1. T

    Other What needs to happen to get a newer version of Intellij on FreeBSD

    The version of Intellij presently available is 2020.2 on FreeBSD; however, 2021.2.2 is out. How do we get involved to get this updated and what all is required?
  2. T

    Other debugging Java in Intellij

    I am attempting to debug a Java application in intellij and am unable to reference 'this', so it is very difficult to debug. My environment is openjdk15, Intellij CE 2020.2. I am running my Java application from the cmdline using java -jar and then attaching Intellij remotely on port 5005...
  3. I

    How to set or make FreeBSD report its OS as "Linux" to fool a (Java) app?

    I'm trying to run a Java app written for Linux on FreeBSD 13. The Java app reports the operating system "FreeBSD" as being not recognized. Is there anyway to set or make FreeBSD output its name as "Linux" to "fool" the Java app?
  4. I

    xrandr hangs and can't start X app

    I'm trying to run a Java GUI application and I'm getting: I've already set "setenv DISPLAY :0.0". The machine has xorg and kde5 installed and running. How can I resolve this problem? Please help!
  5. C

    Solved JavaFX on FreeBSD?

    Does anyone of you guys have experience with JavaFX on FreeBSD? Does it work or need any particular packages on top of, i.e. java/openjdk11? I attempted to update and adopt the port for desktop/ganttproject and noticed that the latest version got rewritten to use JavaFX. I updated everything in...
  6. T

    Solved Java, frequent segfaults

    I have been noticing I am having frequent segfaults when I run a utility to format my java code. I am using a shell script that wraps google java format and runs 10 processes in parallel via xarg. I am guessing that by running 10 processes in parallel that use the same jar file, I am having...
  7. D

    Solved daemon not killing (grand)child process on service stop

    Hello, I tried to follow this tutorial to make a rc.d script for a program I would like to run as a service in one of my jails (In this case, a keycloak server - installed manually since it is not available as a port/package yet.)...
  8. Farhan Khan

    junixsocket-native not loading

    Hi all, This is a long-shot, but anyone know why the library junixsocket-native might not load on FreeBSD? I am using OpenJDK 13, and have tried every available version on FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p2. I am trying to run the package 'signald', but this appears to be the only (at least current) error...
  9. mehrdaddolatkhah

    Other How to Use FreeBSD for Java, Android, Flutter and Golang Development

    Hello Guys, Freshly I decide to use FreeBSD for all of my life. right now I'm working with Java, Kotlin, Android, Flutter, and Golang for the development section of my life. how is it possible I use FreeBSD without any problem in Development with Continue programming with the languages I said...
  10. J

    Has anyone run Azul Zulu OpenJDK on FreeBSD or any BSD?

    I know FreeBSD has a page detailing you either use the OpenJDK project or Oracle JDK in Linux compatibility mode... but what about Zulu OpenJDK? They support Linux and Solaris... but can you run Solaris executables on BSD?
  11. Discipulus

    Java App with Linux Compiled Library Dependency

    On FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p3, is it possible to run a JVM application that has a dependency on a library (.so file) that was compiled for linux? I've developed a JVM application, for JRE 8, that has a dependency on a closed-source third-party library that was compiled for linux. I have been...
  12. roccobaroccoSC

    eclipse is broken

    Hi, I have noticed for some time that the java/eclipse 4.6 is broken due to expiring dependencies (webkit-gtk2 and webkit-gtk3). Is there a hope for a newer version, or will the port expire end of April 2019? I found a bugzilla ticket with an updated port for eclipse 4.11 and I am currently...
  13. mehrdaddolatkhah

    How use FreeBSD for main OS in home for work and developing in Android Studio

    hey guys, I used some GNU/Linux distro and my work is Android Developing in Android Studio. I want to get involved with the FreeBSD operating system. for daily work and Developing Android and Java. is it a good idea to use FreeBSD for developing with Android Studio ?! (what about TrueOS ?! )...
  14. Nicola Mingotti

    Some perplexities on Linux binary compatibility

    Hi guys, Yesterday I set up the Linux compatibility mode to try to run Android Studio and I found a few things which I do not understand. Note. I am running FreeBSD 11.2 -] brandelf returns wrong values $> brandelf /bin/cat File '/bin/cat' is of brand 'FreeBSD' (9). # OK $> brandelf...
  15. I

    Can Java execute bash script by default?

    Can Java running on FreeBSD execute bash script by default? I'm getting this error: Caused by: Cannot run program "/exo/platform-public-distributions-develop/plf-community-tomcat-standalone/target/platform-community-5.0.x-SNAPSHOT/platform-community-5.0.x-SNAPSHOT/addon"...
  16. J

    Help, Only root can use linux-oracle-jdk

    I've install linux-oracle-jdk, and i find i can run "java -version" with root user, but with other user, "java -version" command has no reposonse. Could anyone tell me what's wrong with it?
  17. tkoham

    Trouble Building a Working Version of BitSquare

    I'm trying to build a working version of Bitsquare. I thought it would be relatively straightforward, but the process is proving more complicated than I would have liked. Following the build instructions on the github, everything compiles without issues, but the resulting .jar fails to start...
  18. nielsk

    Problems installing java/openjdk8

    Hi, i have on a couple of new servers the problem that the configuration of the port java/openjdk8 fails. I found a bug in the bug reports from August or September but no response there. So maybe someone can help me here. I am running 11.0-STABLE with a custom kernel and a stripped down world...
  19. Curtis Hamilton

    OpenOffice for PowerPC64

    I've successfully built Openoffice-4.1.3 on FreeBSD 10.2/PowerPC64 with full functionality, menu icons, toolbars and graphics. See the below URL if interested: If you prefer Libreoffice, see my other post in this forum. Recommend...
  20. mseqs

    Other Best language for a database server

    Hello everyone. So, I'm writing a little database server/manager (I know, don't reinvent the wheel, but is a research project and I got a good idea, innovative, I hope) and from the beginning I thought to write it in Java, but after some researching about "performance and memory issues" I'm not...