waydroid possible FreeBSD

    I couldn't find the waydroid package. Is it possible
  3. TzunTzai

    cdce/ ue/ Android/ Dell XPS 15/ wireless

    I've been gone too long. Didn't even know this was a thing! cdce -- USB Communication Device Class Ethernet (CDC ECM/NCM) driver ue0: <USB Ethernet> on cdce0 ue0: Ethernet address: 3e:16:6d:30:a8:79 Android tethering via cdce. Connect to any wireless network via Android and tether to my...
  4. K

    Setting up a Bionic/Linux (Android) chroot environment on FreeBSD.

    Why have you done this? Mainly due curiosity and research purposes. Android makes use of the Linux kernel + Bionic libc (userland), so I thought an Android chroot environment would work, just like any GNU/Linux chroot environment does. It's important to note, however, essential Android apps...
  5. Nick-6

    Solved Problem with ADB - Android Debugging Bridge

    I used to do a lot of adb pull and adb push to transfer file between my PC and my Android. After migrating to FreeBSD, I've a problem with ADB tool. I can do adb start-server and I can see my device in adb devices. But when I try to push a file to my Android, I receive some errors and the...
  6. F

    Solved No route to host using USB Tethering (rc.conf DHCP ifconfig not setting up ue0)

    PLEASE IGNORE THIS ! This post was made late in the night in the middle of frenzied network troubleshooting. I was not thinking stright. It is not possible to configure DHCP for ue0 on bootup, and given the nature of USB Tethering, it is not useful even if it did exist. You will always have the...
  7. V

    Android USB tethering not working

    I'm not able to ping any IP from ue0 interface, but I'm able to ping just the IP of my phone. Any help on this is much appreciated. Setup details: FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE phone: Moto Z play and Vivo Pro 7 What I have done: I have loaded if_urndis kernel module ran dhclient ue0 ran ifconfig ue0...
  8. F

    Solved Connecting with Android through USB

    Is there an easier way to find connected devices in the /dev/ dir than plugging in and taking out and comparing? I want to setup a file server and I have most of the content on my android and apple phones, so I would like to transfer the content via USB. Are there more practical ways to do this?
  9. cyrille

    Solved Connect android phone - issue / fuse

    Hi I've got a samsung galaxy simple-mtpfs -l 1: SamsungGalaxy models (MTP) I've created a mount point "mtp" and I'm tried to connect it with $ jmtpfs mtp/ Device 0 (VID=04e8 and PID=6860) is a Samsung Galaxy models (MTP). fuse: failed to open fuse device: No such file or directory And I've...
  10. m_pahlevanzadeh

    tunneling and android client

    I have a FreeBSD full access. I need to turn Iran Internet Filtering.My server is out of Iran. So I can turn my Internet Filtering. I installed Zebedee in my server and it good work with Linux Desktop,Both have 2.5.3 version, But Android doens't has for this version. I'm looking for a tunneling...
  11. marcelbonnet

    Building Android APK on intellij

    I've installed java/intellij and the following Android SDK: $ find Android-SDK-Linux/ -type d -depth 2 Android-SDK-Linux/tools/proguard Android-SDK-Linux/tools/lib Android-SDK-Linux/tools/bin Android-SDK-Linux/tools/support Android-SDK-Linux/platforms/android-26...
  12. mod3777

    Android device not detecting

    I am a college student, from non-tech background. I don't know much about FreeBSD, but I have a HTC M8 that I use to transfer movies, photos from FreeBSD to phone and vice versa over MTP support on Debian. But it is not working under FreeBSD now since I wiped Debian completely from hard disk and...
  13. mehrdaddolatkhah

    How use FreeBSD for main OS in home for work and developing in Android Studio

    hey guys, I used some GNU/Linux distro and my work is Android Developing in Android Studio. I want to get involved with the FreeBSD operating system. for daily work and Developing Android and Java. is it a good idea to use FreeBSD for developing with Android Studio ?! (what about TrueOS ?! )...
  14. S

    FreeBSD access point password length for Android

    Hi! I managed to set up my FreeBSD server as a router and wireless access point in my home network. My Ubuntu Laptop connects fine but my Android phone is not able to connect via wpa2-psk when the passphrase is longer than 15 characters. However the access point before did use a much longer...
  15. poorandunlucky

    Solved Getting glyphs to display (cell phone "emoticons")... [android/iphone/cell phone emoji]

    You know those glyphs everybody uses nowadays, those cell phone characters like smiley faces, hearts, houses and such? Like, there's useless ones, and I generally prefer ASCII smileys myself, but some of them are genuinely useful, like the cell phone icon, and the envelope glyph that I use in...
  16. neflictus

    OpenVPN Android - no internet

    I installed OpenVPN connect on my phone and I use it with my ExpressVPN servers. I downloaded the configuration files (OPVN) from the ExpressVPN site and imported them into the app. I can connect to the VPN with no issues (i have to eliminate the fragment portion as it says fragment it not...
  17. P

    Solved Android USB rules

    Hi there! I'm having an annoying problem with my Moto X2 android device on FreeBSD 11.0-RC2: I've installed android-tools-adb, but as I expected my system can't see the USB device properly to push/pull files through adb. The thing is that I cannot add udev rules like on a Linux system. Any...
  18. T

    Solved Game programming libraries for FreeBSD?

    Hi, I'm a Linux user(ArchLinux) thinking about switching to FreeBSD. After a bit of googling, the only doubt I have left is what game/multimedia programming libraries are there for FreeBSD. I searched for some and found out that there are sdl and allegro ports, although these libraries don't...